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On returning home I found the king had requested me to call on him as soon as possible with the medicine chest.

Whilst I was preparing my Massey s log to show the use of it to the king, he went off boating without me and as the few remaining boats would not take me off because they had received no orders to do so, I fired guns, but, getting no reply, went into the country hoping to find game but, disappointed in that also, I spent the first half of the day with a hospitable old lady, who treated us to the last drop of pombe 1z0-808 Exam Paper in her house for the king s servants had robbed her of nearly everything smoked her pipe with me, and chatted incessantly on the honour paid her by the white king s visit, as well as of the horrors of Uganda punishment, when my servants told her I saved the life of one queen.

He said, in return, If friendship is your desire, what would you say if I showed you a road by which you might reach your home in one month Now everything had to be told to Bombay, then to Nasib, my Kiganda interpreter, and then to either Maula or N yamgundu, before it was delivered to the king, for it was considered indecorous to Java SE 8 Programmer 1z0-808 Pdf transmit any message to his majesty excepting through the medium of one of his officers.

At their base are both salt and copper mines, as well as hot springs.

Everybody was surprised.

Everybody advised me to stop where I was until the harvest was over, as no porters could be found on ahead, for Ukuni was the last of the fertile lands on this side of Usui.

In the first object we succeeded well, as the bags we made counted two brindled gnu, four water boc, one pallah boc, and one pig, enough to feed abundantly the whole camp round.

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I then told them again and again of the messages I had sent 1Z1-465 Exam Dumps Pdf on to Rumanika in Karague, and to Suwarora in Usui, and begged them to listen to me, instancing as an example of what could be done by perseverance the success of Columbus, who, opposed by his sailors misgivings, still when on and triumphed, creating for himself immortal renown.


Neither could Mr Pit inform me what became of the Mukondokua, as the Wazaramo are not given to travelling.

Oh no, was the reply we have had our fill of the luxuries of life eating, drinking, or sleeping have no charms for us now we are above trade, therefore require no profits, and seek for enjoyment the run of the world.

If I went to the lake Luta Nzige, God only knows when he would let me come back and now, for once and for all, I wished to sacrifice my property, and leave the countries of black kings for what Kamrasi had done, Mtesa had done likewise, detaining the two men I detached on a friendly mission, which made me fear to send any more and inquire after my guns, lest he should seize them likewise.

Thousands of cattle, and strings of women and children, sometimes the result of a victorious plundering hunt, or else the accumulated seizures from refractory Wakungu, are brought in for there is no more common or acceptable offering to appease the king s wrath towards any refractory or blundering officer than a present of a few young beauties, who may perhaps be afterwards given as the reward of good service to other officers.

Kasoro will return again with you, fully instructed in everything, and, moreover, both he and Budja will follow Bana to Gani.

But Bombay, who is a philosopher of the Epicurean school, said, We don t look on those things in the same fanciful manner that you do we are contented with all the common places of life, and look for nothing beyond the present.

Difficulties now commenced again 28th.

After breakfast I walked to the palace, thinking I had gained all I wanted entered, and fired guns, expecting an instant admittance but, as usual, I was required to sit and wait the king was expected immediately.

The sun rose, but N yamgundu did not appear.

The next day, when I called on Rumanika, the spoils were brought into court, and in utter astonishment he said, Well, this must have been done with something more potent than powder, for neither the Arabs nor Nnanaji, although they talk of their shooting powers, could have accomplished such a great feat as this.

After breakfast the king called me to go boating, when I used my grass throne, to the annoyance of the attendants.

I had promised to wait patiently for his return, and as soon as he did return, I would be sent off without one day s delay, for I was not his slave, that he should use violence upon me.

I really thought I should now catch a toss, if I were not trampled to death but suddenly, as they saw me standing, whether from fear or what else I cannot say, they changed their ferocious looking design, swerved round, and galloped off as fast as their legs could carry them.

One bracelet of fine twisted brass wire adorned his left wrist, and his hair, half an inch long, was worked up into small peppercorn like knobs by rubbing the hand circularly over the crown of the head.

