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After tracking through several miles of low bush jungle, we came to the sites of some old bomas that had been destroyed by the Watuta not long since.

His children all said the same and as I thought Grant would only be worsted if I did not keep friends with the scoundrel, I gave four yards more merikani, and then went on my way.

Hembe, who lives in the centre of an almost impenetrable thicket, confessed that he was the murderer, but said the fault did not rest with him, as he merely carried out the instructions of his father, Mzungera, who, a Diwan on the coast, sent him a letter directing his actions.

He had received 70-461 Certification Exam my present of beads from Baraka, and, in addition, took Uledi s sword, saying, If you do not wish to part with it, you must remain a prisoner in my country all your life, for you have not paid your footing.

It was the first and last time I had ever occasion to lose my dignity by striking a blow with my own hands but I could not help it on this occasion without losing command and respect for although I often had occasion to award 100 and even 150 lashes to my men for stealing, I could not, for the sake of due subordination, allow any inferior officer to strike Bombay, and therefore had to do the work myself.

I bullied Kamrasi by telling him we must go with this moon, for the benefit of its light whilst crossing the Kidi wilderness as if we did not reach the vessels in time for seasonable departure down the Nile, we should have to wait another year for their return from 70-461 Vce Software Khartum.

The king sent a messenger boy to inform us that he had just heard from Unyoro that the white men were still at Gani 70-461 Certification Material inquiring after us but nothing was said of Budja s defeat.

The first day he only allowed you to sit on your stool to appease your wrath.

Coffee was conveyed to the capital by the Wiru, also mbugu bark cloaks , from an inexhaustible fig tree in short, the lands of the Wiru were famous for their rich productions.

This promise might probably be fulfilled six blessed hours from the time when it was made but I thought to myself, every place in Uganda is alike when there is no company at home, and so I resolved to sit the time out, like Patience on a monument, hoping something funny might turn up after all.

In very early times dissensions amongst the royal family, probably contending for the crown, such as we presume must have occurred in Abyssinia, separated the parent stock, and drove the weaker to find refuge in Nkole, where a second and independent government of Wahuma was established.

The medicines, four varieties, were weighed out into ten doses each, and their uses and effects explained.

The same evening I made up my mind, if possible, to purchase a stock of beads from the Arabs, and sent Baraka off to Kufro, to see what kind of a bargain he could make with them for, whilst I trembled to think what those blood suckers would have the impudence to demand when they found me at their mercy, I felt that the beads must be bought, or the expedition would certainly come to grief.

We now mustered twenty Wanguana, twenty five country porters, and thirty one of Kidgwiga s children making a total, with ourselves, of seventy eight souls.

I said further, that should Mtesa act up to my desires, I would then know he was my friend, and other white men would not fear to enter Uganda but if he acted otherwise, they would fear lest he should imprison them, or seize their property of their men.

Our talk was agreeably interrupted by guns in the distance announcing Grant s arrival, and I took my leave to welcome my friend.

Then in came their children, all models of the Abyssinian type of beauty, and as polite in their manners as thorough bred gentlemen.

Under U Sagara, or, as it might be interpreted, U sa Gara country of Gara is included all the country lying between the bifurcation of the Kingani and Mgeta rivers east, and Ugogo, the first country on the interior plateau west, a distance of a hundred miles.

From what has been said regarding the condition of the atmosphere, it may readily be imagined that Africa, in those parts, after all, is not so bad as people supposed it was for, when so much moisture CP0-150 Exam Preparation falls under a vertical sun, all vegetable life must grow up almost spontaneously.

I offered a knife instead, but this he would not have, because the lucifers would be so valuable for his magical observances.

In the evening Virembo and Karambule came to receive the hongo for their chief, demanding 60 wires, 160 yards merikani, 300 strings of mzizima, and 5000 Microsoft 70-461 Book strings of white beads but they allowed themselves to be beaten down to 50 wires, 20 pretty cloths, 100 strings mzizima, and 4000 kutuamnazi, or cocoa nutleaf coloured beads, my white being all done.

He then inquired if I would like to go shooting I said, Yes, if he would accompany me not otherwise.

