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This was a true anticipation for, on the 31st, Mahamed came in with his triumphant army laden with ivory, and driving in five slave girls and thirty head of cattle.

Both her upper and lower incisors had been extracted, and her upper lip perforated by a number of small holes, extending in an arch from one corner to the other.

He sent four loads of dried fish, with a request for my book of birds again, as it contains a portrait of king Mtesa, and proposed seeing us at the newly constructed Kafu palace to morrow, when all requests would be attended to.

This we heard was a privilege that Uganda Wakungu enjoyed both at home and abroad, although in all other countries the sound of the drum is considered a notice of war, unless where it happens to accompany a dance or festival.

Of course, is the reply excellent I won t use a mbugu napkin any more, but have one of these placed on my cup when it is brought to drink, and wipe my mouth with it afterwards.

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After all the explanations were given, he promised me a boat hunt after the nzoe in the morning but when the time came, as difficulties were raised, I asked him to allow us to anticipate the arrival of Kachuchu, and march on to Kitangule.

In this territory there are small villages only at every fifth mile, for there is no road, and the lands run 70-697 high again, whilst, from want of a guide, we often lost the track.

He had no objection, and opened conversation by asking who it was that gave me such offence in taking my guard from me to seize his Wakungu.

Upon this the two great children began collecting wire and quarrelling until the sun went down, and I went home.

A basket of fruit, like Indian loquots, was then ordered in, and we ate them together, holding a discussion about Grant and Petherick, which ended by the king promising to send an officer by water to Kitangule, and another with two of my men, via Usoga and Kidi, to Gani but as it was necessary my men should go in disguise, I asked the king to send me four mbugu and two spears when, with the liberality of a great king, he sent me twenty sheets of the former, four spears, and a load of sun dried fish strung on a stick in shape of a shield.


The land beyond that again rolled back in high undulations, over which, in the far distance, we could see a line of cones, red and bare on their tops, guttered down with white streaks, looking for all the world like recent volcanoes and in the far background, rising higher than all, were the rich grassy hills of Karague and Kishakka.

The vessel was well stored with provisions and medicines but there was scarcely enough room in her, though she was said to be only half freighted, for the 544 creatures they were transporting.

We hoped at starting to reach the palace, but found we must stop here until the king should send for us.

We then began to talk in a general way about Suwarora and Rumanika, as well as the road through Unyamuezi, which we hoped would soon cease to exist, and be superseded by one through Unyoro.

Early in the morning, as Budja 70-697 Test Exam drummed the home march, I called him up, gave him a glass rain gauge as a letter for Mtesa, and instructed him to say I would send a man to Mtesa as soon as I had seen Kamrasi about opening the road that I trusted he would take all the guns from the deserters and keep them for me, but the men themselves I wished transported to an island on the N yanza, for I could never allow such scoundrels again to enter my camp.

The king then sat on his iron chair, and I on a wooden box which I had contrived to stuff with the royal grass he gave me, and so made a complete miniature imitation of his throne.

Bombay said his arguments were, that Bana knew better than anybody else what he was about, and he would follow him, trusting to luck, as God was the disposer of all things, and men could die but once.

At the earliest possible hour in the morning the king sent begging for things one hundred times refused, supposing, apparently, that I had some little reserve store which I wished to conceal from him.

Our boats were then lowered, and in a few minutes more the prize was taken, by her crew being exchanged for some of our men, and we learnt all about her from accurate reports furnished by Mr Frere, the Cape Slave Commissioner.

The reply was, that if Bombay did not return within four days, Kamrasi would send other men after him on the fifth day and, in the meantime, he sent one pot of pombe as a token of his kind regard.

To this provocation Baraka mildly made the retort, Pray don t put yourself in a 70-697 Certification Answers passion, nobody is hurting you, it is all in your own heart, which is full of suspicions and jealousy without the slightest cause.

The Wahaiya have paid no tribute to his greatness lately and must be taxed.


A large standing screen, of fine straw Configuring Windows Devices 70-697 plait work, in elegant devices, partitioned off one part of the room and on the opposite side, as mere ornaments, were placed a number of brass grapnels and small models of cows, made in iron for his amusement by the Arabs at Kufro.

