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I came to make friends with the queen, not to trade or take things from her and so forth.


He was very communicative, also, as far as his limited knowledge permitted.

I did not wish to fire at them, as what few bullets remained in my store I wished to reserve in better sport, and therefore for the time being, let them alone.

The savages next tried to steal in on us, but were soon frightened off by the patrols cocking their guns.

Reasoning thus, the Hindu traders alone, in those days, I believed, had a firm basis to stand upon, from their intercourse with the Abyssinians through whom they must have heard of the country of Amara, which they applied to the N yanza and with the Wanyamuezi or men of the Moon, from whom they heard of the Tanganyika and Karague mountains.

I say I viewed it with pride, because I had formed my judgment of its being fed from high seated springs in the Mountains of the Moon solely on scientific geographical reasonings and, from the bulk of the stream, I also believed those mountains must obtain an altitude of 8000 feet FN 16 or more, just as we find they do in Ruanda.

Cows, sheep, and slaves have to be given to the father for the value of his daughter but if she finds she has made a mistake, she can return the dowrymoney, and gain her release.

A tribe called Wakuavi, who are white, and described as not unlike myself, often came over the water and made raids on their cattle, using the double edged sime as their chief weapon of war.

Flight was now the only thought of our men, and all would have escaped had Kari not been slow and his musket empty.

She threw me a bit, which to the surprise of everybody, I caught and threw it into my mouth, thinking it was some confection but the harsh taste soon made me spit it out again, to the amusement of the company.

This, of course, was objected to, as the chief, in his absence, must have deputed some one to govern for him, and I expected him to settle at once, that I might proceed with the march.

Neither my experience with native chiefs, nor my money and guns, were of any use to me, simply because my men were such incomprehensible fools, though many of them who had travelled before ought to have known better.

Here is a pot of pombe I did not give you one yesterday.

These, of course, were rejected with scorn so, in addition, I sent an old box.

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On one occasion we saw hippopotami, which our men said came to the surface because we had domestic fowls on board, supposing them to have an antipathy to that bird.

On my return to Zanzibar, the Brisk sailed for the Mauritius, but fortune sent Grant and myself on a different cruise.

Both Rumanika s men and those belonging to Dr K yengo asked Kamrasi s leave to return to their homes, but were refused, because the road was unsafe.

This was not an easy go ahead march, for the halt had disaffected both men and mules.

I ordered them to advance slowly and pick up food by the way, as there is a famine here but they, instead, hurried on against my wishes.

And now he had told me the case, he hoped I would forgive him if he had done wrong.

To day a tremendous commotion took place in Musa s tembe amongst all the women, as one had been delivered of still born twins.

Betimes in the morning we were off, mounting the Robeho, a good stiff ascent, covered with trees and large blocks of granite, excepting only where cleared for villages and on we went rapidly, until at noon the 70-980 Practice advance party was reached, located in a village overlooking the great interior plateau a picture, as it were, of the common type of African scenery.

The result was natural many who would have come were nowhere to be found my guns, bed, bedding, and note books, as well as cooking utensils, were all left behind, and, though sent for, did not arrive till the following day.

Further, at this juncture, the canoe we had chased turned broadside on us, and joined in the threatening demonstrations of the people on shore.

To put a stop to this, I ordered a halt, and called on the district officer to assist us, on which he said he would escort us on to Suwarora s if we would stop till next morning.

When all was settled we marched, one thousand strong, to Wurungi and next day, by a double march, arrived at Marson, in the Bari country.

A page then arrived from the king to ask after Bana s health, carrying the Whitworth rifle as his master s card, and begging for a heavy double barrelled gun to be sent him from Gani.

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Patience, thank God, I had a good stock of, so I waited quietly until the 30th, when I was fairly upset by the arrival of a letter from Kaze, stating that Baraka had arrived, and had been very insolent both to Musa and to Sheikh Said.


One elderly man, half witted they said the king had driven his senses from him by seizing his house and family came at once on hearing of our arrival, laughing and singing in a loose jaunty maniacal manner, carrying odd sticks, shells, and a bundle of mbugu rags, which he deposited before me, dancing and singing again, then retreating and bringing some more, with a few plantains from a garden, when I was to eat, as kings lived upon flesh, and poor Tom wanted some, for he lived with lions and elephants in a hovel beyond the gardens, and his belly was empty.

He then 70-980 Certification Braindumps walked into Grant s hut, inspected that, and finally went to the place where the bottle had been kept.