Could I after that refuse him such a mere trifle as a compass I told him he might as well put my eyes out and ask me to walk home, as take away that little instrument, which could be of no use to him, as he could not read or understand it.

On his right hand the pages sat waiting for orders, while on his left there was a small squatting cluster of women, headed by Wichwezis, or attendant sorceresses, offering pombe.


These were the people who, drunk as fifers, were keeping up such a continual row to frighten the devil away.

During the whole of the two years warfare the loss was only three men on each side.

I mourned, however, when I thought how much I had lost by the delays in the journey having deprived me of the pleasure of going to look at the north 70-461 Exam Questions With Answers east corner of the N yanza to see what connection there was, by the strait so often spoken of, with it and the other lake where the Waganda went to get their salt, and from which another river flowed to the north, making Usoga an island.

The Wanyoro, who are as squalid looking as the Wanyamuezi, and almost as badly dressed, now came about us to hawk ivory ornaments, brass and copper twisted wristlets, tobacco, and salt, which they exchanged for cowries, with which 70-461 Exam Topics they purchase cows from the Waganda.

On the summit of this hill the king instructed his brothers on the extent of his dominions 70-461 Book and as I asked where Lubari or God resides, he pointed to the skies.

About a year ago, as he was making his way down to the coast with his ivory merchandise, on arrival at Khoko, and before his camp was fortified with a ringfence of thorns, some of his men went to drink at a well, where they no sooner arrived than the natives began to bean them with sticks, claiming the well as their property.

A noble buck nsunnu, standing by himself, was the first thing seen on this side, though a herd of hertebeests were grazing on the Usoga banks.

18th and 19th.

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The last of our property did not come up till the 5th, when another thief being caught, got fifty lashes, under the superintendence of Baraka, to show that punishment was only inflicted to prevent further crime.

Ah ah ah And all the men of the camp laugh together at the wretched Ntalo s defeat but Ntalo won t be done, so retorts by saying, Sangizo, you may laugh at me because I am an orphan, but what are you you are a savage a Mshezi you come from the Mashenzi, and you wear skins, not cloths, as men do so hold your impudent tongue and the camp pealed with merry boisterous laughter again.

No one, however, could account for this singular fact.

In its northern extremities it is known by the appellation U sukuma country north and in the southern, U takama country south.

He squared again I gave him another till at last, as the claret was flowing, he sulked off, and said he would not serve me any more.

This was a fearful drain on my store but the Pig, seeing my concern, merely laughed at it, and said, Oh, these savage chiefs are all alike here you will have one of these taxes to pay every stage to Uyofu, and then the heavy work will begin for all these men, although they assume the dignity of chief to themselves, are mere officers, who have to pay tribute to Suwarora, and he would be angry if they were shortcoming.

I did not tell you before, but the king says, How can I answer Rumanika if Kamrasi injures Bana Had I known Kamrasi was such a savage, I would not have let Bana go there and I should now have sent a forge to take him away, only that some accident might arise from it by Kamrasi s taking fright the road even to Gani shall be got by force if necessary.

On one occasion they sent up a necklace of beads to Kamrasi, and he, in return, gave them a number of women and tusks.

Here I heard, in an adjoining court, the boisterous, explosive laughs of both mother and son royal shouts loud enough to be heard a mile off, and inform the community that their sovereigns were pleased to indulge in hilarity.

An inspection brought me to the conclusion that no mind but one prone to discovering sea beaches in the most unlikely places could have supposed for a moment that one existed here.

To morrow, he added, some more Gani people would arrive here, when we should know more about it.

Then go you to the palace, and leave me to go to Urondogani to morrow, after I have taken a latitude but the wilful creature would not go until he saw me under way.

The river still continued beautiful but after paddling three hours we found it bend considerably, and narrow to two hundred yards, the average depth being from two to three fathoms.

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The next day, when I called on Rumanika, the spoils were brought into court, and in utter astonishment he said, Well, this must have been done with something more potent than powder, for neither the Arabs nor Nnanaji, although they talk of their shooting powers, could have accomplished such a great feat as this.

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I advanced, hat in hand, with my guard of honour following, formed in open ranks, who in their 70-461 Book Holy Nativity Lutheran Church turn were followed by the bearers carrying the present.

