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N yamgundu told him I lived too far off, and 350-030 Vce Dumps wanted a palace.

They said they had an army of four hundred slaves armed with muskets ready to take the field at once to hunt down Manua Sera, who was cutting their caravan road to pieces, and had just seized, by their latest reports, a whole convoy of their ammunition.

The Wanyamuezi all inwardly loved him for his great generosity, and all alike thought him protected by a halo of charm power so effective against the arms of the Arabs that he could play with them just as he liked.

When I arrived at my hut I found a messenger sent by the queen, with a present of a goat, called fowls for Bana, my son, and a load of plantains, called potatoes, waiting for me so I gave the bearer fundo of mtende beads, and told again the reasons why I had not been able to call upon the queen, but I hoped to do so shortly, as the king CCIE Voice Written 350-030 Dumps had promised me a house near at hand.

I could now only suppose that this foolish and hasty determination of the Arabs, who, quite unprepared to carry out their wicked alliance to fight, still had set every one against their own interests as well as mine, had not reached Musa, so I made up my mind at once to return to Kaze, and settle all matters I had in my heart with himself and the Arabs in person.

We were scarcely inside our new dwelling when Kamrasi sent a cheer of two pots pombe, five fowls, and two bunches of plantains, hoping we were now satisfied with his favour but he damped the whole in a moment again, by asking for a many bladed knife which his officers had seen in Grant s possession.

He made apologies for not answering my gun, and tasted some spirits resembling toddy, which I had succeeded in distilling.

In the evening Kahala absconded with another little girl of the camp in an opposite direction from the one she took last time but as both of them wandered about not knowing where to go to, and as they omitted to take off all their finery, they were soon recognised as in some way connected with my party, taken up, and brought into camp, where they were well laughed at for their folly, and laughed in turn at the absurdity of their futile venture.

It was now obvious that, even supposing I succeeded in taking Kidgwiga to Gondokoro, he would not have a sufficient escort to come back with, unless, indeed, it happened that Englishmen might be there who might wish to carry out my investigations by penetrating to the Little Luta Nzige, and to pay a visit to Kamrasi.

Should this be the case, then, by building boats in 350-030 Madi above the cataracts, a vast region might be thrown open to the improving influences of navigation.

In two hours we reached the palace of Piejoko, a chief of some pretensions, and were summoned to stop and drink pombe.

From the site of Koki we saw the hills behind which, according to Bombay, Petherick was situated with his vessels and we also saw a nearer hill, behind which his advanced post of elephant hunters were waiting our arrival.

He then made friends with Mahamed, who promised to help him on to Faloro, and I gave Mahamed and his men three carbines as an honorarium.

She then rose and walked away, leaving me extremely disappointed that I could not make some more tangible arrangement with her such as, if my 350-030 Material Pdf men came and found the gate shut, what were they to do then there were forty five of them how much would she allow etc.

After a long and amusing conversation with Rumanika in the morning, I called on one of his sisters in law, married to an elder brother CCIE 350-030 who was born before Dagara ascended the throne.

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Mtesa now said, It is late, and time to break up what provisions would you wish to have I said, A little of everything, but no one thing constantly.

This was too much, so I stamped, and, pointing my finger, swore in every language I knew, that if they did not open the gate again, as they had shut it at once, and that, too, before my face, I would never leave the spot I stood upon alive.


It happened, however, that half the men of the country, either from fear or love, attached themselves to Rogero.

Early in the morning the king bade us come to him to say farewell.

I did not like the look 350-030 Preparation Materials of this, so ordered Bombay to resume his position of factotum, and count over the kit.

Our talk was agreeably interrupted by guns in the distance announcing Grant s arrival, and I took my leave to welcome my friend.

The officer s reply was, Suwarora would not show the white men any respect, because they were wizards would did not sleep in houses at night, but flew up to the tops of hills, and practised sorcery of every abominable kind.

His father, Fundi Kira, was a very rich man, and had buried vast stores of property, which no one knew of but Manua Sera, his heir.

Conclusion My journey down to Alexandria was not without adventure, and carried me through scenes which, in other circumstances, it might have been worth while to describe.

Lumeresi, on hearing this, first consulted me, saying his chief was displeased with him, accusing him of being too proud, in having at once two such distinguished guests, and meant by these acts only to humble him.

Then for a coat he had an Indian kizbow, and for trousers a yellow woollen doti whilst in his hand, in imitation of myself, he kept running his ramrod backwards and forwards through his fingers.

I had no opportunity of incurring this responsibility for while professing to prepare for the operation, the king went off it a fling.

