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As the officer said he would deliver any message I might wish to send to Uganda, I folded a visiting card as a letter to the queen dowager, intimating that I wished the two men whom I sent back to Mtesa to be forwarded on to Karague but desired that the remainder, who deserted their master in difficulty, should be placed on an island of the N yanza to live in exile until some other Englishman should come to release them that their arms should be taken from them and kept in the palace.

The king at last sent the paint box, with some birds of his own shooting, which he wished painted.

I really thought I should now catch a toss, if I were not trampled to death but suddenly, as they saw me standing, whether from fear or what else I cannot say, they changed their ferocious looking design, swerved round, and galloped off MOFF.EN Exam Engines as fast as their legs could carry them.

The huts of the villagers were shown to myself and my men without any ceremony.

At last I began to recover.

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When ready, I tried a shot at the sound one, but the cap snapped and nearly betrayed me, for they both stared at the spot where I lay the sound one sniffing the air and tossing his horns, but the other bleeding considerably.

Each was to receive one year s pay in advance, and the remainder when their work was completed.

I begged, however, he would go as fast as possible to announce my arrival, explain my motive for coming here, and ask for an early interview, as I had left my brother Grant behind at Karague, and found my position, for want of a friend to talk to, almost intolerable.

This was serious.

Manua Sera was still in the field, and all was uncertain.

Chapter VIII Karague Relief from Protectors and Pillagers The Scenery and Geology Meeting with the Friendly King Rumanika His Hospitalities and Attention His Services to the Expedition Philosophical and Theological Inquiries The Royal Family of Karague The M Fumbiro Mountain Navigation of The Little Windermere The New Moon Levee Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus Hunting Measurement of a Fattened Queen Political Polygamy Christmas Rumours of Petherick s Expedition Arrangements to meet it March to Uganda.

Although, however, this very interesting people, the Wahuma, delight in supposing themselves to be of European origin, they are forced to confess, on closer examination, that although they came in the first instance from the doubtful north, they came latterly from the east, as part of a powerful Wahuma tribe, beyond Kidi, who excel in arms, and are so fierce no Kidi people, terrible in war as these too are described to be, can stand against them.

He appointed the morrow for an interview, at the same time excusing himself for not having seen us yesterday on the plea of illness.

They had gone off and hidden themselves, saying that they were not such fools as to go any farther, as the Watuta were out, and would cut us up on the road.

Irungu, a very fine looking man of Uganda, now called on me and begged for beads.

The two following days were spent wandering about without guides, trying to keep the track Grant had taken after leaving us, crossing at first a line of small hills, then traversing grass and jungle, like the dak of India.

To my surprise, however, when I mounted the hill half way to the palace, I found the king standing, dressed in a rich filagreed waistcoat, trimmed with gold embroidery, tweedling the loadingrod in his fingers, and an alfia cap on his head, whilst his pages held his chair and guns, and a number of officers, with dogs and goats for offerings, squatted before him.

To day, Jafu, who had lost many ivories at Khoko when Mohinna was attacked there, prepared 100 slaves, with Said bin Osman, Mohinna s brother, with a view to follow down Snay, and, combining forces, attack Hori Hori, hoping to recover their losses for it appeared to them the time had now come when their only hope left in carrying their trade to a successful issue, lay in force of arms.

He laughed, but still was silent so I said, What message have you brought from Mtesa To which, in a timid, modest kind of manner, he said, Bana knows what more need I say Has he forgotten Mtesa, who loves him so I said, No, indeed, I have not forgotten Mtesa and, moreover, as I expected you back again, I have sent Bombay to bring the stimulants and all the things I promised Mtesa from Gani in two or three days he will return.

Rohinda was succeeded by Ntare, then Rohinda II.

Let us now HP0-775 Test Dump deal with the Wahuma since they crossed the Nile and founded the kingdom of Kittara, a large tract of land bounded by the Victoria N yanza and Kitangule Kagera or River on the south, the Nile on the east, the Little Luta Nzige Lake FN 15 on the north, and the kingdoms of Utubi and Nkole on the west.

Here the rush onward was stopped by newly made fences, but the king roared to the officers to knock them down.

The wily ostrich, bustard, and florikan affect all open places.

Every man sent his spear, assage, or arrow, into his sides, until, completely exhausted, he sank like a porcupine covered with quills.