Discovering that the culprit was a queen s man, and that the affair would cause bad blood at court should the king order the man s life to be taken, I tried to do so, but things had gone too far.

These Men of the Moon are hereditarily the greatest traders in Africa, and are the only people who, for love of barter and change, will leave their own country as porters and go to the coast, and they do so with as much zest as our countryfolk go to a fair.

He then inquired if I would like to go shooting I said, Yes, if he would accompany me not otherwise.

On hearing the king s order that I was to be supplied with fish, the fishermen ran away, and pombe was no longer brewed for fear MCSA: Windows 10 70-697 of Kasoro.

At all events, if there were any further impediments, he himself would go over there with a force and release Grant.

Such is the nature of the country all the way to Urondogani, except in some favoured spots, kept as tidily as in any part of Uganda, where plantains grow Configuring Windows Devices 70-697 in the utmost luxuriance.

On my return I met a page sent to invite me to the palace.

On merchandise brought into the country by traders, he has a general right to make any exactions he thinks he has the power of enforcing, without any regard to justice or a regulated tariff.

The drums as yet had not beaten, for Makaka said he would not be satisfied until we had exchanged presents, to prove that we were the best of friends.

The Hottentots now arrived, with many more of my men, who, seeing their old flames, Snay s women, sold off by auction, begged me to advance them money to purchase them with, for they could not bear to 1Z1-023 Test see these women, who were their own when they formerly stayed here, go off like cattle no one knew where.

Skirting along the margin of the rising ground overlooking the river, through thick woods, cleared in places for cultivation, we arrived at Thumba Lhere.

In the morning, before I had time to write letters, the king invited me to join him at some new tank he was making between his palace and the residence of his brothers.

I have got no orders to enter into black men s quarrels, and my mother the Queen , whom I see every night in my sleep calling me home, would be very angry if she heard of it.

Each day, while we resided here, cries were raised by the villagers that the Wahumba were coming, and then all the cattle out in the plains, both far and near, were driven into the village for protection.

It was agreed to, and all seemed well for there was much left to be done in Uganda and Usoga, if we could only make sure of communicating once with Petherick.

Another caravan then arrived 31st from Karague, in which I found an old friend, of half Arab breed, called Saim, who whilst I was residing with Sheikh Snay at Kaze on my former expedition, taught me the way to make plantain wine.

The father of the house, surprised at our unexpected manner of entrance imagining, 70-697 Exam Dump probably, we were the king s sorcerers, in consequence of our hats, sent to fight the brothers without saying a word, quietly beckoned us to follow him out of the gate by the same way as we came.

We started all together on our respective journeys but, after the third mile, Grant turned west, to join the highroad to Kamrasi s, whilst I went east for Urondogani, crossing the Luajerri, a huge rush drain three miles broad, fordable nearly to the right bank, where we had to ferry in boats, and the cows to be swum MCSA: Windows 10 70-697 over with men holding on to their tails.

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This I promised to give when Grant arrived, for his good nature in sending so many officers to fetch him.

On inquiry, however, I heard she was being taken to the hut of her espoused, where, bundling fashion, she would be put in bed but it was only with virgins they took so much trouble.

I, on the contrary, called up Kidgwiga.

I told her I had visited all the four quarters of the globe, and had seen all colours of people, but wondered where she got her pipe from, for it was much after the Rumish Turkish fashion, with a long stick.

He was shy at first, and all the people laughed at my handling royalty like a schoolboy but he soon took to it very good naturedly, when I gave him my silk necktie and gold crest ring, explaining their value, which he could not comprehend, and telling him we gentlemen prided ourselves on never wearing brass or copper.


Her majesty fat, fair, and forty five was sitting, plainly garbed in mbugu, upon a carpet spread upon the ground within a curtain of mbugu, her elbow resting on a pillow of the same bark material the only ornaments on her person being an abrus necklace, and a piece of mbugu tied round her head, whilst a folding looking glass, much the worse for wear, stood open by her side.

Ukulima, however, was a very kind and good man, though he did stick the hands and heads of his victims on the poles of his boma as a warning to others.

At midnight the three muskets were returned, and I was so pleased with the young king s promptitude and honesty, I begged he would accept them.

Little now was done besides counting out my property, and making Sheikh Said, who became worse and worse, deliver his charge of Cafila Bashi over to Bombay for good.

