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I must also tell you they are dangerous in your hands, in consequence of your being ignorant of their properties.

I then gave Nasib orders to take Bombay s post, and commence the march but the good old man made Bombay give in, and off we went, amidst crowds of Waganda, who had collected to witness with comedy, and were all digging at one another s heads, showing off in pantomime the strange ways of the white man.

The number of guinea fowl seen here was most surprising.

On entering the rich plantain gardens of Kisaho, I was informed we must halt there a day for Maula to join us, as he had been detained by Rumanika, who, wishing to give him a present, had summoned Rozaro s sister to his palace for that purpose.

The matter, however, was merely deferred for I no sooner told him my plans for communicating quickly with Petherick and Grant, than, after saying he desired their coming even more than myself, he promised to arrange everything on the morrow.

No people in the world are so proud and headstrong as the negroes, whether they be pastoral or agriculturalists.

Mguru Mfupi or Short legs , the chief of Khoko in Ugogo, for instance, had been shot, and Manua Sera the Tippler , who succeeded the old Sultan Fundi Kira, of Unyanyembe, on his death, shortly after the late expedition left Kaze, was out in the field fighting the Arabs.


Elderly gentlemen led in goats as commutation for offences, and went through the ceremonies due for the favour of being relieved of so much property.


Then at home the Wanyamuezi porters received their tusks of ivory, weighing from 16 to 50 lb.

When I refused this offer, because we came to see him, and not to rob him, he Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE v2.0) 300-101 Brain Dumps thought it the most beautiful language, and said he would bring them to the house himself.

My theory is founded on the traditions of the several nations, as checked by my own observations of what I saw when passing through them.

I drew a large white and black hornbill and a green pigeon sent by himself but he was not satisfied he sent more birds, and wanted to see my shoes.

Why does Kamrasi keep us here He thinks you are not so near, and men have Cisco 300-101 Brain Dumps gone to tell him.

At the village where we put up, however, the women and children of the head man at first all ran away, and the head man himself was very shy of us, thinking we were some unearthly creatures.

Murchison, I called at his house to show him my map for the information of the Royal Geographical Society.

This was to be a day of varied success.

Had it been done with a common stick, it could have been overlooked but the use of weapons is an offence, and both parties must go before the king.

He promised me assistance, but with an air which seemed to say, What are the sufferings of other men to me So I went home to breakfast, doubting if anything ever would be done.

It would be interesting to ascertain whether this lime formation extends down the east coast of Africa from the Somali country, where also, on my first expedition, I found marine shells in the limestone, especially as a vast continuous band of limestone is known to extend from the Tagus, through Egypt and the Somali country, to the Burrumputra.


On the 9th, having bought two donkeys and engaged several men, we left Jiwa la Mkoa, with half our traps, and marched to Garaeswi, where, to my surprise, there were as many as twenty tembes a recently formed settlement of Wokimbu.

He received us in his usually affable manner made many trite remarks concerning our plans was surprised, if my only object in view was to see the great river running out of the lake, that I 300-101 Vce Dumps did not go by the more direct route across the Masai country and Usoga and then, finding I wished to see Karague, as well as to settle many other great points of interest, he offered to assist me with all the means in his power.

Next day 7th he came up with the rest of the property, carried by men who had taken service for that one march only.


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Hori Hori was now chief in Short leg s stead, and affected to be much pleased that we were English, and not Arabs.

He, with the most benign countenance, came in to see me, the very first thing in the morning, as he said, to inquire after my health when, to please him as much as I could, I had a guard of honour drawn up at the tent door to fire a salute as he entered then giving him my iron camp chair to sit upon, which tickled him much for he 300-101 Brain Dumps was very corpulent, and he thought its legs would break down with his weight we had a long talk, though it was as much as I could do to remember anything, my brain was so excited and weak.

Of course I told him how disappointed I had been in not getting a sight of the Little Luta Nzige.

We put up in a boma, but were not long ensconced there when the villagers got up a pretext for a quarrel, thinking they could plunder us of all our goods, and began pitching into my men.

I then told him it was fortunate he had no disbelievers like us to contend with in battle, for we, instead of trusting to luck and such omens, put our faith only in skill and pluck, which Baraka elucidated from his military experience in the wars in British India.

The Wakungu in Uganda are supplied with women by the king, according to their merits, from seizures in battle abroad, or seizures from refractory officers at home.

Now, hoping to produce gravity and then to slip away, I asked if my medicines had given her any relief, that I might give her more to strengthen her.