The Wasoga have been insulting his subjects, and must be reduced to subjection for this emergency another army must be formed, of equal strength, to act by land in conjunction with the fleet.

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3d to 13th.

I visited the king, and asked leave for boats to go at once but the fleet admiral put a veto on this by making out 9L0-410 Prep Guide that dangerous Avaya 3002 shallows exist between the Murchison Creek and the Kira district station, so that the boats of one place never visit the other and further, if we went to Kira, we should find impracticable cataracts to the Urondogani boat station our better plan would therefore be, to deposit our property at the Urondogani station, and walk by land up the ACSS 3002 river, if a sight of the falls at the mouth of the lake was of such material consequence to us.

I then begged him to convey a Colt s six chamber revolving rifle to his king, Mtesa, as an earnest that I was a prince most desirous of seeing him.

A present, he said, was due to him of course, but of more importance than the present was his OG0-021 Exam Dumps wish to see me.


I then asked the king to allow me to try his Whitworth, to which a little bit of stick, 3002 Study Material as a charm to secure a correct aim, had been tied below the triggerguard.

Virembo then sent us some pombe by his officers, and begged us ACSS 3002 to have patience, for he was then fleecing Masudi at the encamping ground near the palace.

Tracking on through the bush, I thought every minute I should come up with the brute but his wounds ceased to bleed, and in the confusion of the numerous tracks which scored all the forest we lost our own.

We suspected, however, that there was some trick at the bottom of all so, refusing the liquor, we said, with proper emphasis, Avaya 3002 Unless we are forwarded to the boats at once, and get them on 000-M228 Exam Guide Pdf the following morning, we cannot think of receiving presents from any one.

They rattle along, through plantains and shrubs, under large trees, seven, eight, and nine feet in diameter, till the beautiful waters are reached a picture of the Rio scenery, barring that of the higher mountains in the background of that lovely place, which are here represented by the most beautiful little hills.

This little controversy was amusing, but did not suit Kamrasi, who had his eye on a certain valuable possession of mine.

This was for the purpose of making us his tools in his conflict with his brothers.

The palace was now reached musicians were ordered to play before the king, and Wakungu appointments were made to celebrate the feats of the day.

We heard there was another ivory party collecting tusks at Obbo, a settlement in the country of Panuquara, twenty miles east of this.

There was no sincerity in such haggling I would not submit to being told lies by kings or Avaya 3002 Certification Exam anybody else.

He had heard of it from the traders, but only knew himself of one river beside the Kingani.

In fact, the park, as well as all the adjacent land at the foot of the hills, is worth thinking of, with a view to a sporting tour as well as scientific investigation.

I fired for my supper, but fired in vain.

Thousands of cattle, and strings of women and children, sometimes the result of a victorious plundering hunt, or else the accumulated seizures from refractory Wakungu, are brought in for there is no more common or acceptable offering to appease the king s wrath towards any refractory or blundering officer than a present of a few young beauties, who may perhaps be afterwards given as 3002 Study Guide Book the reward of good service to other officers.

Hembe, who lives in the centre of an almost impenetrable thicket, confessed that he was the murderer, but said the fault did not rest with him, as he merely carried out the instructions of his father, Mzungera, who, a Diwan on the coast, sent him a letter directing his actions.

We did not think our reception hut by the river sufficiently dignified, and our residence here was altogether like that of prisoners seeing no one, knowing no one.

I said, in Kisuahili, Kbakka king , my men are afraid to tell you what I want to say when Maula, taking advantage of my having engaged his attention, though the king did not understand one word I said, said of himself, by way of currying favour, I saw a wonderful gun in Rumankika s hands, with six barrells not a short one like your fiver meaning the revolving pistol but a long one, as long as my arm.

After this, as the birds were scared away, and both iron shot and bullets were expended, he took us to his dressing hut, went inside himself, attended by full grown naked women, and ordered a breakfast of pork, beef, fish, and plantains to be served me outside on the left of the entrance whilst a large batch of his women sat on the right side, silently coquetting, and amusing themselves by mimicking the white man eating.

Rozaro s sister also came, and proposed to marry me, for Maula, she said, was a brutal man he killed one of his women because he did not like her, and now he had clipped one of this poor creature s ears off for trying to run away from him and when abused for his brutality, he only replied, It was no fault of his, as the king set the example in the country.