All this exciting news, with the prospect of soon seeing Grant, did me a world of good, so much so, that I began shooting small birds for specimens watching the blacksmiths as they made tools, spears, ad bracelets and doctoring some of the Wahuma women who came to be treated for ophthalmia, in return for which they gave me milk.

Not a soul, however, would stir.

We saw them no more.

Indeed, we ought all to have been happy together, for all my men were paid and rationed trebly far better than they would have been if they had been travelling with any one else but I had not paid all, as they thought, proportionably, and therefore there were constant heartburnings, with strikes and rows every day.

Presently, however, one with her hind leg broken pulled up on a white ant hill, and, tossing her horns, came down with a charge the instant I showed myself close to her.

Delays and subterfuges, however, soon came to damp our spirits.

An Italian, named Miani, had gone farther up the Nile than any one else and he, it now transpired, was the man who had cut his name on the tree by Apuddo.

I complied at once, by way of offering a special mark of respect And friendship, and on the reliance that he would keep his word.

The red hill we were now on, with plantain gardens, fine huts neatly kept, and dense grasses covering the country, reminded us of our residence in Uganda.

Hearing this, the king rose in a huff, without deigning to reply, and busied himself in another court.

No sooner, however, did Virembo turn tail than the Sirhid gave us a broad hint that he usually received a trifle from the Arabs before he made an attempt at arranging the hongo with Suwarora.

We then all rose with an English bow, placing the hand on the heart whilst saying adieu and there was a complete uniformity in the ceremonial, for whatever I did, Mtesa, in an instant, mimicked with the instinct of a monkey.

Over these villages certain headmen, titled Phanze, hold jurisdiction, who take black mail from travellers with high presumption when they can.

Flashily dressed in coloured cloths and a turban, he sat down in one of our chairs as if he had been accustomed to such a seat all his life, and spoke with great suavity.

I proposed that if he would call all his travelling men of experience together, I would explain matters to them by a map I had brought for I should never be content till I saw Petherick.

This was very provoking for all of them being stern shots were not likely to kill, and the jungle was so thick I could not get a front view of them.

I made him a present of the great principle that power commands respect, and it was to prevent any chance of fighting that we required so formidable an escort.

The acting chief brought a present of one cow, one goat, and pombe, with a mob of his courtiers to pay his respects.

It was a fixed custom now, they told us, and there was no use in our trying to struggle against it.

I purchased a small kitten, Felis serval, from an Unyoro man, who requested me to give it back to him to eat if it was likely to die, for it is considered very good food in Unyoro.

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Wishing now to gain further intelligence of Grant, I ordered some of my men to carry a letter to him but they all feared the Watuta meeting them on the way, and would not.

Still the two went on talking to themselves, Maula swearing that I loved the mother most, whilst the friend said, No, he loves the son, and asking me with anxious looks, till they found I was not to be caught by chaff, and then, both tired, walked away the friend advising me, next time I went to court, to put on an Arab s gown, as trousers are indecent in the estimation of every Mganda.

They told me it was the first time they had come on this line, and they deeply regretted it, for they had lost 5000 dollar s worth of beads by their porters running away with their loads, and now they did not know how to proceed.

This was rather tame sport but next day I had better fun.

I did not follow her advice to chain either of them with iron, for I found cords of love, the only instrument white men know the use of, quite strong enough.

On going ashore, I might add, we were stranded on the sands, and, coming off again, nearly swamped by the increasing surf on the bar of the river but this was a trifle all we thought of was to return to Zanzibar, and hurry on our preparations there.

With these instruments in their hands, some men climb into trees and wait for the herd to pass, whilst others drive them under.

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Everybody concerned in this matter left for the palace but Maula, who said he must stop in camp to look after Bana.

Indeed, they left the coast and arrived at Kaze immediately in rear of us, and had, like ourselves, found it as much as they could do even to reach this, and now they were at a standstill for want of porters.

After sundry jokes, whilst we were all bursting with laughter at the theatrical phenomenon, the Wakungu who were present, some twenty in number, threw themselves in line upon their bellies, and wriggling like fish, n yanzigged, n goned, and demaned, and uttered other wonderful words of rejoining as, for instance, Hai Minange Hai Mkama wangi O my chief O my king whilst they continued floundering, kicking about their legs, rubbing their faces, and patting their hands upon the ground, as if the king had performed some act of extraordinary munificence by showing himself to them in that strange and new position a thing quite enough to date a new Uganda era from.

