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At these two I now went with my only rifle, leaving the servants and savages behind.

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They were taken to the jungle and placed by a tree, with the pot turned mouth downwards.

Baraka, who never would have joined the expedition excepting through his invitation, was indebted to him for the rank he now enjoyed a command over seventy men, a duty in which he might have distinguished himself as a most useful accessory to the camp.

He further informed us, that even in the late king Dagara s time it was a large sheet of water but the instant he ceased to exist, the lake shrank to what we now saw.

The consequence was, we had to engage fresh porters at every village, each in turn saying he had done all the work which with justice fell to his lot, till at last we arrived at the borders of a jungle, where the men last engaged, feeling tired of their work, pleaded ignorance of the direct road, and turned off to the longer one, where villages and men were in abundance, thus upsetting all our plans, and doubling the actual distance.

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They rattle along, through plantains and shrubs, under large trees, seven, eight, and nine feet in diameter, till the beautiful waters are reached a picture of the Rio scenery, barring that of the higher mountains in the background of that lovely place, which are here represented by the most beautiful little hills.

After this, I had scarcely swallowed by breakfast before I received a summons from the king to meet him out shooting, with all the Wanguana armed, and my guns and going towards the palace, found him with a large staff, pages and officers as well as women, in a plantain garden, looking eagerly out for birds, whilst his band was playing.

She said they did her no good, and prevailed on me to give her another prescription.

each, and took a note besides on Rumanika each for twenty fundo of beads, barring one Bogue man, who, having lent a cloth to the expedition some months previously, thought it would not be paid him, and therefore seized a sword as security the consequence was, his tusk was seized until the sword was returned, and he was dismissed minus his beads, for having so misconducted himself.

Rohinda the Sixth, who was his grandfather, numbered so many years that people thought he would never die and he even became so concerned himself about it, reflecting that his son Dagara would never enjoy the benefit of his position as successor to the crown of Karague, that he took some magic powders and charmed away his life.

Every man sent his spear, assage, or arrow, into his sides, until, completely exhausted, he sank like a porcupine covered with quills.

To all this Baraka replied, that he was merely a servant, and as he had orders to stop where he was, he could not leave it until I came but to show there was no ill feeling towards him, he sent the chief a cloth.

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I could not see through so deep a scheme and only hoped that he would shortly forget, in the changes of the marching life, those beautiful C2150-533 Practice Exam wives he had left behind him, which Bombay in his generosity tried to persuade me was the cause of his mental distraction.

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Quite unaccountably to myself, the general of my Wanguana, Baraka, after showing much discontent with his position as head of Captain Grant s establishment, became so insolent, that it was necessary to displace him, and leave him nothing to do but look C2150-533 Test Software after the men.

The capricious creature then reissued, and, finding me gone, inquired after me, presuming I ought to have waited for him.


He sent me a pot of pombe, which I sent home to the women, and walked off for the shootingground, two miles further on, the band C2150-533 Certification Answers playing in the front, followed by some hundred Wakungu then the pages, then the king, next myself, and finally the women the best in front, the worst bringing up the rear, with the king s spears and shield, as also pots of pombe, a luxury the king never moves without.

Both mother and son had their Ktikiros or commander in chief, also titled Kamraviona, as well as other officers of high rank.

Of course I would not stand this and, after telling all the facts of the case, I begged Pokino to send Maula away out of my camp.

The present gave great satisfaction.

The first court passed, I was even more surprised to find the unusual ceremonies that awaited me.

He then commenced eating with us, and begging again, unsuccessfully, for my compass.

We found, however, nothing but loss and disappointment one calf stolen, and five goats nearly so.

We had continued bickering again, for Bui had taken such fright at this kind of rough handling, and the push ahead manner in which I persisted riding over the lords of the soil, that I could hardly drag the party along.

Then, C2150-533 Test Prep changing the subject, much to my relief, Kamrasi asked Bombay, Who governs England A woman.

I never saw them dare touch the king s hand before.

Hardly able to believe in his own skill, he stood petrified at first, and then ran madly to the fallen bird, crying, Woh, woh, woh can this be is it true Woh, woh He jumped in the air, and all his men and women shouted in concert with him.

There must have been some special reason why, in a court where trifling breaches of etiquette were punished with a cruel death, so grave a crime should have been so leniently dealt with but I could not get at the bottom of the affair.

It was sunk where I crossed it, like a canal, 14 feet below the plain and what with mire and water combined, so deep, I was obliged to take off my trousers whilst fording it.