Lumeresi also having heard of it, tried to interpose, according to a plan arranged between us in case of such a thing happening, by sending his officers to Ruhe, with an order not to check my brother s march, as I had settled accounts for all.

My scent then striking across them, they pulled up short, lifted their heads high, and looked down sideways on us.

He asked to be shown the books of birds and animals, and no sooner saw some specimens of Wolf s handiwork, than, in utter surprise, he exclaimed, I know how these are done a bird was caught and stamped upon the C_TEP10_702 Exam Cram paper, Oracle 1z0-808 Pdf using action to his words, and showing what he meant, while all his followers n yanzigged for the favour of the exhibition.

Usually these men despise clothes, and never deign to put any covering on except out of respect, when visiting Kamrasi.

Immediately behind this, to the northward, commenced the kingdom of Unyoro and here it was, they said, Baraka would branch off my line on his way to Kamrasi.

But though in these southern regions the name of the clan has been changed, the princes still retain the title of Wahinda as in Karague, instead of Wawitu as in Unyoro, and are considered of such noble breed that many of the pure negro chiefs delight in saying, I am a Mhinda, or prince, to the confusion of travellers, which confusion is increased by the Wahuma habits of conforming to the regulations of the different countries they adopt.

Here is a pot of pombe I did not give you one yesterday.

This was by no means an easy job, for all my American sheeting was out, and so was the kiniki.

This message, sent in such an underhand manner after the meeting, Bombay failed to deliver, telling them he should be afraid to do so.

This being agreed to, I did my best, through the medium of Earl de Grey then President of the Royal Geographical Society , to advance him money to carry out this desirable object.

Baraka 1z0-808 Practice Exam Questions was appointed the umpire, and immediately comparing the infant s face with those of its claimants, gave a decision which all approved of but the loser.

It was not that we required these things, but I knew that the king had ordered them to be given to us, and I thought it right we should show that his officers, if they professed to obey his orders, had peculated.

How did we come here from the last ground By Kamrasi s orders for nothing can be done excepting by his orders.

The breakfast, eaten in the open court, consisted of sundry baskets of roast beef and plantain squash, 1z0-808 Book folded in plantain leaves.

Unfortunately, the chief district officer, Mlondo, was from home, but we took possession of his huts clean, extensive, and tidily kept facing the river, and felt as if a residence here would do one good.

Nevertheless, wherever we went, all the villagers forsook their homes, and left their houses, property, and gardens an easy prey to the thieving propensities of the escort.

This place was alive with thieves.

I visited the king, and asked leave for boats to go at once but the fleet admiral put a veto on this by making out that dangerous shallows exist between the Murchison Creek and the Kira district station, so that the boats of one place never visit the other and further, if we went to Kira, we should find impracticable cataracts to the Urondogani boat station our better plan would therefore be, to deposit our property at the Urondogani station, and MB3-700 Test Prep walk by land up the river, if a sight of the falls at the mouth of the lake was of such material consequence to us.

It was wilder in appearance than most parts of Unyamuezi.

What luck was there in that 1z0-808 Pdf Holy Nativity Lutheran Church I asked.

The outer enclosures and courts were fenced with tiger grass and the huts, though neither so numerous nor so large, were constructed 1z0-808 Braindump after the same fashion as the king s.

All this time nothing but confusion reigned in camp, khambi fighting against khambi.

I might lose my head for presuming to offer them, and then there is no knowing what might happen afterwards.

The king sent me a pot of pombe to day, inquiring after my health, and saying he would like to take the medicine I gave him if I would send Frij over to administer it, but he would be ashamed to swallow pills before me.

Then Bombay retorted trembling and foaming in his liquor I know I shall get the worst of it, for whilst Baraka s tongue is a yard long, mine is only an inch but I would not have spent any wires of master s to purchase slaves with alluding to what Baraka had done at Mihambo nor would I, for any purpose of making myself richer but when it comes to a wife, that s a different thing.

The pages dreaded their master s wrath, departed for a while, and then sent another lad to tell me he was sorry to hear I felt unwell, but he hoped I would come if only for a minute, bringing my medicines with me, for he himself felt pain.