To complete the picture of the court, one must imagine a crowd of pages to run royal messages they dare not walk for such deficiency in zeal to their master might cost their life.

Great applause followed this wonderful feat, and the cows were given to my men.

Some of the men can afford a cloth, but the greater part wear an article which I can only describe as a grass kilt.

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In this fearful fix I sent Baraka off with strict orders to bring Grant away at any price, except the threatened sacrifice of men, guns, and ammunition, which I would not listen to, as one more day s delay might end in further exactions at the same time, I cautioned him to save my property as far as he could, for it was to him that M yonga had formerly said that what I paid him should do for all.

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He expected a chair to sit upon, and got a box, as at home he has a throne only a little Microsoft 70-697 Test Questions And Answers Pdf inferior to Kamrasi s.

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This little disclosure in the history of Karague led us on to further particulars of Dagara s death and burial, when it transpired that the old king s body, after the fashion of his predecessors, was sewn up in a cow skin, and placed in a boat floating on the lake, where it remained for three days, until decomposition set in and maggots were engendered, of which three were taken into the palace and given in charge to the heir elect but instead of remaining as they were, one worm was transformed into a lion, another into a leopard, and the third into a stick.

This, of course, was objected to on the plea that it was my own affair.

Manua Sera seemed highly delighted, and said he had a little business to transact in Ugogo at present, but he would overtake me in a few days.

The king to this retorted, in a truly African fashion, That s a lie I can see no harm in this white man and if he 70-697 Test Pdf had been a bad man, Rumanika would not have sent him on to me.

In fearful alarm and anxiety, I begged them to have patience and see the hongo settled first, for there was no necessity, at any rate, for immediate hurry I wished them to go on ahead with Bombay, as in four days they could reach Suwarora s.

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I should now have gone down the Nile at once if the moon had been in distance for fixing the longitude but as it was not, I had to remain until the 26th, living with Baker.

He did not like strange eyes to see his secret lodges on the N yanza and if he did not wish us to go down the river, Kamrasi s orders would go for nothing.

The corporal had followed on the spoor of the mule, occasionally finding some of his things that had been torn from the beast s back by the thorns, and, picking up these one by one, had become so burdened with the weight of them, that he could follow no farther.


Rumanika once asked me to fight his brothers Rogero and M yongo, but my only reply to all had been the same I have no orders to fight with, only to make friends of, the great kings of Africa.

We could not have entered Unyoro at all excepting through Uganda, and we could not have put foot in Uganda without visiting its king.

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In the evening another messenger arrived from Grant, giving a list of his losses and expenses at M yonga s.

This measure made Usui feudatory to Karague, so that much of the produce of the extortions committed in Usui went to Karague, and therefore they were recognised, though the odium always rested on Suwarora, the savage extortioner, rather than on the mild disposed king of Karague, who kept up the most amicable relations with every one who visited him.

At night, as there was a partial eclipse of the moon, all the Wanguana marched up and down from Rumanika s to Nnanaji s huts, singing and beating our tin cooking pots to frighten off the spirit of the sun from consuming entirely the chief object of reverence, the moon.

Hitherto he had not been able to take the medicine from press of business in collecting an army to fight his brothers but as his troops would all leave for war to day, he expected to have leisure.

I gave him a blister, and, changing the subject, told him the history of the creation of man.

On arrival at the end we heard that elephants had been MCSA: Windows 10 70-697 Test Questions And Answers Pdf seen close by.

Kidgwiga s men were deserting, and I feared I should not be able to keep my promise to Kamrasi of sending him another white visitor, who would perhaps do what I had left undone, when I did not follow up the connection of the Little Luta Nzige with the Nile.

I never saw them dare touch the king s hand before.

This she would not believe, but called me a story teller in very coarse language, until the men who had been sent were pointed out to her, and they corroborated me.

Formerly, he said, the Urigi valley was covered with water, extending up to Uhha, when all the low lands we had crossed from Usui had to be ferried, and the saddle back hills were a mere chain of islands in the water.