He was alarmed, he confessed, when he heard we were coming to visit him, thinking we might prove some fearful monsters that were not quite human, but now he was delighted beyond all measure with what he saw of us.

I begged them strongly to listen to reason, and accept my advice as an old soldier, not to carry on their guerilla warfare in such a headlong hurry, else they would be led a dance by Manua Sera, as we had been by Tantia Topee in India.

The bridge was broken, as a matter of course and the logs which composed it, lying concealed beneath the water, were toed successively by the leading men, that those who followed should not be tripped up by them.

Whatever remained over was then divided by the boys, and the baskets taken to the cooks.

I therefore tendered him what might be called the ultimatum to this effect.

At present no notice would be taken of the murderers, as all the culprits would have fled far away in their fright to escape chastisement.

I felt that if I did not stand up for my social position at once, I should be treated with contempt during the remainder of my visit, and thus lose the vantage ground I had assumed of appearing rather as a prince than a trader, for the purpose of better gaining the confidence of the king.

Why does Kamrasi keep us here He thinks you are not so near, and men have gone to tell him.


He defended his overcautiousness when admitting us into Unyoro.

I then told him all my mishaps in Sorombo, as well as of the blue devil frights that had seized all my men.

Rising betimes in the morning, and starting with a good will, we soon reached the first settlements 350-030 Sample Questions of Mbuiga, from which could be seen a curious blue mountain, standing up like a giant overlooking all the rest of the hills.

No 350-030 Actual Questions house could be built without its necessary appendages for cleanliness no person, however poor, could expose his person and to disobey these laws was death.

Still it was a sight that attracted one to it for hours the roar of the waters, the thousands of passenger fish, leaping at the falls with all their might the Wasoga and Waganda fisherman coming out in boats and taking post on all the rocks with rod and hook, hippopotami and crocodiles lying sleepily on the water, the ferry at work above the falls, and cattle driven down to drink at the margin of the lake, made, in all, with the pretty nature of the country small hills, grassy topped, with trees in the folds, and gardens on the lower slopes as interesting a picture as one could wish to see.

Soon after, however, N yamgundu also returned to say the queen would not take the dose to day, but hoped I would administer it personally in the morning.

She was a beautiful woman, with gazelle eyes, oval face, high thin nose, and fine lips, and would have made a good match for Saim, who had a good deal of Arab blood in him, and was therefore, in my opinion, much of the same mixed Shem Hamitic breed.

Kitunzi called on me early, because he heard I was sick.

The hill tops in many places were breasted with dykes of pure white quartz, just as we had seen in Usui, only that here their direction tended more to the north.

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FN 2 They are well distributed all over these latitudes, but are not found anywhere in dense communities.

Bit by bit Rumanika became more interested in geography, and seemed highly ambitious of gaining a world wide reputation through the medium of my pen.

I declined to gratify it, taking my stand on my dignity there was no occasion for any distrust on such a trifling matter as that, for I was not a merchant who sought for gain, but had come, at great expense, to see the king of this region.

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What an honour We had come into the country drawn there by a combination of pride and avarice and now we were leaving it in hot haste under the guidance of an escort of officers, who were in reality appointed to watch us as dangerous wizards and objects of terror.

As we retired to the other visitors, the Kamraviona, in return for some courteous remarks of mine, said all the Waganda were immensely pleased with my having come to visit them and as he heard my country is governed by a woman, what would I say if he made the Waganda dethrone her, and create me king instead Without specially replying, I showed him a map, marking off the comparative sizes of British and Waganda possessions, and shut him up.

My companion unfortunately got fever here, and was prevented from going out, and I did little better for although I waded up to my middle every day, and wounded several blanc boc, I only bagged one, and should not have got even him, had it not happened that some lions in the night pulled him down close to our camp, and roared so violently that they told us the story.

Indeed, great king then you did not come to visit us, but to beg, eh You shall have nothing, positively nothing for we will not have it said the king did not come to see us, but to beg.

Comparative information assured me that there was as much water on the eastern side of the lake as there is on the western if anything, rather more.

Moving on the next morning over hill and dale, we came to the junction of two roads, where Irungu, with his drummers, fifers and amazon followers, took one way to Kufro, followed by the men carrying Suwarora s hongo, and we led off on the other, directed to the palace.

Before I could say anything, the king started up in his usual manner, inviting a select few to follow him to another court, when my medicine chest was inspected, and I was asked to operate for fistula on one of the royal executioners.

Such was the tenor of Bombay s report.

He, however, only laughed at my folly in proposing to go to a place of which all I heard was merely that every stranger who went there was killed.