All right, your majesty what is it I am constantly stricken with fever and pains, for which I know no remedy but cautery my children die young my family is not large enough to uphold my dignity and station in life in fact, I am infirm and want stimulants, and I wish you to prescribe for me, which considering you have found your way to C2150-533 Vce Files this, where nobody came before, must be easy to you.


Here the little grass hut villages were not fenced by a boma, but were hidden in large fields of plantains.

Instead of coming up the Nile at once, as Petherick might have done so I was assured he waited, whilst a vessel was building, until the season had too far advanced to enable him to sail up the river.

To keep my friend in good humour, and show him how well the English can appreciate a kindness, I presented him with a hammer, a sailor s knife, a Rodger s three bladed penknife, a gilt letter slip with paper and envelopes, some gilt pens, an ivory holder, and a variety of other small articles.

8th and 9th.

They, however, took the law into their own hands, drove off the Waganda villagers by firing their muskets, and relieved the thieves.

In a little while we cleared from the rich gardens, mango clumps, and IBM C2150-533 cocoa but trees, which characterise the fertile coast line.

to S.

The Atbara river, which is the last affluent, was more like the Blue river than any of the other affluences, being decidedly a mountain stream, which floods in the rains, but runs nearly dry in the dry season.

Kamrasi, in a very quiet, mild manner, instead of answering the questions, told us of the absurd stories which he had heard from the Waganda, said he did not believe them, else his rivers, deprived of their fountains, would have run dry and he thought, if we did eat hills and the tender parts of mankind, we should have had enough to satisfy our appetites before we reached Unyoro.

Impossibilities I said C2150-533 Vce Files what is impossible Could I not go on as a servant with the first caravan, or buy up a whole caravan if I liked What is impossible For Godsake don t try any more to frighten my men, for you have nearly killed me already in doing so.

As I afterwards heard, he cut off the ears of the unfortunate little mischief maker for not making a proper use of those organs and then, as the lad was the son of one of his own officers he was sent home to have the sores healed.

In fact, he wanted to fleece us of everything so, to shut him up, I said I would not part with one bird for one hundred tusks of ivory they were all the collections I had made in Africa, IBM C2150-533 and if I parted with them my journey would go for nothing but if he wanted a few drawings of birds I would do some for him at present I wished to speak to him.

She could not rise and so large were her arms IBM C2150-533 that, between the joints, the flesh hung down like large, loose stuffed puddings.

The place looked like a park, and I began stalking in it, first at the eland, as I wanted to see if they corresponded with those I shot in Usagara but the gawky giraffes, always in the way, gave the alarm, and drove all but two of the buffaloes away.

It was pronounced amidst peals of laughter from my men for whenever any little excitement is going forward, the Wanguana all rush to the scene of action to give their opinions, and joke over it afterwards.

At the same time I sent back some other men to Khoko, with cloth to buy grain for present consumption, as some of my porters were already reduced to living on wild herbs and white ants.

At the back of the palace a deep ditch was cut, several yards long, the end of which was carried by a subterranean passage into the palace, where it was ended off with a cavern led into by a very small aperture.

This was serious.

The villages are composed of little conical huts of grass, on a framework of bamboo raised above low mud walls.

The Wanguana accused Frij of having unclean C2150-533 Exam hands, because the beef had not lasted so long as it should do it being a notable fact in Mussulman creed, that unless the man s hands are pure who cuts the throat of an animal, its flesh will not last fresh half the ordinary time.

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The pages dreaded their master s wrath, departed for a while, and C2150-533 Brain Dumps then sent another lad to tell me he was sorry to hear I felt unwell, but he hoped I would come if only for a minute, bringing my medicines with me, for he himself felt pain.

With Budja appointed as the general director, a lieutenant of the Sakibobo s to furnish us with sixty cows in his division at the first halting place, and Kasoro Mr Cat , a lieutenant of Jumba s, to provide the boats at Urondogani, we started at 1 p.

He called the heads of the villages to give me all the information I sought for, and went with me to the top of a high rock, from which we could see the hills I first viewed at Chopi, sweeping round from south by east to north, which demarked the line of the Asua river.



In consequence of this wicked arrangement, I found it impossible to keep my men from picking and stealing.

The greatest, however, that they could get up was, that I always paid the Wanyamuezi temporaries more than they got, though permanents.

Early this morning I called all the head men of the village together, and demanded the beads to be restored to me for, as I was living with them, they were responsible, according to the laws of the country.

N yamgundu, my old friend at Usui, then came to me, and said he was the first man to tell Mtesa of our arrival in Usui, and wish to visit him.