Bombay, already primed, instantly said, Oh, MCSE 70-980 Bana, being a great man in his 70-980 Dump own country, and not thirsting for gain in ivory or slaves, would only accept such things as a spear, shield, or drum, which he could take to his own country as a specimen of the manufactures of Uganda, and a pleasing recollection of his visit to the king.

I was surprised that no one came to prevent her forwardness but not till I almost reached home did any one appear and then, with great scolding, she was ordered to return not, however, without her begging I would call in and see her on some future occasion, when she would like to give me some pombe.

To obtain food it was necessary here to ferry the river and purchase from the Wazaramo, who, from fear of the passing caravans, had left their own bank and formed a settlement immediately under this pretty little hill rendered all the more enchanting to our eyes, as it was the first we C2180-272 Practice Exam had met since leaving the sea coast.

He replied that he would push for Gani direct and sent back a pot of pombe for the sick man.

FN 24 The Union Jack led the way.

Irate at his defeat, Bombay gave orders to the men to fire over the cow, and told Kamrasi why he had done so Bana would be angry with him.

On arrival there at the government establishment a large collection of grass huts, separated one from the other within large enclosures, which overspread the whole top of a low hill I was requested to withdraw and put up in some huts a short distance off, and wait until his excellency, who was from home, could come and see me which the next day he did, coming in state with a 70-980 Practice Test Pdf large number of officers, who brought with them a cow, sundry pots of pombe, enormous sticks of sugar cane, and a large bundle of country coffee.

a dirk fastened to the waist by many strings of coloured beads.

In return he received four yards merikani and one dubuani, which Bombay settled, as the little Sheikh, ever done by the sultans, pleaded indisposition, to avoid the double fire he was always subjected to on these occasions, by the sultans grasping on the one side, and my resisting on the other for I relied on my strength, and thought it very inadvisable to be generous with my cloth to the prejudice of future travellers, by 70-980 Dumps decreasing the value of merchandise, and increasing proportionately the expectations of these negro chiefs.

Arrived at our camping, we were immediately pounced upon by a deputation of officers, who said they had been sent by Semamba, the officer of this district.

Grant and I after this kept our pot boiling by shooting three more antelopes but nothing of consequence transpired until the 30th, when Bukhet, Mahamed s factotum, arrived with the greater part of the Turk s property.

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I then told him again I wished one of his sons would accompany me to England, that he might learn the history of Moses, wherein he would find that men had souls which live for ever, but that the earth would come to an end in the fullness of time.

Nothing as yet, I now found, had been done to further our march.

Further, we have had no food these four days, because row succeeds row.

FN 25 It would be necessary for me to take thirty six of Mahamed s men, besides all my own, to go there, which, he said, I was Microsoft 70-980 Exam Engines welcome to, but I should have to pay them for their services.

I found that, as the instrument was supposed to be a magic charm of very wonderful powers, my meddling with it and treating it as an ordinary movable was considered a kind of sacrilege.

Our hearts leapt with an excitement of joy only known to those who 70-980 Exam Engines Holy Nativity Lutheran Church have escaped from long continued banishment among barbarians, once more to meet with civilised people, and join old friends.

When the rain ceased, her majesty retired a second time to her toilet hut, and changed her dress for a puce coloured wrapper, when I, ashamed of having robbed her of so many sambo, asked her if she would allow me to present her with a little English wool to hang up instead of her mbugu curtain on cold days like this.

I prepared for my first presentation at court, attired in my best, though in it I cut a poor figure in comparison with the display of the dressy Waganda.

They require a government like ours in India and without it, the slave trade will wipe them off the face of the earth.

They regretted with myself that Snay was so hot headed for they themselves thought a treaty of peace would have been the best thing for them, for they were more than half ruined already, and saw no hope for the future.

Here I was desired to halt and sit in the glaring sun so I donned my hat, mounted my umbrella, a phenomenon which set them all a wondering and laughing, ordered the guard to close ranks, and sat gazing at the novel spectacle A more theatrical sight I never saw.

Without any breakfast, we returned by the same route by which we had come, at four miles an hour, till half the way was cleared, when the king said, laughing, Bana, are you hungry a ridiculous question after twenty four hours of starvation, which he knew full well and led the way into a plantain grove, where the first hut that was found was turned inside out for the king s accommodation, and picnic was prepared.