Should any one attempt to conceal twins, the whole family would be murdered by the chief but, though a great traveller, this is the only instance of such brutality Manua had ever witnessed in any country.

Hearing this, the king looked at the boy and then at the women in turn, to ascertain what they thought of my opinion, whereupon the boy cried.

After all the explanations were given, he promised me a boat hunt after the nzoe in the morning but when the time came, as difficulties were raised, I asked him to allow us to anticipate the arrival of Kachuchu, and march on to Kitangule.

These things I have merely noticed in passing, because I shall hereafter have occasion to allude to a migratory people, the Watuta, who dressing much in the same manner, extend from Lake N yassa to Uzinza, and may originally have been a part of this same Kafir race, who are themselves supposed to have migrated from the regions at present occupied by the Gallas.

The Indian Government had promised me a vessel of war to convey me from Aden to Zanzibar, provided it did not interfere with the public interests.

Taking the king, as it appeared, in a good humour, to show him the abuses arising from the system of allowing his guests to help themselves by force upon the highways, I reported the late seizures made of thirty cows and twelve slaves by the Wanyambo but, though surprised to hear the news, he merely remarked that there were indeed a great number of visitors in Uganda.

I sent Bombay immediately off to tell him we had changed our plans, and now simply required a large escort to accompany us through Usoga and Kidi to Gani, as further delay in communicating with Petherick might frustrate 300-101 Self Study all chance of opening the Nile trade with Uganda.

We could spear you all whilst you are loading be quick, be quick, I tell you.

My first desire had always been to see the king and if he went to the N yanza, I trusted he would allow me to go there also.

With the company squatting in large half circle or three sides 300-101 Latest Dumps of a square many deep before him, in the hollow of which are drummers and other musicians, the king, sitting on his throne in high dignity, issues his orders for the day much to the following effect Cattle, women, and children are short in Uganda an army must be formed of one to two thousand strong, to plunder Unyoro.

In their justification, Dr K yengo s men said that had they not been in the country before us, Kamrasi would not have had such guests at all for when he asked them if the Waganda reports about our cannibalism and other monstrosities were true, their head man denied it all, offered to stand security for our actions, and told the king if he found us cannibals he might make a Mohammedan of him, and sealed the statement with his oath by throwing down CCDP 300-101 Brain Dumps his shield and bow and walking over them.

A wonderful report came that the king put two tops of powder into his Whitworth rifle to shoot a cow, and the bullet not only passed through the cow, but through the court fence, then through the centre of a woman, and, after passing the outer fence, flew whizzing along no one knew where.

What brought this scourge and what would cure it Supposing a man had a headache, what should he take for it or a leg ache, or a stomach ache, or itch in fact, going the rounds of every disease he knew, until, exhausting the ordinary complaints, he went into particulars in which he was personally much interested but I was unfortunately unable to prescribe medicines which produce the physical phenomenon next to his heart.

Here we felt an earthquake.

In this jungle a tributary nullah to the Gombe, called Nurhungure, HC-035-230-CHS Braindump is the boundary line between the great Country of the Moon and the kingdom of Uzinza.

Of course I would not stand this and, after telling all the facts of the case, I begged Pokino to send Maula away out of my camp.

On crossing Usui, he once had a fight with one of the chiefs of the country and killed him but he got through all right, because the natives, after two or 300-101 Brain Dumps three of their number had been killed, dispersed, and feared to come near his musket again.

He reached N yamyongo s village before noon, asked for the officer, but was desired to wait in a hut until the chief should arrive, as he had gone out on business the villagers inquired, however, why we had robbed the Wanyoro yesterday, for they had laid a complaint against us.

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He objected, because he had not seen Grant, but 1Z1-110 Vce And Pdf appointed an officer to go through Unyoro on to Gani, and begged I would also send men with letters.

I felt greatly alarmed about the prospects of the expedition, scarcely knowing what I should do.

Maula, a royal officer, with a large escort of smartlydressed men, women, and boys, leading their dogs and playing their reeds, announced to our straining ears the welcome intelligence that their king had sent them to call us.

I began to think he had prevailed on me to stop here, that I might hold the place whilst he went to fight Kamrasi with Rionga s men so I begged him to listen to my advice, and not attempt to cross the Nile, else, I said, all his guns would be taken from him, and his passage back cut off.

My men who went back to Khoko for grain having returned with next to nothing though, of course, they had spent all the cloths I sent back another batch with pretty cloths, as it was confidently stated that grain was so scarce there, nothing but the best fabrics would but it.