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Tired beyond all measure with Mahamed s procrastination, as I could not get him to start, I now started myself, much to his disgust, and went ahead again, leaving word that I would wait for him at the next place, provided he did not delay more than one day.

The cow, however, never came, as the old man did not intend to give his own, and his officers refused to obey his orders in giving one of theirs.

As the fruit of last night s scheme, the king sent us four goats and two cows.

At night a hyena came into my hut, and carried off one of my goats that was tied to a log between two of my sleeping men.

I therefore applied to him for guides to conduct me up the river, and ordered Bombay and Kasoro to obtain fresh orders from the king, as all future Wazungu, coming to Uganda to visit or trade, would prefer the passage by the river.

They all marched off, as they always do on such exploits, in high good humour with themselves for the valour which they intended to show and in the evening came in, firing their guns in the most reckless manner, beaming with delight for they had the corporal in tow, two men and two women captives, and a spear as a trophy.

Grant, they said, in incoherent, short, rapid, and excited sentences, was left by them standing under a tree, with nothing but his gun in his hand.

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The next day, too, the chief was too drunk to listen to any one, and I must have patience.

This was pleasant information, but not quite new, for the Arabs had told me Mtesa was so anxious to open that route, he had frequently offered to aid them in it himself.

Kamanya 6.

Then about fighting his brothers, we have already given answer that we never fight with black men and should the king persist in it, we will never take another thing from his hands.

This said, the Waganda all left us, taking with them twenty eight Wanguana, armed with twenty two carbines.

Thinking myself very lucky to buy the king s ear so cheaply, I sent Maula as before, adding that I considered my luck very bad, as nobody here knew my position in society, else they would not treat me as they did.

Thus died this second attempted treaty.

Ever anxious to push on with the journey, as I felt every day s delay only tended to diminish my means that is, my beads and copper wire I instructed Bombay to take the under mentioned articles to Rumanika as a small sample of the products of my country FN 11 to say I felt quite ashamed of their being so few and so poor, but I hoped he would forgive my shortcomings, as he knew I had been so often robbed on the way to him and I trusted, in recollection of Musa, he would give me leave to go on to Uganda, for every day s delay was consuming my supplies.

After fording the stream, we sat down to rest, and were visited by all the inhabitants, who were more naked than any people we had yet seen.

Guards also kept the doors, on which large bells were hung to give alarm, and officers in waiting watched the throne rooms.

On the 30th September, as things were looking more orderly, I sent forward half of the property, and all the men I had then collected, to Ugeni, a shamba, or garden, two miles off and on the 2nd October, after settling with Ladha for my African money, as my pagazis were completed to a 1z0-808 Actual Questions hundred and one, we wished Rigby adieu, and all assembled together at Ugeni, which resembles the richest parts of Bengal.

His head was got up with a tiara of beads, from the centre of which, directly over the forehead, stood a plume of red feathers, and encircling the lower face with a fine large white beard set in a stock or band of beads.

Three villagers had been attacked by two lions during my absence.

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Oh oh what a wonder Its wings outspread reached further than the height of a man we must go and show it to the brothers.

As I anticipated, on arrival at the palace I found the king was not ready to receive me, and 1z0-808 Exam Questions And Answers the pages desired me to sit with the officers in waiting until he might appear.

On the east, beyond Kidi, he only knew of one clan of Wahuma, a people who subsist entirely on meat and milk.

This business being at last settled, I wrote to Grant on the subject, and sent all the men off who were not sick.

Then, finding me still persistent, Budja turned again and threatened us with the king s power, saying, If you choose to disobey, we will see whether you ever get the road to Gani or not for Kamrasi is at war on all sides with his brothers, and Mtesa 1z0-808 Pdf Holy Nativity Lutheran Church will ally himself with them at any moment that he wishes, and where will you be then Saying this, Budja walked off, muttering that our being here would much embarrass Mtesa s actions whilst my Wanguana, who had been attentively listening, like timid hares, made up their minds to leave me, and tried, through Bombay, to obtain a final interview with me, saying they knew Mtesa s power, and disobedience to him would only end in taking away all chance of escape.