Manua Sera, it was said, had vast resources.

I stayed at home all this day, because the king and queen had set it apart for looking at and arranging their horns mapembe, or fetishes, as the learned call such things to see that there are no imperfections in the Uganga.

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The whole affair gave us such an opinion of Kamrasi as induced us to think it would have served him right had we joined Mtesa and given him a thrashing.

In this fix the twenty men came up with him, but not until they had had a scrimmage with the savages, had secured four, and taken the spear which had been thrown at them.

Baraka, hearing I had arrived, then came back to me, and confirmed Musa s words.


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On telling Rumanika this story next morning, he said, Many funny things happen in Karague and related some domestic incidents, concluding with the moral that Marriage in Karague was a mere matter of money.

This foxy speech was too transparent to require one moment s reflection.

Here, turning to me, he said, Bana, I love you, because you have come so far to see me, and have taught me so many things since you have been here.

Perhaps you don t know, but I expect men from Gani every day, who took a present of slaves, ivory and monkey skins to the foreigners residing there, who, in the first instance sent me a necklace of beads showing them by some men who wore clothes.

Then, as there was no help for it 3002 Online Exam Congow could not detain me when hungry he showed me a little boy, the only child he had, and said, with much fatherly pride, Both the king and queen have called on me to see this fine little fellow and we parted to meet again some other day.

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Guards also kept the doors, on which large bells were hung to give alarm, and officers in waiting watched the throne rooms.

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In reality, Chongi had invited Mahamed to fight against an enemy of his, in whose territories immense stores of ivory were said to be buried, and the people had an endless number of cattle for they lived by plunder, and had lifted most of old Chongi s and this was the service on which the expedition had set off.

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Chapter X Karague and Uganda Escape from Protectors Cross the Kitangule, the First Affluent of the Nile Enter Uddu Uganda A Rich Country Driving away the Devil A Conflict in the Camp A Pretending Prince Three Pages with a Diplomatic Message from the King of Uganda Crime in Uganda.

The king was very much disappointed at this announcement said they were his adopted children, and the only ones he could part with, for his own boys were mere balls of fat, and too small to leave home.

They have both their district and their village chiefs, but, in the countries we are about to travel over, no kings such as we shall find that the Wahuma have.

In two hours more we reached a settlement called Madi, and found it deserted.

This was all acquiesced in, and we wished to take his portrait, but he would not have it done on any consideration.

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These protracted caperings were to 3002 Testing be considered as their congratulation for my improvement in health for, until I got into my chair, they always thought I was going to die.

This little interruption over, the articles enumerated below FN 18 were conveyed to the palace in solemn procession thus With N yamgundu, Maula, the pages, and myself on the flanks, the Union Jack carried by the kirangozi guide led the way, followed by twelve men as a guard of honour, dressed in red flannel cloaks, and carrying their arms sloped, with fixed bayonets whilst in their rear were the rest of my men, each carrying some article as a present.

So pushing, floundering through plaintain and shrub, pell mell one upon the other, that the king s pace might not be checked, or any one come in for a royal kick or blow, they came upon the prostrate bird.

FN 21 Returning home, I found the men who had charge of the dead buck all in a state of excitement they no sooner removed his carcass, than two lions came out of the jungle and lapped his blood.

Wishing now to gain further intelligence of Grant, I ordered some of my men Avaya IP Office Platform Configuration and Maintenance 3002 to carry a letter to him but they all feared the Watuta meeting them on the way, and would not.

Even that was not enough we must show it to the mother and away we all rattled as fast as our legs could carry us.

Bombay, by my orders, issued from within, prepared for a visit to the king, to tell him all that had happened yesterday, and also to ascertain if the orders for sending my men on a plundering mission had really emanated from himself, when the bothering pages came again, bringing a gun and knife to be mended.

I complained that Bombay had been shown more respect than myself, obtaining an immediate admittance to the king s presence.

A great commotion ensued on board the slaver.

25th to 2d.

Then, to enhance all these pleasure, so different from our former experiences, we were treated like guests by the chief of the place, who, obeying the orders of his king, Rumanika, brought me presents, as soon as we arrived, of sheep, fowls, and sweet potatoes, and was very thankful for a few yards of red blanketing as a return, without begging for more.