She sent me several dishes plantain leaves , with well cooked beef and mutton, and a variety of vegetables, from her table, as well as a number of round moist napkins, made in the shape of wafers, from the freshly drawn plantain fibres, to wash the hands and face with.

Seeing this done in such a quiet mild way before all my men, who dared not lift their heads to see it, made me burst into a roar of laughter, and the king, catching the infection from me, laughed as well but the laughing did not end there for the pages, for once giving way to nature, kept bursting my men chuckled in sudden gusts while even the women, holding their mouths for fear of detection, responded and we all laughed together.

He led me straight up to his home, a very nice place, in which he gave me a very large, clean, and comfortable hut had no end of plantains brought for me and my men and said, Now you have really entered the kingdom of Uganda, for the future you must buy no more food.

On Maula s return, I was told the king would not believe so generous a man as Bana could have sent him so few beads he believed most of my store must have been stolen on the road, and would ask me about that to morrow.

This second move brought us into a small village, of which Ghiya, a young man, was chief.

In addition to the rod and line fishing, a number of men, armed with long heavy poles with two iron spikes, tied prong fashion to one end, rushed to a place over a break in the falls, which tired fish seemed to use as a baiting room, dashed in their forks, holding on by the shaft, and sent men down HP0-083 New Questions to disengaged the pined fish and relieve their spears.

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Of course, I said they were my guests in Uganda, and if they had been wise they would have eaten their cow on the spot what was that to Kamrasi It was a pity he did not treat us as well who have come into his country at his own invitation, instead of keeping us starving in this gloomy wilderness, without a drop of pombe to cheer the day why could not he let us go on He wanted first to hear if the big Mzungu, meaning myself, had really come yet.

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He told me with the greatest possible gravity, that he remembered well the time when a boat could have gone from this to Vigura as also when fish and crocodiles came up from the Kitangule but the old king no sooner died than the waters dried up which showed as plainly as words could tell, that the king had designed it, to make men remember him with sorrow in all future ages.

He was alarmed, he confessed, when he heard we were coming to visit him, thinking we might prove some fearful monsters that were not quite human, but now he was delighted beyond all measure with what he saw of us.

The performers received a bundle of beads and went away happy.

Tired and out of patience with our prison a river of crocodiles on one side, and swamps in every other direction, while we could not go out shooting without a specific order from the king I sent Kidgwiga and Kajunju to inform Kamrasi that we could bear this life no longer.

Some of the men can afford a cloth, but the greater part wear an article which I can only describe as a grass kilt.

Hembe, who lives in the centre of an almost impenetrable thicket, confessed that he was the murderer, but said the fault did not rest with him, as he merely carried out the instructions of his father, Mzungera, who, a Diwan on the coast, sent him a letter directing his actions.

Still he persisted, until, finding it hopeless, he spitefully told N yamgundu to keep me here at least two days.

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As time then advanced, the Indian branch of the Government very graciously gave me fifty artillery carbines, with belts and sword bayonets attached, and 20,000 rounds of ball ammunition.

Here, as we entered, we saw sitting cross legged on the ground Rumanika the king, and his brother Nnanaji, both of them men of noble appearance and size.

I tried to make them friends, hoping it was merely a passing ill wind which would soon blow over but before long the two disputants were tonguing it again, and I distinctly heard Bombay ordering Baraka out of camp as he could not keep from intermeddling, saying, which was true, he had invited him to join the expedition, that his knowledge of Hindustani might be useful to us he was not wanted for any other purpose, and unless he was satisfied with doing that alone, C2150-533 Test Questions we would get on much better without him.

My companion unfortunately got fever here, and was prevented from going out, and I did little better for although I waded up to my middle every day, and wounded several blanc boc, I only bagged one, and should not have got even him, had it not happened that some C2150-533 lions in the night pulled him down close to our camp, and roared so IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional C2150-533 Practice Exam violently that they told us the story.

I came, at the same time, to the conclusion that all our previous information concerning the hydrography of these regions, as well as the Mountains of the Moon, originated with the ancient Hindus, who told it to the priests of the Nile and that all those busy Egyptian geographers, who disseminated their knowledge with a view to be C2150-533 Exam Preparation famous for their long sightedness, in solving the deep seated mystery with enshrouded the source of their holy river, were so many hypothetical humbugs.

On again, and at last we arrived at the foot of the western chain but not all together.

Strict as the discipline of the exterior court is, that of the interior is not less severe.

The whole country was rich most surprisingly so.