Chapter XIII Palace, Uganda Continued A Visit to a Distinguished Statesman A Visit from the King Royal Sport The Queen s Present of Wives The Court Beauties and their Reverses Judicial Procedure in Uganda Buffalo Hunting A Musical Party My Medical Practice A Royal Excursion on the N yanza The Canoes of Uganda A Regatta Rifle Practice Domestic Difficulties Interference of a Magician The King s Brothers.

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K yengo and the representatives of Usui and Karague now arrived by order of the king to bid farewell, and received the slaves and cattle lately captured.

I prepared for my first presentation at court, attired in my best, though in it I cut a poor figure in comparison with the display of the dressy Waganda.

On one occasion we saw hippopotami, which our men said came to the surface because we had domestic fowls on board, supposing them to have an antipathy to that bird.

Yes, to shoot them like 300-101 Actual Exam guinea fowl and he laughed again.

Even this gentleman kept me waiting for some time to show his own importance, and then admitted me into one of his interior courts, where I found him sitting on the ground with several elders whilst Wasoga minstrels played on their lap harps, and sang songs in praise of their king, and the noble stranger who wore fine clothes and eclipsed all previous visitors.

I took a stroll towards the N yanza, passing through the plantain groves occupied by the king s women, where my man Sangoro had been twice taken up by the Mgemma and put in the stocks.

M yonga did not wish to see me, because he did not know the coast language.

To supply its place, we took six small boats, turning my men into sailors, and going as we liked.

Then, turning to us, he said, Why have you not brought the medicine chest and the saw We wish to see everything you have got, though we do not wish to rob you.

This appears the more evident from the fact of his subsequent contrition, and finding it necessary to send excuses when the property was in his hands for these chiefs, grasping as they are, know they must conform to some kind of system, to save themselves from a general war, or the avoidance of their territories by all travellers in future.

4th to 6th.

In two more marches, however, I reached Kaze, and put up with Musa s eldest son, Abdalla, on the 2nd July, who now was transformed from a drunken slovenly boy into the appearance of a grand swell, squatting all day as his old father used to do.

Bombay at last arrived with Mabruki in high glee, dressed in cotton jumpers and drawers, presents given them by Petherick s outpost.

Going home from the shooting, I found all the villagers bolting again with their cattle and stores, and, on looking towards Faloro, saw a party of Turks coming.

I now sent Bombay to the king to request an interview, as I had much of importance to Cisco 300-101 Brain Dumps tell him but the could not be seen, as he was deep in the interior of the palace enjoying the society of his wives.

They were unanimous in saying Usui was a fire, and I had no right to sacrifice them.

They had gone off and hidden themselves, saying that they were not such fools as to go any farther, as the Watuta were out, and would cut us up on the road.

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Rozaro s children became more and more troublesome, stealing everything they could lay their hands upon out of the village huts we passed on the way.

We must not, he said, talk about Bombay any more, because everybody said he was detained by the N yanswenge Petherick s party , and would return here with the new moon.

I did not tell you before, but the king says, How CCDP 300-101 can I answer 300-101 Test Software Rumanika if Kamrasi injures Bana Had I known Kamrasi was such a savage, I would not have let Bana go there and I should now have sent a forge to take him away, only that some accident might arise from it by Kamrasi s taking fright the road even to Gani shall be got by force if necessary.

As Bombay was ordered to the palace to instruct the king in the art of casting bullets, I primed him well to plead for the road, and he reported to me the results, thus First, he asked one thousand men to go through Kidi.

Then turning again to the old point, his utter amazement that we should spend so much property in travelling, he wished to know what we did it for when men had such means they would surely sit down and enjoy it.

He came 300-101 Dumps Pass4sure in person, and his manner having pleased us, I have him one sahari, four yards merikani, and eight yards kiniki, which pleased our friend so much that he begged us to consider his estate our own, even to the extent of 300-101 Ebook administering his justice, should any Mzaramo be detected stealing from us.

He had broken his rifle washing rod, and this must be mended, the pages who brought it saying that no one dared take it back to him until it was repaired.

We slept the night out, nevertheless, and next morning walked in to Gondokoro, N.

It is true some affect one, CCDP 300-101 Brain Dumps some the other but in no way do we see that the courage of tribes can be CCDP 300-101 Brain Dumps determined by the use of any particular weapon for the bravest use the arrow, which is the more dreaded while the weakest confine themselves to the spear.

A long yarn then emanated from the throne.

This business over, she begged me to show her my picture books, and was so amused with them that she ordered her sorceresses and all the other women in again to inspect them with her.

There are others of minor importance, and one within ear sound, down the river, said to be very grand.