Bombay then told me he had forgotten to do so before that when he was last at Kaze, Sheikh said told him he was sure we would succeed if both he and myself pulled together, although it was well known no one else of my party wished to go northwards.

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I might lose my head for presuming to offer them, and then there is no knowing what might happen afterwards.

Again they attacked Omwita the present Mombas , were repulsed, were lost sight of in 350-030 Latest Dumps the interior of the continent, and, STI-884 Test crossing the Nile close to its source, discovered the rich pasture lands of Unyoro, and founded the great kingdom of Kittara, where they lost their religion, forgot their Cisco 350-030 Dumps language, extracted their lower incisors like the natives, changed their national name to Wahuma, and no longer remembered the names of Hubshi or Galla though even the present reigning kings retain a singular traditional account of their having once been half white and half black, with hair on the white side straight, and on the black side frizzly.

They both knew Hindustani but while Rahan s services at sea had been short, Baraka had served nearly all his life with Englishmen was the smartest and most intelligent negro I ever saw was invaluable to Colonel Rigby as a detector of slave traders, and enjoyed his confidence completely so much so, that he said, on parting with him, that he did not know where he should be able to find another man to fill his post.


I said, if he did not, I should go off and so the conversation ended.

I called this lad to witness the agreement I had made with Budja, and told him, if Kasoro satisfied me, I would return by him, in addition to the heavy gun, a Massey s patent log.

The first day he only allowed you to sit on your stool to appease your wrath.


From this we proceeded to another court, where we sat in the shade together, when the women returned again, but were all dumb, because my interpreters dared not for their lives say anything, even on my account, to the king s women.

To obtain her hand he had given ten necklaces of MY beads to her mother, and had agreed to the condition that he should keep the girl during the journey and after it was over, and he took her home, he would, if his wife pleased him, give her mother ten necklaces more.

I sent Bombay off with a message to Kamrasi explaining everything, and begging for an early interview, as I had much of importance to communicate, and wished, of all things, to see the letter he had from Gani, as it must have come from our dear friends at home.

Angry at this attempt to desert them, they persuaded him to give up his journey north for the present so that at the time Bombay left, Musa was engaged as public auctioneer in selling the effects of Snay, Jafu, and others, but privately said he would follow me on to Karague as soon as his rice was cut.

He was reported to day, by the way, to be drunk.

This stick, she says, represents my stomach, which gives me much uneasiness this second stick my liver, which causes shooting pains all over my body and this third one my heart, for I get constant dreams at night about Sunna, my late husband, and they are not pleasant.

Mtesa then inquired what messages were brought from Rumanika to which Maula, delighted with the favour of speaking to royalty, replied by saying, Rumanika had gained intelligence of Englishmen coming up the Nile to Gani and Kidi.

I merely had asked him for a guide and interpreter, for go I must.

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Contorted green thorn trees, elephant foot stumps, and aloes, seem to thrive best here, by their very nature indicating what the country is, a poor stony land.

Further, we have had no food these four days, because row succeeds row.

Some of our men who had seen the Watuta in Utambara, declared these savages to resemble them in every particular, save one small specialty in their costume, alluded HP2-B92 Test Engine to in the description of the Zulu Kafir s dress.

The removal of the grass was a piece of state policy.

Ten days now had elapsed since we came here, still nothing was done 10th , as Karambule said, because 350-030 Exam Book Suwarora had been so fully occupied collecting an army to punish an officer who had refused to pay his taxes, had ignored his authority, and had set himself us as king of the district he was appointed to superintend.

I said that it was at my request that Mtesa sent Kamrasi a present and so now, if Kamrasi made friends with the Waganda, there would be no difficulty about the matter.

At an equal distance beyond it, another of the same size is known as Lungerengeri and a fourth river is the Wami, which mouths in the sea at Utondue, between the ports of Whindi and Saadami.

We had all now to hurry back to the carcass before the Wagogo could find it but though this precaution was quickly taken, still, before the tough skin of the beast 350-030 Questions could be cut through, the Wagogo began assembling like vultures, and fighting with my men.

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Determined to have her turn, she kept me waiting for a long time before she would show herself and at last, when she came, she flounced up to her curtain, lay down in a huff, and vented her wrath, holding her head very high, and wishing to know how I could expect officers, with large establishments, to be turned out of their homes merely to give me room for one night I ought to have been content with my fare it was no fault of Maula s.

Then he must know we are here He may not have seen the men we sent to him for unless he shows in public no one can see him.

Hearing this, Dr K yengo s men, who happened to be as well off here as anywhere, accepted the advice but Rumanika s men said, We are starving we have been here too long already doing nothing, and must go, let what will happen to us.

