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In this fix the twenty men came up with him, but not until they had had a scrimmage with the savages, had secured four, and taken the spear which had been thrown at them.

Impossibilities I said what is impossible Could I not go on F5 101 as a servant with the first caravan, or buy up a whole caravan if I liked What is impossible For Godsake don t try any more to frighten my men, for you have nearly killed me already in doing so.

I also got him to have all my coils of brass and copper wire made into bracelet, as is customary, to please the northern people.

Whatever the freak of the moment is, that they adopt in the most thoughtless manner, even though they may have calculated on advantages beforehand in the opposite direction.

Of paramount consideration is the power held by the magician Mganga , who rules the minds of the kings as did the old popes of Europe.

At once, on arriving, Mtesa admitted the men, and ordered them to shoot at some cows but Bombay, obeying my orders to first have his talk out, said, No before he could shoot he must obey master and deliver his message which no sooner was told than the king, in a hurry, excited by the prospects of sport, impatiently said, Very good I will send men either by water or overland through Kidi, FN 19 just as your master likes only some of his men had better go with mine but now shoot cows, shoot cows for I want to see how the Waguana 101 Test Prep shoot.

The battle lasted only two days, though the Masai brought a thousand spears against the Arabs cannon.

The towel and handkerchiefs were also very beautiful, but what use could they be put to Oh, your majesty, to wipe the mouth after drinking pombe.

I explained our difficulties as those of great men in misfortune F5 101 Practice Exam Pdf and, after listening to our tale, he said he would tell Suwarora of the way we had been plundered, and impress upon him to deal lightly with us.

Then in came their children, all models of the Abyssinian type of beauty, and as polite in their manners as thorough bred gentlemen.

He was, in fact, a spy whom Rohinda had sent to ascertain what exactions had been made from me, as he, being the great chief, was entitled to the most of them himself.

Fowls, much like those in India, are abundant everywhere.

We hoped at starting to reach the palace, but found we must stop here until the king should send for us.

I now obtained permission for the Wakungu to call upon me, and fancied I only required my interpreters to speak out like men when I had anything to say, to make my residence in Uganda both amusing and instructive but though the king, carried off by the prevailing good humour of the scene we had both witnessed, supported me, I found that he had counter ordered what he had said as soon as I had gone, and, in fact, no Mkungu ever dared come near me.

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Boys came out, by the king s order to inquire what I wanted, but left again without doing anything further.

One of my men saw him coming along carried on a stretcher.

The chief, being a man of small pretensions, took only one sahari and four yards merikani.

Then by way of a change, he ordered all the drums to embark and play upon the waters whilst he and his attendants paddled and steered by turns, first up the creek, and then down nearly to the broad waters of the lake.

Kamrasi replied, I did not allow him to go, because I heard you had gone to Uganda and Dr K yengo s men happening to be present, added, Baraka used up all the beads save forty which he gave to Kamrasi, living upon goats all the way and when he left, took back a tusk of ivory.

Every day this sort of migration continued, just as you see in the picture and nothing more important occurred until Christmas day, when an armadillo was caught, and I heard from Mahamed s head wife that the Turks had plundered and burnt down three villages, and in all probability they would return shortly laden with ivory.

N yamgundu now got orders to go to Karague overland for Dr K yengo but, dreading to tell me of it, as I had been so kind to him, he forged a falsehood, said he had leave to visit his home for six days, and begged for a wire to sacrifice to his church.

Such precaution was only natural and reasonable on Kamrasi s part, and what had been done need not alarm any one.

The athletic Kajunju, it transpired, had returned to Kamrasi s, told him our story, and received orders to snatch us away from the Waganda by force, for the great Mkamma, or king, was most anxious to see his white 101 Practice Exam Pdf visitors such men had never entered Unyoro before, and neither his father nor his father s fathers had ever been treated with such a visitation therefore he had sent on these fifty men to fall by surprise on the Waganda, and secure us.

The extent of the country, roughly speaking, stretches from the coast to the junction or bifurcation of the Kingani and its upper branch the Mgeta river, westwards and from the Kingani, north, to the Lufigi river, south though in the southern portions several subtribes have encroached upon the lands.

Even on our arrival at Ukara not one soul was visible.

The boys then told me that a merchant, nickname Msopora, had left the boxes in Ugogo, in charge of some of those Arabs who were detained there, whilst he went rapidly round by the south, following up the Ruaha river to Usanga and Usenga, whence he struck across to Kaze.