Chapter XX Madi Junction of the Two Hemispheres The First Contact with Persons Acquainted with European Habits Interruptions and Plots The Mysterious Mahamed Native Revelries The Plundering and Tyranny of the Turks The Rascalities 642-813 Questions of the Ivory Trade Feeling for the Nile Taken to see a Mark left by a European Buffalo, Eland, and Rhinoceros Stalking IBM C2150-533 Practice Exam Meet Baker Petherick s Arrival at Gondokoro.

Their drums were beaten as a sign that they would attack us, and the war drums of the villages around responded by beating also.


All bury their dead in the same way, under ground but the kings are toasted first for months till they are like sun dried meat, when the lower jaw is cut out and preserved, covered with beads.

The purport of it was, that I was afraid to send men to Karague, now I had seen his disposition to make prisoners of all who visit him.

Bombay, on going to the palace, hoping to obtain plantains for the men, found the king holding a levee, for the purpose of despatching this said army somewhere, but where no one would pronounce.

In a little while an enormous canoe, full of well dressed and wellarmed men, was seen approaching us.

It flowed into the Mwerango, but with scarcely any current at all.

This place was alive with thieves.

They were quite unconscious of my approach, so I took a shot at a cow, and wounded her then, after reloading, put a ball in a bull and staggered him also.

This was for the purpose of making us his tools in his conflict with his brothers.

For a long C2150-533 Ebook time also he had been a chained prisoner as the Arabs, jealous of the favour Manua Sera had shown to him in preference to themselves, basely accused him of supplying Manua Sera with gunpowder, and bound him hand and foot like a slave.

What an honour We had come into the country drawn there by a combination of pride and avarice and now we were leaving it in hot haste under the guidance of an escort of officers, who were in reality appointed to watch us as dangerous wizards and objects of terror.

This conversation, diversified by numerous shrewd remarks on the part of Rumanika, led to his asking how I could account for the decline of countries, instancing the dismemberment of the Wahuma in Kittara, and remarking that formerly Karague included Urundi, Ruanda, and Kishakka, which collectively were C2150-533 Practice Exam Holy Nativity Lutheran Church known as the kingdom of Meru, governed by one man.

With this queer kind of adieu she rose and walked away, leaving me with my servants to carry the royal present home.

Each day, while we resided here, cries were raised by the villagers that the Wahumba were coming, and then all the cattle out in the plains, both far and near, were driven into the village for protection.

In warfare it is the rule that the Wahinda, or princes, head their own soldiers, and set them the example of courage, when, after firing a few arrows, they throw their bows away, and close at once with their spears and assages.

He said, As you gave men to Mtesa, why would you refuse them to me but was checkmated on being C2150-533 Pdf Download told, Should any of those men who deserted us in this country ever reach their homes, they will all be hung for breaking their allegiance or oath.

My men had brought no food either for us or their friends, as the cloths they took with them, which were their own, were scarcely sufficient to purchase a meal famines being as bad where they had C2150-533 Dump been as in Ugogo.

It was therefore agreed we should skirt round by the east of this district, and I even promised the Pig I would give him ten necklaces a day in addition to his wages, if he would avoid all the chiefs, and march steadily ten miles every day.

This was too powerful a temptation to be withstood, so, shouldering the rifle, and followed by half the village, if not more, women included, we went to the place, but, instead of finding a buck for the men had stretched a point to keep me at their village we found a herd of does, and shot one at the people s urgent request.

The sand paper tree, whose leaves resemble a cat s tongue in roughness, and which is used in Uganda for polishing their clubs and spear handles, was conspicuous but at the end of the journey only was there anything of much interest to be seen.

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An iron rod like a spit, with a cup on the top, charged with magic powder, and other magic wands, were placed before the entrance and within the room, four Mabandwa sorceresses or devil drivers, fantastically dressed, as C2150-533 Exam before described, and a mass of other women, formed the company.

That I would not do, leaving the matter in the hands of the governor general, Mr Pokino, whom I heard we should find at the next station, Masaka.

Some little boys came here who had all their hair shaved off excepting two round tufts on either side of the head.

On the way home, one of the king s favourite women overtook us, walking, with her hands clasped at the back of her head, to execution, crying, N uawo in the most pitiful manner.

With one move, by alternately crossing strips of forest and cultivation, studded here and there with small hills of granite, we forded the Qaunde nullah a tributary to the Gombe and entered the rich flat district of Mininga, where the gingerbreadpalm grows abundantly.

Still the African s peculiarity sticks to him he has gained no permanent good.

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There would be no danger, as Kamrasi was his brother in law, and would do all that he told him.

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