Chapter XVIII Unyoro Continued The Ceremonies of the New Moon Kamrasi s Rule and Discipline An Embassy from Uganda, and its Results The Rebellious BrothersAn African Sorcerer and his Incantations The Kamraviona of Unyoro Burial Customs Ethiopian Legends Complicated Diplomacy for our Detention Proposal to send Princes to England We get away.

Usually these men despise clothes, and never deign to put any covering on except out of respect, when visiting Kamrasi.

Junior members of the royal family then, pushing their fortunes, dismembered themselves from the parent stock, created separate governments, and, for reasons which cannot be traced, changed their names.

What provision do you want I said, Five cows and five goats, as we shan t be long in Uganda and it is not the custom of our country, when we go visiting, to carry anything away with us.

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Maula, all smirks and smiles, on seeing me order the things out for the march, begged I would have patience, and wait till the messenger returned from the king it would not take more than ten days at the most.

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What had really happened I knew not, and was puzzled to think.

The life of the sailor is most particularly attractive to the freed slave for he thinks, in his conceit, that he is on an equality with all men when once on the musterrolls, and then he calls all his fellow Africans savages.

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I then tried to teach the king the use of the compass.

This induced the king to say before them, laughing, Bana, you see, is not to be done he is accustomed to sit before kings, and sit he will.

At last the tax having been settled by the payment of one dubani, two barsati, one sahari, six yards merikani, and three yards kiniki not, however, until I had our tents struck, and threatened to march away if the chief would not take it , I proposed going on with the journey, for our provisions were stored.

There are others of minor importance, and one within ear sound, down Microsoft 70-461 Book the river, said to be very grand.

At Rumanika s request I then gave Mtesa s pages some ammunition to hurry on with to the great king of Uganda, as his majesty had ordered them to bring him, Microsoft 70-461 Book as quickly as possible, some strengthening powder, and also some powder for his gun.

Deluded yesterday by the sight of the broad waters of the Lueru lo Urigi, espied in the distance from the top of a hill, into the belief that we were in view of the N yanza itself, we walked triumphantly along, thinking how well the Arabs at Kaze had described this to be a creek of the great lake but on arrival in camp we heard from the village officer that we had been misinformed, and that it was a detached lake, but connected with the Victoria N yanza by a passage in the hills and the Kitangule river.

I told her I would give her some strengthening medicine in the morning for the present, however, I would take my leave, as the day was far gone, and the distance home very great but though I dragged my body away, my heart would still remain here, for I loved her much.

My men were occupied making trousers for the king all day whilst the pages, and those sent to learn the art of tailoring, instead of doing their duty, kept continually begging for something to present the king.

A cow skin, stretched out and fastened to the roof, acted as a canopy to prevent dust falling, and a curtain of mbugu concealed the lower parts of the hut, in front of which, on both sides of the king, sat about a dozen head men.

The Wanyamuezi all inwardly loved him for his great generosity, and HP2-B112 New Questions all alike thought him protected by a halo of charm power so effective against the arms of the Arabs that he could play with them just as he liked.

Poor little Lugoi joined in the repast, and said he longed to return to my hut, for he was half starved here, and no one took any notice of him but he was destined to be a royal page, for the king would not part with him.

Thus it is proved that the plot against Maizan was concocted on the coast by the Arab merchants most likely from the same motive which has induced one rival merchant to kill another as the best means of checking rivalry or competition.

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It had never before been occupied by any visitors excepting Wahinda ambassadors and being near, and in full view of the palace, was pleasant and advantageous, as I could both hear the constant music, and see the throngs of people ever wending their way to and from the royal abodes.

In the meanwhile I prepared to call on him.

It was all very pretty and very interesting, and would have continued so, had not Kasoro disgraced the Union Jack, turning it to piratical purposes in less than one hour.

She said they ISEB-SWT2 Dumps Pdf did her no good, and prevailed on me to give her another prescription.

Here I was also brought to a standstill, for N yamgundu said I must wait for leave to approach the palace.

Viarungi made a petition, on Rumanika s behalf, for an army of Waganda to go to Karague, and fight the refractory brother, Rogero but this was refused, on the plea that the whole army was out fighting at the present moment.