I offered my arm, showing her how to take it in European fashion, and we walked along to the surprise of everybody, as if we had been in Hyde Park rather than in Central Africa, flirting and coquetting all the way.

I said further, that should Mtesa act up to my desires, I would then know he was my friend, and other white men would not fear to enter Uganda but if he acted otherwise, they would fear lest he should imprison them, or seize their property of their men.

Such was the case, for they all tried their powers of persuasion, which failing, they took the alternative of making my men all drunk, and sending to camp sundry pots of pombe.

Nobody has been able to inform us how many generations old the Wahuma government of Unyoro is.

Still the whole of them united could not lift the iron, which induced them, considering there must be some magic in it, to inform the king.

When I told him that to purchase another would cost five hundred cows, the whole party were more confirmed than ever as to its magical powers for who in his sense would give five hundred cows for the mere gratification of seeing at what time his dinner should be eaten Thus ended the second meeting.

The Hottentots, too, began to fall sick, which my Wanguana laughingly attributed to want of grog to keep their spirits up, as HP0-J64 Questions And Answers these little creatures, the Tots, had frequently at Zanzibar, 000-850 Vce And Pdf after heavy potations, boasted to the more sober free men, that they were strong, because they could stand plenty drink.

These Wakungu, having only just then returned from plundering Unyoro, had never before seen their king in a chair, or anybody sitting, as I was, by his side and it being foreign to their notions, as well as, perhaps, unpleasant to their feelings, to find a stranger sitting higher than themselves, they complained against this outrage to custom, and induced the king to order my dethronement.

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The whole of them then, greatly alarmed, packed together and began sniffing the air with their uplifted trunks, till, ascertaining by the 350-030 Questions And Answers Pdf smell of the powder that their enemy was in front of them, they rolled up their trunks and came close to the spot where I was lying under a mound.

Nevertheless, wherever we went, all the villagers forsook their homes, and left their houses, property, and gardens an easy prey to the thieving propensities of the escort.

Much at the same time, Mr Petherick, an ivory merchant, who had spent many years on the Nile, arrived in England, and gratuitously offered, as it would not interfere with his trade, to place boats at Gondokoro, and send a party of men up the White River to collect ivory in the meanwhile, and eventually to assist me in coming down.

On inquiring how I could best deal with my difficult charge, I was told the Wahuma pride was so great, and their tempers so strong, they were more difficult to break in than a phunda, or donkey, though when once tamed, they became the best of wives.

To do this last act properly, I was to get ready whatever I wished to give him, whilst he would come and visit me with a bullock but I was to give him a royal salute, or the drums would not beat.

The rainy season being not far off, the villagers were busy in burning rubble and breaking their ground.

The unmannerly creature, standing among a thousand of the sleekest cattle, gruffishly replied, What can I know of any other animals than cows and went on with his work, as if nothing in the world could interest him but his cattle tending.

The battle lasted only two days, though the Masai brought a thousand spears against the Arabs cannon.

Early in the morning, as I expected, she demanded my immediate attendance and so the little diplomatic affair I had anticipated came on.

We could spear you all whilst you are loading be quick, be quick, I tell you.

But this view was only for the moment again we dived into Cisco 350-030 Dumps the grasses and forced our way along.

As no greetings were exchanged, and all at first remained as silent as death, I commenced, after asking about his health, by saying I had journeyed six long years by the African computation of five months in the year for the pleasure of this meeting, coming by Karague instead of by the Nile, because the Wanya Beri Bari people at Gondokoro had defeated the projects of all former attempts made by white men to reach Unyoro.

In fact, I found that, like the organ grinders in London, to get myself moved on I must make myself troublesome.

The purport of it was, that I was afraid to 350-030 Dump Test send men to Karague, now I had seen his disposition to make prisoners of all who visit him.

Thus died my first rhinoceros.

Monkeys of various kinds and squirrels harbour in the trees, but are rarely seen.

We put up in a boma, but were not long ensconced there when the villagers got up a pretext for a quarrel, thinking they could plunder us of all our goods, and began pitching into my men.

The Karuma Falls, if such they may be called, are a mere sluice or rush of water between high syenitic stones, falling in a long slope down a ten feet drop.

With the company squatting in large half circle or three sides of a square many deep before him, in the hollow of which are drummers and other musicians, the king, sitting on his throne in high dignity, issues his orders for the day much to the following effect Cattle, women, and children are short in Uganda an army must be formed of one to two thousand strong, to plunder Unyoro.