Therefore, as a warning to the others, the guns of these two were confiscated, and a 70-980 Pdf Download caution given that any gun in future let off, either by design or accident, would be taken.

She will say, I took a few trifles from Bana as specimens of his country, but they shall all go back, and the things the king has received shall go back also, for we are all of one family and then won t Bana be very sorry Moreover, Wakungu will be killed by dozens, and lamentations will reign throughout the court to propitiate the devils who brought such disasters on them.


Baraka at last said, All right I am not afraid I will do as you desire.


This little controversy was amusing, but did not suit Kamrasi, who had his eye on a certain valuable possession of mine.

He returned to say that the king was sleeping a palpable falsehood.

These, we were told, were the relics of burnt witches.

They come, almost crouching to their knees, with eyes averted from the women, and n yanzigged for the favour of being called, till they streamed with perspiration.

Kitunzi offered an ivory for beads, and when told we were not merchants, and advised to try K yengo, he said he dared not even approach K yengo s camp lest people should tell the king of it, and accuse him of seeking for magical powers against his sovereign.

A great hubbub and confusion now seized all the place, for the Watuta were out, and had killed a woman of the place who had formerly been seized by them in war, but had since escaped and resided here.

On inquiry, however, I heard she was being taken to the hut of her espoused, where, bundling fashion, she would be put in bed but it was only with virgins they took so much trouble.

The king, however, sent an officer for Grant, because I would not believe in his statement yesterday that he was coming by land and I also sent a lot of men with a litter to help him on, and bring me an answer.

The king would not show, for some reason or other, and we still feared to fire guns lest he should think our store of powder inexhaustible, and so keep us here until he had extorted the last of it.

A strange but characteristic story now reached my ears.

The Wanyoro, as they saw us retreating, were now heard to say, They are women, they are running, let us at them whilst I kept roaring to my men, Keep together come for powder and myself loaded with small shot, which even made Kasoro laugh and inquire 70-980 Test Prep if it was intended for the Wanyoro.

This being agreed to, I did my best, through the medium of Earl de Grey then President of the Royal Geographical Society , to advance him money to carry out this desirable object.

Cloths fastened round under the arms are their national costume, along with a necklace of beads, large brass or copper wire armlets, and a profusion of thin circles, called sambo, made of the giraffe s tail hairs bound round by the thinnest iron or copper wire whilst the men at home wear loin cloths, but in the field, or whilst travelling, simply hang a goat skin MCSE 70-980 over their shoulders, exposing at least threefourths of their body in a rather indecorous manner.

The name given to the Karuma Falls arose from the absurd belief that Karuma, the agent or familiar of a certain great spirit, placed the stones that break the waters in the river, and, for so doing, was applauded by his master, who, to reward his services by an appropriate distinction, allowed the stones to be called Karuma.

Should any one attempt to conceal twins, the whole family would be murdered by the chief but, though a great traveller, this is the only instance of such brutality Manua had ever witnessed in any country.

And did you get drunk O yes, said Bombay, grinning, and showing his whole row of sharp pointed teeth, they WOULD make me drink and then they showed me the place they assigned for your camp when you come over there.

Though reluctant to leave a place where such rare animals were to be found, the fear of remaining longer on the road induced us to leave Kikobogo, and at a good stride we crossed the flat valley of Makata, and ascended the higher lands beyond, where we no sooner arrived than we met the last down trader from Unyamuezi, well known to all my men as the great Mamba or Crocodile.

Just at this time Bombay, who had been in great request, came before us laden with plantains.


It was written by Lieutenant Wilford, from the Purans of the Ancient Hindus.

A large shed was cleared for Grant and myself, and all my men were ordered to disperse, and chum in ones and twos with Mahamed s men for Mahamed said, now we had come there, his work was finished.

With high words the matter dropped, African fashion.

As the procession now drew to our camp, and Mtesa expressed a wish to have a final look at my men, I ordered them to turn out with their arms and n yanzig for the many favours they had received.

Ten of these buds, he said, eaten dry, were sufficient for ordinary cases, and he gave a very formidable description of the effect likely to follow the use of the same number boiled in rice water or milk.


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This, I told him, was all their own fault, for they have really no religion or opinions of their own and had they been brought up in England instead of Africa, it would have been all the other way with them as a matter of course but Bombay replied, We could no more throw off the 70-980 Exam Engines Mussulman faith than you could yours.