This little 1z0-808 Pdf Exam 1z0-808 Certification disclosure in the history of Karague led us on to further particulars of Dagara s death and burial, when it transpired that the old king s body, after the fashion of his predecessors, was sewn up in a cow skin, and placed in a boat floating on the lake, where it remained for three days, until decomposition set in and maggots were engendered, of which three were taken into the palace and given in charge to the heir elect but instead of remaining as they were, one worm was transformed into a lion, another into a leopard, and the third into a stick.

This was his first appearance in trousers, and his whole attire, contrasting strangely with his native habiliments, was in his opinion very becoming, though to me a little ridiculous for the legs of the trousers, as well as the sleeves of the waistcoat, were much too short, so that his black feet and hands stuck out at the extremities as an organ player s monkey s do, whilst the cockscomb on his head prevented a fez cap, which was part of his special costume for the occasion, from sitting properly.

In fact, I found that, like the organ grinders in London, to get myself moved on I must make myself troublesome.

It was no wonder then, every man of the Brisk who first looked upon them did so with a feeling of loathing and abhorrence of such a trade.


We then had another pic nic together, and whilst I went home to join Grant, Rumanika spent the night doing homage and sacrificing a bullock at the tomb of his father Dagara.

Then taking out the presents, she learned the way of wearing her watch with a tape guard round her neck, reposing the instrument in her bare bosom, and of opening and shutting it, which so pleased her, that she declared it quite satisfactory.

Bombay at this time very foolishly told Lumeresi, if he really wanted a deole, he must send to Grant for one.

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Much delighted, he said he would be very glad to give me two boys for that purpose.

To have two strings to my bow, and press our departure as hotly as possible, I sent first Frij off with Nasib to the queen, conveying, as a parting present, a block tin brush box, a watch without a key, two sixpenny pocket handkerchiefs, and a white towel, with an intimation that we were going, as the king had expressed his desire of sending us to Gani.

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Should this be the case, then, by building boats in Madi above the cataracts, a vast region might be thrown open to the improving influences of navigation.

To day we reached the Kitangule Kagera, or river, which, as I ascertained in the year 1858, falls into the Victoria N yanza on the west side.

He planted himself on his throne, and begged me to sit by his side.

The goatherd was pinioned and brought to trial, for the double offence of losing the goats and rough handling his chief.

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Instead, therefore, of going at the call of his pages this morning I sent Bombay with some men to say that although I was desirous of seeing him daily, I could not so expose myself to the sun.

Everything that struck the eye was much admired and begged for, though nothing so much as my wideawake and mosquito curtains then, as the women were allowed to have a peep in and see Bana in his den, I gave them two sacks of beads, to make the visit profitable, the only alternative left me from being forced into inhospitality, for no one would drink from my cup.


The pages never said anything about shooting, and therefore the guns were left behind.

If that is the case, I said, taking things easy, how is it you have opened my loads and scattered the wires about in the tent Oh, that was to take care of them for I thought, if they were left outside all night with the rest of the property, some one would steal them, and I should get the blame of it.

How what gate tell us all about it.

he then, in the politest possible manner, told me that a great dearth of food was oppressing the land so much so, that pretty cloths only would purchase grain.

At daybreak Rumanika sent us word he was off to MogaNamarinzi, a spur of a hill beyond the Little Windermere, overlooking the Ingezi Kagera, or river which separates Kishakka from Karague, to show me how the Kiangule river was fed by small lakes and marshes, in accordance with my expressed wish to have a better comprehension of the drainage system of the Mountains of the Moon.

The princes then, thinking me green at this kind of sport, said the place 1z0-808 Practice Exam Pdf was enchanted, but I need not fear, for they would bring them out to my feet by simply calling out certain names, and this was no sooner done than four old and one young one came immediately in font of us.

8th to 10th.

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The Wanguana in my escort compared the view to their own beautiful Poani coast but in my opinion it far surpassed anything I ever saw, either from the sea or upon the coast of Zanzibar.

