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After we had marched unmolested for some seven miles, a loud yelping from the woods excited our attention, and a sudden rush was made upon us by, say two hundred men, who came down seemingly in great glee.

It was easy to see there would be no sport, still more useless of offer any remarks, therefore all did as they were bid.

The king, however, sent an officer for Grant, because I would not believe in his statement yesterday that he was coming by land and I also sent a lot of men with a litter to help him on, and bring me an answer.

He expected a chair to sit upon, and got a box, as at home he has a throne only a little inferior to Kamrasi s.

In the province of Unyanyembe, if a twin or twins die, they are thrown into water for the same reason as in Nguru but as their numbers increase the size of the family, their birth is HP0-381 Practice Test Pdf hailed with delight.

Partridges come next, HP0-381 Guide Holy Nativity Lutheran Church but do not afford good sport and quails are rare.

Arguments were useless, for, simply because they were tired of going on, they WOULD not see that as they were receiving pay every day, they therefore ought to work every day.

One of king Mtesa s uncles, who had not been burnt to death by the order of the late king Sunna on his ascension to the throne, was the proprietor of this place, but unfortunately he was from home.

My point was gained, so I cooled myself with coffee and a pipe, and returned rejoicing in my victory, especially over Suwarora.

He had returned three days before, but had not yet seen the king.

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As Maula would stop here, I had to 070-634 Vce Dumps halt also.

He sent us one of his own for present purposes, and gave thirty baskets of potatoes to my men.

The king, in his red coat and wideawake, conducted the arrangements, ordering all to their proper places the women, in certain boats, the Wakungu and Wanguana in others, whilst I sat in the same boat with him at his feet, three women holding mbugus of pombe behind.

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To make the best of a bad job, I now sent Bombay with two other men off to Musa to see what he could do, HP HP0-381 Guide and ordered my other men to hire HP0-381 Braindump Wakimbu from village to village.

Both Wanguana were by the king given women for their services, and an old tin cartridge box represented Mtesa s card, it being an article of European manufacture, which, if found in the possession of any Mganda, would be certain death to him.

The boys replied, How can you go with his women No one ever is permitted to see them.

At the same time, he could not move for a few days, as he HP0-381 Exam Practice Pdf expected a party of men to arrive about the next new moon with ivory.

They talk in feigned voices raised to a shrillness almost amounting to a scream.

We halted for the men to collect and lay in a store of food for the passage of the Kidi wilderness.

Making a double march of it, we first stopped to breakfast at the quiet little settlement of Inenge, where cattle were abundant, but grain so scarce that the villagers were living on calabash seeds.

Of course I refused, saying it was uncourteous to both the king and myself.

The pages then received orders to furnish me with ten that moment, as the king s farmyard was empty, and he would reimburse them as soon as more confiscations took place.

The moment of triumph had come at last, and suddenly the road was granted The HP0-381 king presently let us see the motive by which he had been influenced.

If I did not believe in his dangers of the way before, it quite settled my opinion of the worth of his words now.

29th and 30th.

I fought all the day out, but the next morning, as he deputed his officers to take nine wires, these were given, and then we went on with the journey.

He said, for the future he would disregard what the Arabs said, and trust to my doctrines, for without doubt he had never seen such a wise man as myself and the Arabs themselves confirmed this when they told him that all their beads and cloths came from the land of the Wazungu, or white men.

This I promised to give when Grant arrived, HP0-381 Study Guide Pdf for his good nature in sending so many officers to fetch him.

He also boiled one of the thermometers, kept the rain gauge, and undertook the photography but after a time I sent the instruments back, considering this work too severe for the climate, and he tried instead sketching with watercolours the results of which form the chief part of the illustrations in this book.

The passage was expected to be rough, as the water off the mouth of the Kitangule Kagera river always runs high, so that no boats can go there except at night, when the winds of day subside, and are replaced by the calms of night.

Even that was not enough we must show it to the mother and away we all rattled as fast as our legs could carry us.

Just as the door was closed, other pages from the king brought the Whitworth rifle to be cleaned, and demanded an admittance but no one dared approach me, and they went on their way again.

The perpetual worry had given Baraka a fever, and had made me feel quite sick so I said, if he ever mentioned a gun or lucifers again, I would fight the matter out with him, for I had not come there to be bullied.

I sent Frij with a letter to the king, containing an acknowledgment that, on the arrival of the rear property from Karague, he would be entitled to half of everything, reserving the other half for any person I might in future send to take them from him.

This we heard was a privilege that Uganda Wakungu enjoyed both at home and abroad, although in all other countries the sound of the drum is considered a notice of war, unless where it happens to accompany a dance or festival.

They were so importunate, after a time, that I was not sorry to hear an attack was made on their cattle because a man of the village would not pay his dowry money to his fatherin law, and this set everybody flying out to the scene of action.

Lugoi s dress, however, absorbed all their thoughts, and he was made to take it off and put it on again as often as any fresh visitor came to call.

As conflicting reports came about Grant, the king very courteously, at my request, forwarded letters to him.

Our camp was pitched by the river Rumuma, where, sheltered from the winds, and enriched by alluvial soil, there ought to have been no scarcity but still the villagers had nothing to sell.

But enough of the freed man in camp on the march he is no better.

K yengo informed us that the king, considering the surprising HP0-381 Vce Software events which had lately occurred at his court, being very anxious to pry into the future, HP0-381 Guide Holy Nativity Lutheran Church had resolved to take a very strong measure for accomplishing that end.