The bearer of the letter was at once to go and search for porters at Rungua, but not a word was said about the armed men I had ordered.


They feared, they said, to speak on such subjects whilst the women were present.

Till now, owing to the strict laws of the country, I had not been able to call upon anybody but the king himself.

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On being asked how many sisters the queen had, for we could not help suspecting some imposition, she replied she was the only one, till assured ten other ladies had presented themselves as the queen s sisters before, when she changed her tone, and said, That is true, I am not the only one but if I had told you the truth I might have lost my head.

I shot another buck in the evening, as the Waganda love 70-461 Braindump Pdf their skins, and also a load of guinea fowl three, four, and five at a shot as Kasoro and his boys prefer them to anything.

The boys then told me that a merchant, nickname Msopora, had left the boxes in Ugogo, in charge of some of those Arabs who were detained there, whilst he went rapidly round by the south, following up the Ruaha river to Usanga and Usenga, whence he struck across to Kaze.

An Italian, named Miani, had gone farther up the Nile than any one else and he, it now transpired, was the man who had cut his name on the tree by Apuddo.

Cattle were numerous, kept by the Wahuma, who could not sell their milk to us because we ate fowls and a bean called maharague.

They are extremely fond of ornaments, the most common of which is an ugly tube of the gourd thrust through the lower lobe of the ear.

I shot a florikan for the pot and as I had never before seen white rhinoceros, killed one now though, as no one would eat him, I felt sorry rather than otherwise for what I had done.

Delighted with this unexpected prize, he immediately shot fifteen birds flying, and ordered the men to acquaint me with his prowess.

Hoping to keep the king to his promise, I went to the palace early, but found he had already gone to see his brothers, so followed him down, and found him engaged playing on a harmonicon with them.

As well as I could I reassured the villagers, and brought them back again, when they said to me, Oh, what have you done We were so happy yesterday when we found out who you were, but now we see you have brought those men, all our hearts have sunk again for they beat us, they make us carry their loads, and they rob us in such a manner, we know not what to do.


We started, leaving all the traps and men to follow, and made this place in a stride, as a whisper warned me that Kamrasi s officers, who are as thick as thieves about here, had made up their minds to keep us each one day at his abode, and show us hospitality.

We were still in great want of men but rather than stop a day, as all delays only lead to more difficulties, I pushed on to Magomba s palace with the assistance of some Wagogo carrying our baggage, each taking one cloth as his hire.

The Wakungu were astonished, and the women prattled in great delight whilst the king, hardly able to control himself, sidled and spoke to his flatterers as if he were doubly created monarch of all he surveyed.

Then, as soon as they left, I made Musa order some of his men off to Rungua, requesting the chief of the place to send porters to Mininga to remove all our baggage over to his palace at the same time I begged him not to fear the Watuta s threat to attack him, as Musa would come as soon as the treaty was concluded, HP0-081 Self Study in company with me, to build a boma alongside his palace, as he did in former years, to be nearer his trade with Karague.

Grant here shot a rhinoceros, which came well into play to mix with the day s flour we had carried on from Vihembe.

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Then, breaking up the court, he retired with a select party of Wakungu, headed by the Kamraviona, and opened a conversation on the subject which is ever uppermost with the king and his courtiers.

Some of N yamyonjo s men, seeing mine armed with carbines, became very inquisitive about them, and asked if they were the instruments which shot at their men on the Nile one in the arm, who died the other on the top of the shoulder, who was recovering.

He did not want property, he said, but he could not bear that the strangers had lived with his mtoto, or child, which Ruhe was, and yet would not live with him.

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In consequence of these salutations, there is more ceremony in court than business, though the king, ever having an eye to his treasury, continually finds some trifling fault, condemns the head of the culprit, takes his liquidation present, if he has anything to pay, and thus keeps up his revenue.

Both night and morning the Turks beat their drums and whenever they stopped to eat they sacked the villages.

The king, a good looking, well figured, tall young man of twenty five, was sitting on a red blanket spread upon a square platform of royal grass, encased in tiger grass reeds, scrupulously well dressed in a new mbugu.