The army still thronged the highways, some going, others coming, like a swarm of ants, the whole day long.

The master of the hunt exposes his spoils such as antelopes, cats, porcupines, curious rats, etc.

As the officer said he would deliver any message I might wish to send to Uganda, I folded a visiting card as a letter to the queen dowager, intimating that I wished the two men whom I sent back to Mtesa to be forwarded on to Karague but desired that the remainder, who deserted their master in difficulty, should be placed on an island of the N yanza to live in exile until some other Englishman should come to release them that their arms should be taken from them and kept in the palace.

I sent the king a diagram, painted in various colours, with full explanations of everything, and asked permission to send two more of my men in search of Bombay, who had now been absent twenty days.

On my requesting him to draw near and sit, his wooden stool was placed for him.

In the evening Katunzi, N yamasore s brother, just returned from the Unyoro plunder, called on me whilst I was at dinner.

If the Kamraviona or any of the boys could not move fast enough, on account of the crops on the fields, they were piked in the back till half knocked over but, instead of minding, they trotted on, n yanzigging as if honoured by a kingly poke, though treated like so many dogs.

Just then another page hurried in with orders to bring me to the palace at once, for I had not been there these four days and while I was preparing to express the proper amount of indignation at this unceremonious message, the last impudent page began rolling like a pig upon my mbugued or carpeted floor, till I stormed and swore I would turn him out unless he chose to behave more respectfully before my majesty, for I was no peddling merchant, as he had been accustomed to see, and would not stand it moreover, I would not leave my hut at the summons of the king or anybody else, until I chose to do so.

I therefore shot a dove close to the royal abode, and, as I expected, roused the king at once, 70-697 Material Pdf who sent his pages to know what the firing was about.

I then separated ten loads of beads and thirty copper wires for my expenses in Uganda wrote a letter to Petherick, which I gave to Baraka and gave him and his companion beads to last as money for six months, and also a present both for Kamrasi and the Gani chief.

In the evening, as the king s musicians passed the camp, I ordered them in to play the milele, and give my men and children a treat of dancing.

In this high exuberance of spirits, a sudden surprise turned their momentary triumph into a 70-433 Study Guide Pdf total defeat for some Wahumba, having heard the cries of the Wagogo, joined in their cause, and both together fell on the Arab force with such impetuosity that the former victors were now scattered in all directions.

We halted again, it was said, in order that Kwibeya might give us all the king had desired him to present.

This interesting but ugly old lady narrated the circumstances by which she had been enslaved, and then sent by Kamrasi as a curiosity to Rumanika, who had ever since kept her as a servant in his palace.

His men had now been shot to go within his reach would be certain death.

The two following days were spent wandering about without guides, trying to keep the track Grant had taken after leaving us, crossing at first a line of small hills, then traversing grass and jungle, like the dak of India.

Kimera, suddenly risen to eminence, grew proud and headstrong formed a strong clan around him, whom he appointed to be his Wakunga, or officers rewarded well, punished severely, and soon became magnificent.

They had seen her majesty, who, on receiving my message, pretended excessive anger with her doorkeeper for not announcing my arrival yesterday flogged him severely inspected all the things returned folded them up again very neatly with her own hands said she felt much hurt at the mistake which had arisen, and hoped I would forgive and forget it, as MCSA: Windows 10 70-697 Test Questions And Answers Pdf her doors would always be open to me.

If you are the sultan, and will take my advice, I would strongly recommend your teaching Ruhe a 70-697 Test Questions And Answers Pdf lesson, by taking from him what the Arabs paid, and giving it back to Masudi.

He sent us to day two pots of pombe, one sack of salt, and what might be called a screw of butter, with an assurance that the half of everything that came to his house and everything was brought from great distances in 70-697 Exam Engines boats he would give me but for the present the only thing he was in 70-697 Study Guide need of was some medicine or stimulants.


Four pots of pombe were sent us, and Kaeru thought we would be satisfied and conform.

He then built a palaver house on the banks of the Kafu to receive us in privately and when we were to go to Gani, it was his intention to slip us off privately down the Kafu.

One of king Mtesa s uncles, who had not been burnt to death by the order of the late king Sunna on his ascension to the throne, was the proprietor of this place, but unfortunately he was from home.

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