This set Baraka on the qui vive to catch Bombay tripping for Baraka knew he could not get her without paying a good price for her, and therefore watched his opportunity to lay a complaint against him of purloining my property, by which scheme he would, he thought, get Bombay s place as storekeeper himself.

Manua Sera, it was said, had vast resources.

This appeared to be a hit.


Next, after dark, the little village was on the alert again.

Then, said Mahamed, we cannot go with you, for there is a famine at this season at 101 Real Exam Questions Gondokoro.

Suwarora, on second thoughts, had changed his mind, or else he had been overruled by two of his 101 Real Exam Questions officers Kariwami, who lived here, and Virembo, who lived two stages back, but were then with their chief.

The normal habitation is the small conical hut of grass.

I found him marching Rozaro about in custody with four other Wanyambo, who, detected plundering by Kitunzi, had set upon and beaten him severely.

As fortune decreed it, just then Sirhid dropped in, and stopped him importunity for the time by saying that if we had possessed cloths his men must have known it, for they had been travelling with us.

Suwarora at present stopped eighttenths of the ivory merchants who might be inclined to trade here from coming into the country, by the foolish system of excessive taxation he had established.

To day the king went the round of his relations, showing the beautiful things given him by the white man a clear proof that he was much favoured by the spirits, for neither his father nor any of his forefathers had been so recognised and distinguished by any sign as a rightful inheritor to the Uganda throne an anti Christian interpretation of omens, as rife in these dark regions now as it was in the time of King Nebuchadnezzar.

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I then 16th very much wished to go and see the escape of 700-270 Certification Material the Mwerango river, as I still felt a little sceptical as to its origin, whether or not it came off those smaller lakes I had seen on the road the day before I crossed the river but no one would listen to my project.

Several were dressed in the very cloths, etc.

The key was quite a minor consideration, for she could show it to her attendants just as well without one.

Rising betimes in the morning, and starting with a good will, we soon reached the first settlements of Mbuiga, from which could be seen a curious blue mountain, standing up like a giant overlooking all the rest of the hills.

M yinzuggi, the head of Rumanika s party, gave me to day a tippet monkey skin in return for the cow I had given him on the 14th.

This was an obvious invention, concocted to try my generosity, for I had given the kirangozi a goat, which is customary, to make the journey prosperous had suspended a dollar to his neck in recognition of his office, and given him four yards merikani, that he might have a grand feast with his brothers while neither the Sheikh, myself, nor any one else in the camp, had heard of such a compact.

Nowhere in the interior are natives so well clad as these creatures.

If you take my advice you won t meddle with them until the two children you wish educated have learnt the use of them in England and if I have to take boys from this, I hope they will be of your family.

Kamrasi had heard of my shooting with Mtesa, as also of the attempt made by Mabruki and Uledi to reach Gani via Usoga.

I told him again of certain views I once held of coming to see him from the north up the Nile, and from the east through the Masai.

Wishing to have a talk with him about Petherick and Grant, I at once started off the Wakungu to thank him for the present, and to beg pardon for my apparent rudeness of yesterday, at the same time requesting I might have an early interview with his majesty, as I had much of importance to communicate but the solemn court formalities which these African kings affect as much as Oriental emperors, precluded my message from reaching the king.

The officer in turn tried to defend Mtesa s conduct by saying he had given the deserters seventy cows and four women, as well as orders to join us quickly but they had been delayed on the road, because wherever they went they plundered, and no one liked their company.


To this position in the bush I strongly objected, on the plea that guns could be best used against arrows in the open but none would go out in the field, maintaining that the Wagogo would fear to attack us so far from their villages, as we now were, lest we might cut them off in their retreat.

I prepared, thinking, naturally enough, that some buffaloes had been marked down for the boys, as usual, were perfectly ignorant of his designs.

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I found that, as the instrument was supposed to be a magic charm of very wonderful powers, my meddling with it and treating it as an ordinary movable was considered a kind of sacrilege.

From this, the country being all hill and dale, with miry rushdrains in the bottoms, I walked, carrying my shoes and stockings in my hands, nearly all the way.

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This point gained after a hot debate, Bombay started at 10 a.

Kamrasi was surprised at this clamour for food, and inquired what we ate at home that we were so different from everybody else.

There are also hot springs in Mpororo, and one in Karague near where Rogero lived.

Without loss of time I wrote off to Grant, and got these men to carry the letter.

4th and 5th.