At the first onset Snay and Jafu carried everything before them, and became so excited over the amount of their loot that they lost all feelings of care or precaution.

We resolved to try the influence of such a toy on king Mtesa, and brought with us, in addition, a mask and some pictures.

I called on the king in the afternoon, and found the pages had already issued plantains for my men and pombe for myself.

I now succeeded in getting Lumeresi to send his Wanyapara to go and Cisco 350-030 threaten M yonga, that if he did not release Grant at once, we would combine to force him to do so.

To compensate for damage done to himself, as his daughter by this means had become reduced to half her market value, Lumeresi seized all the cattle this man had brought with him.

To this the sages said, Bana speaks beautifully, feelingly, and moderately.

This Baker at once undertook, though he said he did not want my property and I drew out suggestions for him how to proceed.

In reply, I said I would not listen to them, as I had seen enough of them to know it was no use speaking to a pack of unreasonable cowards, having tried it so often before but I sent a message requesting them, if they did desert me at last, to leave my guns and, further, added an intimation that, as soon as they reached the coast, they would be put into prison for three years.

All my men were surprised as well as myself and the villagers who were escorting me in the hope of getting flesh, were so annoyed at their disappointment, they offered to cut my fore finger with a spear and spit on it for good luck.

He was delighted to see us and, in anticipation of our arrival, had prepared rooms for our reception, that both Captain Grant and myself might enjoy his hospitality until arrangements could be made for our final start into the interior.

I would not accept the lie, saying, How can my children at Gani detain my messengers, when they have received strict orders from me by letter to send an answer quickly It was all Kamrasi s doing, for he had either hidden Bombay, or ordered his 350-030 Dumps officers to take him slowly, as he did us, stopping four days at each stage.

From this, we repaired to the great throne hut, where all his Wakungu at once formed court, and business was commenced.

All Mohinna s pagazis bolted, and his merchandise fell into the hands of the Wagogo.

But if the king would clothe my naked men with one mbugu bark cloth each, and give a small tusk each to nine Wanyamuezi porters, who desired to return to their home, the obligation would be great.

A little later in the day, as soon as we had done breakfast, both Rumanika and Nnanaji came over to pay us a visit for they thought, as we could find our way all over the world, so we should not find much difficulty in prescribing some magic charms to kill his brother, Rogero, who lived 350-030 Dumps on a hill overlooking the Kitangule.

The boys replied, How can you go with his women No one ever is permitted to see them.

Taking the negroes as a whole, one does not find very marked or much difference in them.

We did not think our reception hut by the river sufficiently dignified, and our residence here was altogether like that of prisoners seeing no one, knowing no one.

On these occasions the chief who always drank freely, and more than any other heading the public gatherings of men and women, saw the large earthen pots placed all in a row, and the company taking long draughts from bowls made of plaited straw, laughing as they drank, until, halfscrewed, they would begin bawling and shouting.

Their country rises in high rolls, increasing in altitude as it approaches the Mountains of the Moon, and is generally well cultivated, being subjected to more of the periodical rains than the regions we have left, though springs are not so abundant, I believe, as they are in the Land of the Moon, where they ooze out by the flanks of the little granitic hills.

Rather staggered at this unexpected manifestation of affection, which was like a conjunction of the two hemispheres, I gave him a squeeze in return for his hug, but raised my head above the reach of his lips, and asked who was his master Petrik, was the reply.

After fording the stream, we sat down to rest, and were visited by all the inhabitants, who were more naked than any people 350-030 Practise Questions we had yet seen.

But when the queen saw what I had done, she gave me the other as well, saying the little one was too young to go alone, and, if separated, she would take fright and run away.

To its right there is a hut, with a woman sitting inside the portal, and many goats are feeding all about the palace, just as large and distinct as if I was close by them.

The gruff hippopotamus is as widespread as any, being found wherever there is water to float him whilst the shy giraffe and zebra affect all open forests and plains where the grass is not too long and antelopes, of great variety in species and habits, are found wherever man will let them alone and they can find water.

9 20 48 , E.

It was larger than the Katonga, and more tedious to cross, for it took no less than four hours mosquitoes in myriads biting our bare backs and legs all the while.

The meeting then broke up in the same chilling manner as it began, and we returned as we came, but no sooner reached home than four pots of pombe were sent us, with a hope that we had arrived all safely.

After entering his palace, I immediately called on him to thank him for the great treat he had given me, and presented him, as an earnest of what I thought, with 350-030 Exam Guide Pdf the Colt s revolving rifle and a fair allowance of ammunition.

If you give such a message as that, I said, you will tell a falsehood.

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