We had a chat the picture was shown to the women the king would like to have some more, and gave me leave to draw in the palace any time I liked.

Early in the morning, and whilst I was in bed, the king sent his pages to request me to visit his royal mother, with some specific for the itch, with which her majesty was then afflicted.

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Terror stricken, the Wakungu fell on their knees before me, doing as they were bid and, to please them, I returned at once, and went up to the king, who, now sitting on his throne, asked the officers how they had managed to entice me back to which they all replied in a breath, n yanzigging heartily, Oh, we were so afraid he was so terrible but he turned at once as soon as we opened the gate.

I gave them a cow, and they at once killed it, and, sitting down, commenced eating her flesh raw, out of choice.

Deluded yesterday by the sight of the broad waters of the Lueru lo Urigi, espied in the distance from the top of a hill, into the belief that we were in view of 1z0-808 Test Answers the N yanza itself, we walked triumphantly along, thinking how well 1Z1-108 Exam Questions And Answers the Arabs at Kaze had described this to be a creek of the great lake but on arrival in camp we heard from the village officer that we had been misinformed, and that it was a detached lake, but connected with the Victoria N yanza by a passage in the hills and the 1z0-808 Practice Kitangule river.

Perhaps he thought he had gained the first step towards this exalted rank, and hence his appearing very happy for this time.

The next march brought us to Paira, a collection of villages within sight of the Nile.

To get rid of the animal I gave him the full value of his present in cloth, which he no sooner pocketed than he had the audacity to accuse Grant of sacrilege for having shot a lizard on a holy stone, and demanded four cloths to pay atonement for this offence against the church.

25th to 13th.

Instead of the Arabs appearing merchants, as they did formerly, they looked more like great farmers, with huge stalls of cattle attached to their houses whilst the native villages were all in ruins so much so that, to obtain corn for my men, I had to send out into the district several days journey off, and even then had to pay the most severe famine prices for what I got.

The cause of all this commotion was a royal order to seize sundry refractory Wakungu, with their property, wives, concubines if such a distinction can be made 1z0-808 Pdf Holy Nativity Lutheran Church in this country and families all together.

Fifty 1z0-808 Exam Dump Gani men had just arrived to inform him that Rionga had lately sent ten slaves and ten ivory tusks to Petherick s post, to purchase a gun 1z0-808 Pdf but the answer was, that a thousand times as much would not purchase a weapon that might be used against us for our arrival with Kamrasi had been heard of, and nothing would be done to jeopardise our road.

This, however, was only the feast the ball then began, for the pots were no sooner emptied than five drums at once, of different sizes and tones, suspended in a line from a long horizontal bar, were beaten with fury, and all the men, women, and children, singing and clapping their hands in time, danced for hours together.

It rained so much on the 8th as to stop the visit, but we went next day.

The thought never struck me they were lying down in such open ground in the day time so, as I could not go closer without driving them off, I took a shot with my single rifle at where I judged the chest of the nearest one ought to be, and then discovered my error.

My men all mutinied here for increase of ration allowances.

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Where the Kingani itself rises, I never could find out though I have heard that its sources lies in a gurgling spring on the eastern face of the Mkambaku, by which account the Mgeta is made the longer branch of the two.

This set all the royals in the palace in a state of high wonder, and ended by my getting a summons to show off the white man sitting on his throne for of course I could only be, as all of them called me, a king of great dignity, to indulge in such state.

Suffice it now to say, after a long conversation, arguing all the pros and cons over, 1z0-808 Pdf I settled I would write out all the articles of a treaty of peace, by which they should be liable to have all 1z0-808 Practice Exam Pdf their property forfeited on the coast if they afterwards broke faith and I begged them to call the next day and sign it.

In this fix the twenty men came up with him, but not until they had had a scrimmage with the savages, had secured four, and taken the spear which had been thrown at them.

Here we halted.

At night the rascally boys returned again to plunder, but Kahala, more wakeful than myself, heard them trying to untie the doorhandle, and frightened them away in endeavouring to awaken me.


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