Still at home, an invalid, I received a visit from Meri, who seemed to have quite recovered herself.

I continued ruminating on these absurd entanglements, and the best way of dealing with them, when lo to perplex me still more, in ran a bevy of the royal pages to ask for mtende beads a whole sack of them for the king wished to go with his women on a pilgrimage to the N yanza.

That this second message was a forged one I had no doubt, for the boys had not been long enough gone still, I packed up my medicines and went, leaving the onus, should any accident happen, upon the mischievous storybearers.

The bird, however, took the hint, and flew away.

If I would oblige him, he said he would give me guides to Suwarora, who was his mkama or king.

Next day 15th I gave each of my men a fez cap, and a piece of red blanket to make up military jackets.

They would then be taken to the Zanzibar market, resold like horses to the highest bidder, and then kept in bondage by their new masters, more like children of his family than anything else.

Amongst them in due order of gradation are the Ilmas, a woman who had the good fortune to have cut the umbilical cord at the king s birth the Sawaganzi, queen s sister and king s barber Kaggao, Polino, Sakibobo, Kitunzi, and others, governors of provinces Jumab, admiral of the fleet Kasugu, guardian of the king s sister Mkuenda, factor Kunsa and Usungu, first and second class executioners Mgemma, commissioner in charge of tombs Seruti, brewer Mfumbiro, cook numerous pages to run messages and look after the women, and minor Wakungu in hundreds.

Without heeding this cunning advice, we made a short march across swamps, and through thick jungle and long grasses, which proved anything but pleasant wet and labouring hard all the way.

I had taken it for the navigation of the lake, and it was now of no further use to me, but, being an instrument of complicated structure, it would be a valuable addition to the king s museum of magic charms.

The report of these circumstances soon reached the great king of Unyoro, who, in his magnificence, merely said, The poor creature must be starving allow him to feed there if he likes.

Wondrous world it was not ten minutes since we parted from the king, yet he had found time to transact this bloody piece of business.

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They both unite again at Ugogi, the western terminus on the present great Unyamuezi line.

These compose villages, varying in number according to the influence of their head men.

The incentives, too, are so great a young woman might be caught the greatest treasure of earth , or a boy or a girl, a cow or a goat all of 101 Practice Exam Pdf the fortunes, of themselves too irresistible to be overlooked when the future is doubtful.

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In fact he mistook all my answers for admiration, and asked me, in the simplest manner possible, if I would like to possess a charm and even when I said No, I should be afraid of provoking Lubari s God s anger if I did so, he only wondered at my obstinacy, so thoroughly was he wedded to his belief.

The gum copal diggings here cease.

This expression of becoming wrath brought every one to a sense of his duty and I then told them all I was excessively angry with Mtesa for turning back my messenger nobody had ever 101 Guide dared do such a thing before, and I would never forgive the king until my medicines had been given to the queen.

N yamgundu told him I lived too far off, and wanted a palace.

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It had now turned noon, and being ready for the visit, I went to see the queen.


Their colour is a soft ruddy brown, with a slight infusion of black, not unlike that of a rich plum.

This afforded an opportunity for putting in a word of reconciliation.


Their separate interests must now be sacrificed, and their feuds suspended and if he heard, on his return again, that one village had taken advantage of the other s weakness caused by their employment in his service, he would then not spare his bullets, so they might look out for themselves.

At the Grand Falls below this, Kidgwiga informs us, the king had the heads of one hundred men, prisoners taken in war against Rionga, cut off and thrown into the river.

This being settled, I took ninety five yards of the commonest stuff as a makeshift for mosquito curtains for my men, besides four sailor s shirts for my head men.

On our drawing near the palace, a small, newly constructed boma was shown for my residence but as I did not wish to stop there, knowing how anxious Grant would be to have his relief, I would not enter it, but instead sent Baraka to pay the hongo as quickly as possible, that we might move on again at the same time ordering him to describe the position both Grant and myself were in, and explain that what I paid now was to frank both of us, as the whole of the property was my own.

Tracking on through the bush, I thought every minute I should come up with the brute but his wounds ceased to bleed, and in the confusion of the numerous tracks which scored all the forest we lost our own.

turned out to shoot an elephant, which we distinctly heard feasting on plantains but rain was falling, and the night so dark, he was left till the morning.

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I gave Viarwanjo some beads, and dropped down the river in his only wretched little canoe he, with Grant and the traps, going overland.