Incessant badgering went on for hours and hours, until at last Baraka, clean done with the incessant worry of this hot headed young chief, told him, most unfortunately, he would see again if he could find a deole, as he had one of his own.

One of them then went away, but no sooner had left than a man named Makinga arrived to invite us on, as he said, at his adopted brother K yengo s request.

This was easily explained.

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Mr Moorlan, and two other priests of the Austrian Mission, were here on a visit from their station at Kich, to see the old place again before they left for Khartum for the Austrian Government, discouraged by the failure of so many years, had ordered the recall of the whole of the establishment for these regions.

Whilst this was going on, a villager came to me with a wire, and asked me to change it for a cloth.

Rats and lizards there are but few mice are very abundant, and feed both in the fields and on the stores of the men.

The third scene was more easily arranged, for the day was fast declining.

To the sound of the music both these rings of the opposite sexes kept jumping and sidling round and round the drummers, making the most grotesque and obscene motions to one another.

A Mguana, indeed then where is your mother N.

The greatest man we found here was a broken down ivory merchant called Sirboko, who gave us a good hut to live in.

Fines of cows, goats, and fowls are brought in and presented they are smoothed down by the offender 70-980 Study Guide Book s hands, and then applied to his face, to show there is no evil spirit lurking in the gift then thanks are proferred for the leniency of the king in letting the presenter off so cheaply, and the pardoned man retires, full of smiles, to the ranks of the squatters.

I naturally seized every opportunity for putting in a word in the direction of my great object, and here seemed to be an opportunity.


It is extremely fertile, and very populous, affording everything that man can wish, even to the cocoa and papwa fruits but the slavetrade has almost depopulated it, and turned its once flourishing gardens into jungles.

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A very little of that made me fidgety and impetuous, which the Waganda noticed, and, from fear of the consequences, they began to close the gate to prevent my walking away.

FN 6 We had to change camp to the little village of Kiruru, where, as rice was grown an article not to be procured again on this side of Unyamuezi we stopped a day to lay in supplies of this most valuable of all travelling food.

I, however, no sooner came into possession, and Rogero began to contend with me, than the thunderbolt vanished.


Then giving him four cows as a return letter to take to me, he said, Hurry off as quickly as possible and bring him here.

Without a morsel to eat for dinner last night, or anything this morning, we proceeded early to the palace, in great expectation that the medicines in request would bring us something but after waiting all day till 4 p.

This brought out the interesting fact, the truth of which we had never reached before, that when Petherick s servant brought him one necklace of beads, and asked after us, he gave in return fourteen ivories, thirteen women, and seven mbugu cloths.


We started all together on our respective journeys but, after the third mile, Grant turned west, to join the highroad to Kamrasi s, whilst I went east for Urondogani, crossing the Luajerri, a huge rush drain three miles broad, fordable nearly to the right bank, where we had to ferry in boats, and the cows to be swum over with men holding on to their tails.

This man now said before all my men, Baraka included, that he wished to accept the load of mzizima I had offered the Pig if he would go forward with Baraka and tell Suwarora I wanted some porters to help me to reach him.

We now ventured on a plump application for boats that we might feel our way to Gani by water, supposing the lake and river to be navigable all the way and begged Kitunzi might be appointed to accompany us, in order that whatever was done might be done all with good effect in opening up a new line of commerce, by which articles of European manufacture might find a permanent route to Uganda.

Of each of these he asked the use, and then in high glee put it into the big block tin box, in which he kept his other curiosities, and which I think he felt more proud of than any other possession.

Fortunately at the time my gunbearers were with me so, jumping to one side, I struck them all three 70-980 in turn.

Of course I took them from 70-980 Ebook Pdf them, but did not give them a flogging, as I knew if I did so they would at once retaliate upon Grant.

With Kaddu, K yengo, and Viarungi all in attendance, we went to the palace, where there was a large assemblage prepared for a levee, and fired a gun, which brought the king out in state.

That settled, Kamrasi wished to know if we had any specked cows, or cows of any peculiar colour, and would we like to change four large cows for four small ones, as he coveted some of ours.


To keep 70-980 Test Exam Microsoft 70-980 Exam Engines us amused, Kidgwiga informed us that Kamrasi and Mtesa in fact, all the Wahuma came originally from a stock of the same tribe dwelling beyond Kidi.

He thought it impossible for us to pull through the wilderness, with its jungle grasses and roots, depending for food only on Grant s gun and my own still we made half way to the Mdaburu nullah, taking some of Mamba s out to camp with us, as he promised to take letters and specimens down to the coast for us, provided I paid him some cloths as ready money down, and promised some more to be paid at Zanzibar.