He gave the following account of himself He used to trade in ivory, on account of some Arabs at Zanzibar.

Here is a pot of pombe I did not give you one yesterday.

Wishing to try my powers in magical arts, as I laughed at his church, he begged me to produce an everlasting spring of water by simply scratching the ground.

In this fearful fix I sent Baraka off with strict orders to bring Grant away at any price, except the threatened sacrifice of men, guns, and ammunition, which I would not listen to, as one more day s delay might end in further exactions at the same time, I cautioned him to save my property as far as he could, for it was to him that M yonga had formerly said that what I paid him should do for all.

More compliments went round, and then he asked if it was true we could open a man s skull, look at his brains, and close it up again also if it was true we sailed all round the world into regions where there was 3002 Guide no difference between night and day, and 3002 Certification Exam how, when he ploughed the seas in such enormous vessels as would carry at once 20,000 men, we could explain to the sailors what they ought to do for, although he had heard of these things, no one was able to explain them to him.

The only direction here necessary as regards pronunciation of native words refers to the u, which represents a sound corresponding to that of the oo in woo.

To day Viarungi, finding Rozaro s men had stolen thirty cows, twelve slaves, and a load of mbugu from the Waganda, laid hands on them himself for Rumanika, instead of giving them to King Mtesa.

He led me straight up to his home, a very nice place, in which he gave me a very large, clean, and comfortable hut had no end of plantains brought for me and my men and said, Now you have really entered the kingdom of Uganda, for the future you must buy no more food.

The king sent for us at noon but when we reached the palace we found he had started on a shooting tour so, to make the best of our time, we called again upon the queen for the same purpose as yesterday, as also to get my books of birds and animals, which, taken merely to look at for a day or so, had been kept for months.

I wished Bombay would go with him Kidgwiga at once to his king, to say I had hoped, when I sent Budja with Mabruki, in the first instance, conveying a friendly present from Mtesa, which was done at my instigation, and I found Kamrasi acknowledged it by a return present, that Avaya IP Office Platform Configuration and Maintenance 3002 there would be no more fighting between them.

Indeed, we ought all to have been happy together, for all my men were paid and rationed trebly far better than they would have been if they had been travelling with any one else but I had not paid all, as they thought, proportionably, and therefore there were constant heartburnings, with strikes and rows every day.

The brothers wives then wished to see me, and came before us, when I had to take off my hat and shoes as usual, my ready compliance inducing the princes to pass various compliments of my person and disposition.

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Then he rushes at me, takes both my hands shakes, shakes woh, woh then runs to his women, then to his men shakes them all, woh wohing, but yet not shaking or wohing half enough for his satisfaction, for he is mad with joy at his own exploit.

Suffice it now to say, after a long conversation, arguing all the pros and cons over, I settled I would write out all the articles of a treaty of peace, by which they should be liable to have all their property forfeited on the coast if they afterwards broke faith and I begged them to call the next day and sign it.

Baraka at last said, All right I am not afraid I will do as you desire.

A guineafowl was sent after dark for me to see, as a proof that the king was a sportsman complete.

Such was the case and by the time my men were all under arms, with their sword bayonets fixed, drawn up by my tent the veritable Tippler arrived but, not liking the look of such a formidable array as my men presented, he passed on a short way, and then sent back a deputation to make known his desire of calling on me, which was no sooner complied with than he came in person, attended by a body guard.

I, on the contrary, called up Kidgwiga.

Moreover, I want Mtesa to take their guns from them, and, without taking life, to transport them all to an island on the N yanza, where they can spend their days in growing plantains for it is such men who prevent our travelling in the country and visiting kings.

Proceeding through the semi desert rolling table land in one place occupied by men who build their villages in large open squares of flat topped mud huts, which, when I have occasion to refer to them in future, I shall call by their native name tembe we could see on the right hand the massive mountains overhanging the Mukondokua river, to the front the western chain of these hills, and to the left the high crabclaw shaped ridge, which, extending from the western chain, circles round conspicuously above the swelling knolls which lie between the two main rocky ridges.

It was one of many others which, like that of Urigi, drains the moisture of the overhanging hills, and gets drained into the Victoria N yanza through the Kitangule river.

It was no go, however.

By dint of hard perseverance we accomplished ten miles over the same downs of tall grass with occasional swamps.