The Wanguana mutinied for ammunition, and would not lift a load until they got it, saying, Unyoro is a dangerous country, though they had been there before without any more than they now had in pouch.

At the village of Mbule we were gracefully received by the local officer, who brought a small present, and assured me that the king was in a nervous state of excitement, always asking after me.

Next morning I called Kidgwiga, and begged him to procure two men as guides and interpreters.

Frij, it appeared, dreamt last night that the king of Uganda came to fight us for not complying with his orders, and that all my men ran away except Uledi and himself.

In the evening another messenger arrived from Grant, giving a list of his losses and expenses at M yonga s.

I answered that my footing in the country had been paid for on the last journey, and unless he would accept me as any other common traveller, he had better walk away but the little Sheikh, a timid, though very gentlemanly creature, knowing the man, and dreading the consequences of too high a tone, pleaded for him, and proposed as a fitting hongo, one dubuani, one sahari, and eight yards merikani, as the American sheeting is called here.

Some men are told off to look after the mules, donkeys, and goats, whilst out grazing the rest have to pack the kit, pitch our tents, cut boughs for huts, and for fencing in the camp a thing rarely done, by the by.

When I denied there was any art in shooting, further than holding the gun straight, he shook his head, and getting me to load his revolving pistol for him, he fired all five barrels into two cows before the multitude.

The shot they made in this manner is a blind one only on the chance of fish being there and therefore always doubtful in its result.

Kidgwiga called on me to say Kamrasi so very much wanted the white men at Gani to visit him, he had sent a hongo of thirty tusks to the chief of that country in hopes that it would insure their coming to see him.

I waved adieu, but still she followed.

In the evening I took a walk with Kahala, dressed in a red scarf, and in company with Lugoi, to show my children off in the gardens to my fair friends of yesterday.

To day the king was amusing 300-101 Exam Dumps Pdf himself among his women again, and not to be seen.

I said in answer, that Petherick had promised to have boats there all the year round, so I would not wait.

Our business has been to collect ivory whilst waiting for you.

He then got a second bullet in the flank, and, after hobbling a little, evaded our sight and threw himself into a bush, where we not sooner arrived than he plunged headlong at us from his ambush, just, and only just, giving me time to present my small 40 gauge Lancaster.

A white dog, spear, shield, and woman the Uganda cognisance were by his side, as also a knot of HP0-919 Vce Files staff officers, with whom he kept up a brisk conversation on one side and on the other was a band of Wichezi, or lady sorcerers, such as I have already described.

The women were ordered one way and the attendants another, whilst I had to load the gun on the best way I could with the last charge and a half left in the king s pouch.

Torches were then lit, and guns, pistols, powder, boxes, tools, beads the whole collection, in short were tossed together topsy turvy, bundled into mbugus, and carried away by the pages.

The story we heard at Karague, about dogs with horns in Unyoro, was confirmed by Kidgwiga, who positively assured us that he once saw one in the possession of an official person, but it died.

They both knew Hindustani but while Rahan s services at sea had been short, Baraka had served nearly all his life with Englishmen was the smartest and most intelligent negro I ever saw was invaluable to Colonel Rigby as a detector of slave traders, and enjoyed his confidence completely so much so, that he said, on parting with him, that he did not know where he should be able to find another man to fill his post.

He also boiled one of the thermometers, kept the rain gauge, and undertook the photography but after a time I sent the instruments back, considering this work too severe for the climate, and he tried instead sketching with watercolours the results of which form the chief part of the illustrations in this book.

He acceded to this, but no sooner got them, than he broke his faith, and said he must either have more pretty cloths, or five more brass wires, and then, without doubt, he would beat the drums.

I then gave him a dig on the head with my fist.

I was enchanted with his appearance, and so were my men, though no one could speak to him but Nasib, who told us he knew him before.

To keep us amused, Kidgwiga informed us that Kamrasi and Mtesa in fact, all the Wahuma came originally from a stock of the same tribe dwelling beyond Kidi.

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Some of M yonga s men who had plundered Grant now caught a Tartar.

The whole country around the palace was in a state of commotion to day, from Maula and his children hunting down those officers who had returned from the war, yet had not paid their respects to the king at the N yanza, because they thought they would not be justified in calling on him so quickly after their arrival.

If things don t go well, it is God s will and if they do go well, that is His will also.

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It formed a strange sight in the establishment of an English gentleman, to see my men flushed with the excitement of their spoils, staggering under loads of mbugu, or leading children, mothers, goats, and dogs off in triumph to their respective huts.