Immediately afterwards, the gate between us being thrown open, the king, like a very child, stood before us, dressed for the first time, in public, in what Europeans would call clothes.

Further words were now useless, so I gave them more cloth to keep them up to the mark, and sent them off.

A report was now spread that a lion had killed one of the chief s cows and the Wagogo, suspecting that our being here was the cause of this ill luck, threatened to attack us.

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I was delighted beyond measure at this very surprising fact, that I was indeed on the northern slopes of the continent, and had, to all appearance, found one of the branches of the Nile s exit from the N yanza.

To 0B0-110 Exam Demo this provocation Baraka mildly made the retort, Pray don t put yourself in a passion, nobody is hurting you, it is all in your own heart, which is full of suspicions and jealousy without the slightest cause.

Emigrant Waziraha, who had been driven from their homes across the Kingani river by the slave hunters, had taken possession of the place, and disposed their little conicalhut villages on the heights of the hill spurs in such a picturesque manner, that one could not help hoping they would here at least be allowed to rest in peace and quietness.

As it was, I feared my followers might take fright and refuse to advance with me.

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The animals appeared to be all females, much smaller than the Indian breed yet though ten were fired at, none were killed, and only one made an attempt to charge.

Next morning, then, after giving the Tots over in charge of some men to escort them on to Kaze quietly, I set our myself with a dozen men, and the following evening I put up with Musa, who told me Baraka had just left without one man all his slaves having become afraid to go, since the news of the Arab alliance had reached Kaze.

The Watuta at that time surrounded the district, crowning all the little hills overlooking it but fearing the Arabs guns might be many, they soon walked away, and left them in peace.

Presently, however, one with her hind leg broken pulled up on a white ant hill, and, tossing her horns, came down with a charge the instant I showed myself close to her.

He had just concluded his hongo to Suwarora by paying 80 wires, 120 yards of cloth, and 130 lb.

The bird is then sent immediately to his mother, whilst he retires to his palace, woh wohing, and taking ten to the dozen all the way and boasting of his prowess.

Altogether we made a good show.

N yamgundu, who had seen us in Usui, had marched on to inform the king of our advance and desire to see him and he, intensely delighted at the prospect of having white men for his guests, desired no time should be lost in our coming on.

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Bombay, who was present, heard the complaint, and declared these were Suwarora s men, who made use of the proximity of my camp to cover their own transgressions.

He asked again for stimulants a matter ever uppermost in his mind and would not be convinced that such things can do him no possible good, but would in the end be deleterious.

There was something specially aggravating in this precedence for it will be remembered that these very brass wires which they saw, I had myself intended for Mtesa, that they were taken from me by Suwarora as far back as Usui, and it would never do, without remonstrance, to have them boastfully paraded before my eyes in this fashion.

Then, finding me still persistent, Budja turned again and threatened us with the king s power, saying, If you choose to disobey, we will see whether you ever get the road to Gani or not for Kamrasi is at war on all sides with his brothers, and Mtesa will ally himself with them at any moment that he wishes, and where will you be then Saying this, Budja walked off, muttering that our being here would much embarrass Mtesa s actions whilst my Wanguana, who had been attentively listening, like timid hares, made up their minds to leave me, and tried, through Bombay, to obtain a final interview with me, saying they knew Mtesa s power, and disobedience to him would only end in taking away all chance of escape.

The toys produced the desired effect for the king stopped and played with them, making Bombay and the pages don the masks by turns.

Great applause followed this wonderful feat, and the cows were given to my men.

In two 70-980 Study Guide Pdf hours more we reached a settlement called Madi, and found it deserted.

Caravans, in consequence, never enter their villages, but camp outside, generally under the big gouty limbed trees encircling their entire camp sometimes with a ring fence of thorns to prevent any sudden attack.

The clan of officers formed by him were as proud of their emancipation from slavery, as the king they had created was of his dominion over them.

Fortunately he asked me to speak a sentence in English, that he might hear how it sounds and this gave me an opportunity of saying, if he had kept his promise by sending Budja to me, I should have despatched letters to Petherick.

Every man sent his spear, assage, or arrow, into his sides, until, completely exhausted, he sank like a porcupine covered with quills.

Manua Sera, I must say, was as fine a young man as ever I looked upon.

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