The king them, in high good humour, said, You have called on me many times without broaching the subject of Usoga, and perhaps you may fancy we are not exerting ourselves in the matter but my army is only now returning from war meaning plundering in Unyoro , and I am collecting another one, which will open Usoga effectually.

There was deep Uganda policy in this it was for the purpose of treating Grant as a separate, independent person, and so obtaining a fresh hongo or tax.

My men then had their first dinner here, after which the hongo had to be paid.

It seemed quite a sin to touch them, they looked all so innocent but as the king wanted to try me again, I gave one a ball on the head which sent him under, never again to be seen, for on the 22nd, by which time I supposed he ought to have risen inflated with gases, the king sent out his men to look out for him but they returned to say, that whilst all the rest were in the old place, that one, in particular, could not be found.

It appears impossible to believe, judging from the physical appearance of the Wahuma, that they can be of any other race than the semiShem Hamitic of Ethiopia.

For her kind condescension in assuming plain raiment, everybody, of course, n yanzigged.

The reply was, that Kamrasi would arrange for our having a meeting with Budja alone if we wished it he did not fear my deserters siding with king Mtesa, but he detested the Waganda, and could not bear to see them in his country.

Rain now fell, and the king retired by one gate, whilst I was shown out of another, until the shower was over.

It has all the appearance of a mountain stream, subject to great periodical fluctuations.

He was alarmed, he confessed, when he heard we were coming to visit him, thinking we might prove some fearful monsters that were not quite human, but now he was delighted beyond all measure with what he saw of us.

This was Avaya IP Office Platform Configuration and Maintenance 3002 Certification Exam agreed to, and five cows were offered as a reward but as his men never came, mine had to do the job.

We then went into a discourse on astrology, when the intelligent Rumanika asked me if the same sun we saw one day appeared again, or whether 3002 Certification Exam fresh suns came every day, and whether or not the moon made different faces, to laugh at us mortals on earth.

In vain I tried to refuse them she had given more than enough for a keepsake before, and I was not hungry for property still I had to choose some, or I would give offence.

We therefore 3002 Practice Exam had to lay in rations for those days, and as no men could be found who would take service to Karague, we filled up our complement with men at exorbitant wages to carry our things on to Usui.

The court then broke up and we went home.

The most remote waters, or top head of the Nile, is the southern end of the lake, situated close on the third degree of south latitude, which gives to the Nile the surprising ACSS 3002 Certification Exam length, in direct measurement, rolling over thirtyfour degrees of latitude, of above 2300 miles, or more than oneeleventh of the circumference of our globe.

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The gum copal diggings here cease.

Hares, about half the size of English ones there are no rabbits are widely spread, but not numerous porcupines the same.

Then you will send me some from Gani brandy if you like it makes people sleep sound, and gives them strength.

Not heeding him, I walked up the hill, whilst the other rhinoceros, still trotting, suddenly turned round and came to drink within fifty yards of us, obstructing my path this was too much of a joke so, to save time, I gave him a bullet, and knocked him over.

In consequence of this, the women look after the household work such as brewing, cooking, grinding corn, making pottery and baskets, and taking care of the house and the children, besides helping the slaves whilst cultivating, or even tending the cattle sometimes.

He would not listen, professing humanity, whilst he meant plunder and I now found that he was determined 3002 Vce Software not to beat the drum until I had paid him some more, which he was to think over and settle next day.

then changing the word Anguja for Anguza, says to Ntalo I think you said your mother and father both died at Anguza, did you not N.

Then the thirty five drums all struck up together in very good harmony and when their deafening noise was over, a smaller band of hand drums and reed instruments was ordered in to amuse us.

I said I could not go so far in the sun I would wait till I received the promised palace near her.

Another mule died to day.

The mother also vanished, and I was led away to a hut outside, prepared for my night s residence.

Wind, however, failed him soon he knew his disadvantage, and tried to hide by plunging in the water, the worst policy he could have pursued, for the men from the bank above him soon covered him with bristling spears, and gained their victory.

The goggles created some mirth so did the scissors, as Bombay, to show their use, clipped his beard, and the lucifers were 3002 Exam Practice Pdf considered a wonder but the king scarcely moved or uttered any remarks till all was over, when, at the instigation of the courtiers, my chronometer was asked for and shown.

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