In case of an elephant being killed, he also takes a share of the meat, and claims one of its tusks as his right further, all leopard, 300-101 Certification Braindumps lion, or zebra skins are his by right.

We then began to 070-622 Braindump talk in a general way about Suwarora and Rumanika, as well as the road through Unyamuezi, which we hoped would soon cease to exist, and be superseded by one through Unyoro.

FN 25 It would be necessary for me to take thirty six of Mahamed s men, besides all my own, to go there, which, he said, I was welcome to, but I should have to pay them for their services.

Just send for your telescope, and then I will show you how to look for birds.

In this fearful fix I sent Baraka off with strict orders to bring Grant away at any price, except the threatened sacrifice of men, guns, and ammunition, which I would not listen to, as one more day s delay might end in further exactions at the same time, I cautioned him to save my property as far as he could, for it was 300-101 Certification Answers to him that M yonga had formerly said that what I paid him should do for all.

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If they failed, their estates would be confiscated, and their lives taken unless they could escape.

He then built a palaver house on the banks of the Kafu to receive us in privately and when we were to go to Gani, it was his intention to slip us off privately down the Kafu.

The reply was, that Kamrasi would arrange for our having a meeting with Budja alone if we wished it he did not fear my deserters siding with king Mtesa, but he detested the Waganda, and could not bear to see them in his country.

They were dressed in plantain leaves, looking like grotesque Neptunes.

In my turn, I told Petherick he had missed a good thing by not going up the river to look for me for, had he done so, he would not only have had the best ivorygrounds to work upon, but, by building a vessel in Madi above the cataracts, he would have had, in my belief, some hundred miles of navigable water to transport his merchandise.

In an instant all three sprang on their legs and scampered off.

Now, thought I to myself, is the right time for business for I had the king all to myself, then considered a most fortunate occurrence in Uganda, where every man courts the favour of a word with his king, and adores him as a deity, and he in turn makes himself as distance as he can, to give greater effect to his exalted position.

Indeed the whole of their spiritual education goes into oaths and ejaculations Allah and Mohammed being as common in their mouths as damn and blast are with our soldiers and sailors.

I purchased a small kitten, Felis serval, from an Unyoro man, who requested me to give it back to him to eat if it was likely to die, for it is considered very good food in Unyoro.

He showed me several of his women grievously affected with boils, and expected me to cure them at once.

Virembo then sent us some pombe by his officers, and begged us to have patience, for he was then fleecing Masudi at the encamping ground near the palace.

Having answered that I could, the king graciously said he would order some canoes for me the next morning and as I declined because Grant could not accompany me, as a terrible disease had broken 300-101 Brain Dumps out in his leg, he ordered a pig shooting party.

Then after this I established a property tax on all merchandise that entered my country.

The moment of triumph had come at last, and suddenly the road was granted The king presently let us see the Cisco 300-101 Brain Dumps motive by which he had been influenced.

We went off to the island in several canoes, and at once found an immense number of crocodiles basking in the sun, but not a single hippopotamus was in sight.

We started, leaving all the traps and men to follow, and made this place in a stride, as a whisper warned me that Kamrasi s officers, who are as thick as thieves about here, had made up their minds to keep us each one day at his abode, and show us hospitality.

I knew that Suwarora s message was all humbug, and that his officers merely kept about one per cent.

I sent the three men who had returned from Grant to lay a complaint against the convoy, who had tricked him out of a pleasant voyage, and myself out of the long wished for survey of the lake.

At Ugogo those who wished to join them were unable to do so, for their porters, what few were left, were all dying of starvation and at that moment Manua Sera was hovering about, shooting, both night and day, all the poor villagers in the district, or driving them away.

This was famous it corroborated what I knew, but could not convince others of, that traders could find their way up to Kidi by the Nile.

Now, however, as he has seen more, and wishes for peace himself, there can be no difficulty.

There was little done besides crossing, for the last cow was brought across as sunset the ferrying toll for the whole being one cow, besides a present of beads to the head officer.

On returning home I found the king had requested me to call on him as soon as possible with the medicine chest.

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The whole place was alive with naked humanity in a state of constant motion.

In the meanwhile I prepared to call on him.

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With this message N yamgundu hurried off as fast as possible.

But for a few minutes only I was kept in suspense, when a band of music, the musicians wearing on their backs long haired goatskins, passed me, dancing as they went along, like bears in a fair, and playing on reed instruments worked over with pretty beads in various patters, from which depended leopard cat skins the time being regulated by the beating of long hand drums.

7 26 53 , and E.

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