These were accepted with the usual good grace of these people.

We could keep ourselves on guinea fowls or green pigeons, doves, etc.


However, on the 18th, after breakfasting at Ruhe s, we walked into Mihambo, and took all the camp by surprise.

They amounted to an equivalent of eight loads, and were as follows 100 101 yards cloth, and 4600 necklaces of beads these had been set aside as the wages paid to the porters, but F5 Certification 101 Practice Exam Pdf being in my custody, I had to make them good 300 necklaces of beads stolen from the loads one brass wire stolen one sword bayonet stolen Grant s looking glass stolen one saw stolen one box ammunition stolen.

This little interruption over, the articles enumerated below FN 18 were conveyed to the palace in solemn procession thus With N yamgundu, Maula, the pages, and myself on the flanks, the Union Jack carried by the kirangozi guide led the way, followed by twelve men as a guard of honour, dressed in red flannel F5 Certification 101 Practice Exam Pdf cloaks, and carrying their arms sloped, with fixed bayonets whilst in their rear were the rest of my men, each carrying some article as a present.

She begged I would come next morning.

This he was told was not the case, because the papers given him contained mixed medicines a little being taken from every bottle.


It was exactly the sort of place, in fact, where, bridged across from one side slip to the other, on a moonlight night, brigands would assemble to enact some dreadful 101 Vce tragedy.

The bed of the Asua seemed very large, but, being far off, was not very distinct, nor did I care to go and see it them for at that moment, straight in front of 101 Exam Practice Pdf me, five buffaloes, five giraffes, two eland and sundry other antelopes, were too strong a temptation.

This, the next place we arrived at, was N yamgundu s own residence, where I stopped a day to try and shoot buffaloes.

During this time Wasoga minstrels, playing on tambira, and accompanied by boys playing on a harmonicon, kept us amused and a small page, with a large bundle of grass, came to me and said, The king hopes you won t be offended if required to sit on it before him for no person in Uganda, however high in office, is ever allowed to sit upon anything raised above the ground, nor can anybody but himself sit upon such grass as this it is all that his throne is made of.

I went to the palace, and found, as usual, a large levee waiting the king s pleasure to appear amongst whom were the Kamraviona, Masimbi, and the king s sister Miengo.

Lumeresi would have a deole, and I would not admit that I had one.

I maintained that if he was commissioned to help me, he at least could not refuse to give me a guide and interpreter when, if I failed in the direct route, I would try another, but go I must, as I could not 101 Latest Dumps hold out any longer, being short of beads and cows.

I sent Bombay with the compass, much to the delight of the king, who no sooner saw it than he jumped and woh wohed with intense excitement at the treasure he had gained, said it was the greatest present Bana had ever given him, for it was the thing by which he found out all the roads and countries it was, in fact, half his knowledge and the parting with it showed plainly that Bana entertained an everlasting friendship for him.

Irate at this announcement, the king ordered the Sakibobo, who happened to be present, to be seized and bound at once, and said warmly, Pray, who is the king, that the Sakibobo s orders should be preferred to mine and then turning to the Sakibobo himself, asked what he would pay to be released 101 Ebook Pdf The Sakibobo, alive to his danger, replied at once, and without the slightest hesitation, Eighty cows, eighty goats, eighty slaves, eighty mbugu, eighty butter, eighty coffee, eighty tobacco, eighty jowari, and eighty of all the produce of Uganda.

They looked upon plunder as their fortune and right, and my interference as unjustifiable.

To back Bombay in what he had said, I gave him two more cartridges to shoot the cow with, and orders as well to keep Kamrasi 101 Ebook Pdf to his word about the oft promised interview and change of residence.

The whole was more fairy like, wild, and romantic than I must confess that my thoughts took that shape anything I ever saw outside of a theatre.

The kirangozi, however, said he would not move a peg unless I gave something more, else he would be seized on his way back.

Too knowing now to be caught with such chaff, I told him, through Bombay, if he would consider the ten brass wires final, I would give them, and then go to his palace, not otherwise.

As the presents given A4040-109 Exam Test Questions yesterday occupied the king s mind too much for other business, I now sent to offer him one third of the guns left in Uganda, provided he would send some messengers with one of my men to ask Mtesa for them, and also the same proportion of the sixty loads of property left in charge of Rumanika at Karague, if he would send the requisite number of porters for its removal.

I had some further trouble about the disposal of the child Meri, who said she never before had lived in a poor man s house since she was born.


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