I called this lad to witness the agreement I had made with Budja, and told him, if Kasoro satisfied me, I would return by him, in addition to the heavy gun, a Massey s patent log.

He took the affair very seriously, delivering himself to the following purport Well, then, my days are numbered for if I refuse compliance I shall lose my head and if I attempt to pass Kamrasi s, which is on the river, I shall lose my life for 920-246 Test I am a marked man there, having once led an army past his palace and back again.

Two men having married one woman, laid claim to her child, which, as it was 70-461 Test Answers a male one, belonged to the father.

I now proposed to send Baraka, who, ashamed to cry off, said he would go with Rumanika s officers if I allowed him a companion of his own choosing, who would take care of him if he got sick on the way, otherwise he should be afraid they would leave him to die, like a dog, in the jungles.

Now, this may all seem a very strange story to those who do not know the negro s and Arab s modes of expression but to me it at once came very natural, and, according to my view, could be interpreted thus The river, running from east to west, according to the native mode of expressing direction, could be nothing but the Little Luta Nzige running the opposite way, according to fact and our mode of expression.

I called on the king in the afternoon, and found the pages had already issued plantains for my men and pombe for myself.

Both Rumanika s men and those belonging to Dr K yengo asked Kamrasi s leave to return to their homes, but were refused, because the road was unsafe.

Maula told us that his officers had orders to supply us with everything we wanted whilst passing through his country, and that there would be nothing to pay.

I went as requested, and found the king sitting outside the palace on my chair dressed in cloths, with my silk neckerchief and crest ring, playing his flute in concert with his brothers, some thirty odd young men and boys, one half of them manacled, the other half free, with an officer watching over them to see that they committed no intrigues.


The left one was low and swampy, whilst the right one in which the Kidi people and Wanyoro occasionally hunt rose from the water in a gently sloping bank, covered with trees and beautiful convolvuli, which hung in festoons.

Provisions here 70-461 Exam Practice Pdf were abundant hawked about by the people, who wore a very neat skin kilt strapped round the waist, but otherwise were decorated like the Wanyamuezi.

Seeing this, the pagazis cried out with one accord The master is gone, leaving the responsibility of his property in our hands let us follow, let us follow, for verily he is our father and all came hurrying after us.

Wishing to have a talk with him about Petherick and Grant, I at once started off the Wakungu to thank him for the present, and to beg pardon for my apparent rudeness of yesterday, at the same time requesting I might have an early interview with his majesty, as I had much of importance to communicate but the solemn court formalities which these African kings affect as much as Oriental emperors, precluded my message from reaching the king.

An earnest request was at the same time made that I would not bully him in the mean time with any more applications to depart.

What said the king, turning to his pages again, have you given these men no plantains, 70-461 Book as I ordered Go and fetch them this moment, and pombe too, for Bana.

A few of them were old women, but all the rest children.

Kamrasi said he must have it, for, besides it, the gun was the only thing new to him.

Such, I must inform her, 70-461 Book was not my case.

Maula here had the coolness to tell me he must inspect all the things I had brought for presentation to the king, as he said it was the custom after which he would hurry on and inform his majesty.

Plantaingardens were frequently met, and the people seemed very hospitably inclined, though they complained sadly of the pages rudely rushing into every hut, seizing everything they could lay their hands on, and even eating the food which they had just prepared for their own dinners, saying, in a mournful manner, If it were not out of respect for you we should fight those little rascals, for it is not the king s guest nor his men who do us injury, but the king s own servants, without leave or licence.

Arrived at the hut, the king took off his turban as I took off my hat, and seated himself on my stool whilst the Kamraviona, with much difficulty, was induced to sit upon a cowskin, and the women at first were ordered to squat outside.

He dared not part with the guns, because he knew it was against my principle, and therefore deferred the answer until he heard from me, although all his already collected porters were getting fidgety, and two had bolted.

I would not accept the lie, saying, How can my children at Gani detain my messengers, when they have received strict orders from me by letter to send an answer quickly It was all Kamrasi s doing, for he had either hidden Bombay, or ordered his officers to take him slowly, as he did us, stopping four days at each stage.

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