He intimated that for the future I must fire a gun at the waiting hut whenever I entered the palace, so that he might hear of my arrival, for he had been up that morning, and would have been glad to see me, only the boys, from fear of entering his cabinet, had forged a lie, and deprived him of any interview with me, which he had long wished to get.

The policy and government of the vast possessions of Great Britain were then duly discussed, and Rumanika acknowledged that the pen was superior to that of the sword, and the electric telegraph and steam engine the most wonderful powers he had ever heard of.

They were dressed in plantain leaves, looking like grotesque Neptunes.

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Of course Meri s misdemeanour had to be explained, when she said, As that is the case, I will give you another but you must take Meri out of the country, else she will bring trouble on us for, you know, I never gave girls who lived in the palace to any one in my life before, because they would tell domestic affairs not proper for common people to know.

No one present, however, could be prevailed on to go to him in the capacity of ambassador, as the frontier officer had warned the Wageni or guests that, if they ever attempted to cross the border again, he was bound in duty, agreeably to the orders of his king, to expel them by force therefore, should the Wageni attempt it after this warning, their first appearance would be considered a casus belli and so the matter rested for the day.

Hippopotami Yes there is great fun in that, for they knock the boats over when they charge from below.

I let him understand we suspected he was keeping us here to fight his brothers, and told him he must at once know we would never lift hand against them.

All night Makaka s men patrolled the village, drumming and shouting to keep off the Watuta, and the next morning, instead of a march, after striking my tent I found that the whole of my porters, the Pig s children, were not to be found.

At first, on my approach, the haughty young chief, very handsome, and twenty years of age, did not raise his head then he begged me to be seated, and even enquired after my health, in a listless, condescending kind of manner, as if the exertion of talking was too much for his constitution or his rank but he soon gave up this nonsense as I began to talk, inquired, amongst other things, why I did not see the Waganda at my house, when I said I should so much like to make acquaintance with them, and begged to be introduced to the company who were present.

The same night, whilst sitting out to make astronomical observations, I became deadly cold so HP0-381 Guide much so, that the instant I had taken the star, to fix my position, I turned into bed, but could not get up again for the cough that had stuck to me for a month then became so violent, heightened by fever succeeding the cold fit, that before the next morning I was so reduced that I could not stand.

Bombay, also in a fright, said, Pray don t do so you don t know these savages as we do there is no knowing what will happen it may defeat our journey altogether.

Then selecting five of my head men to conduct the case, with five of their elders, it was considered my losses were equivalent to thirty head of cattle.

How what gate tell us all about it.

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14th and 15th.

How we enjoyed ourselves after so much anxiety and want of one another s company, I need not describe.

Deflecting from the serpentine course of the Kingani a little, we crossed a small bitter rivulet, and entered on the elevated cultivation of Kiranga Ranga, under Phanze Mkungu pare, a very mild man, who, wishing to give no offence, begged for a trifling present.

These Wahuma kings are not EX336 Certification Dumps like those you ever saw in Unyamuezi or anywhere else they have officers and soldiers like Said Majid, the Sultan at Zanzibar.

What has to be selected for his guests he singles out himself.

The result was, that a number of huts in a large plantain garden were at once assigned to me, on the face of a hill, immediately overlooking and close to the main road.

Our talk was agreeably interrupted by guns in the distance announcing Grant s arrival, and I took my leave to welcome my friend.

They gave us more pombe, and introduced us to one of N yamasore s numerous sisters, who was equally charmed with myself and my children.

What politeness in the midst of such barbarism Nowhere had we seen such naked creatures, whose sole dress consisted of bead, iron, or brass ornaments, with some feathers or cowrie beads on the head.

My men had greatly amused him by firing their guns off and showing him the use of their sword bayonets.

Whilst Baraka s arguments all rested the other way that no one could tell what was ahead of him Bana had sold himself to luck and the devil but though he did not care for his own safety, he ought not to sacrifice the lives of others Bombay and his lot were fools for their pains in trusting to him.

After this I gave up, because I never could separate the ones I had wounded from the rest, and thought it cruel to go on damaging more.

This was the fourth message to remind us of these important matters which we had received since leaving his gracious presence, and each time brought by the same page.

The Mkungu s women brought pombe, and spent the day gazing at us, till, in the evening, when I took up my rifle, one ran after Bana to see him shoot, and followed like a man but the only sport she got was on an ant hill, where she fixed herself some time, popping into her mouth and devouring the white ants as fast as they emanated from their cells for, disdaining does, I missed the only pongo buck I got a shot at in my anxiety to show the fair one what she came for.

To call upon the queen mother respectfully, as it was the opening visit, I too, besides the medicine chest, a present of eight brass and copper wire, thirty blue egg beads, one bundle of diminutive beads, and sixteen cubits of chintz, a small guard, and my throne of royal grass.

Then turning to the animals, he roared over each one in turn as he examined them, and called out their names.

My residence in Uganda became much more merry now, for all the women of the camp came daily to call on my two little girls during which time they smoked my tobacco, chewed my coffee, drank my pombe, and used to amuse me with queer stories of their native land.

To day I went out shooting, but though I saw and fired at a rhinoceros, as well as many varieties of antelopes, I did not succeed in killing one head.

Just then I heard that Mkuenda, the queen s woman keeper, was outside waiting for me, but dared not come in, because Congow s women were all out so I asked leave to go home to breakfast, much to the surprise of Congow, who thought I was his guest for the whole day.

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Now, hurry off as fast as you can, and tell him I am more delighted at the prospect of seeing him than he can be to see me.

What with the diminution of our supplies, the famished state of the country, and the difficulties which frowned upon us in advance, together with unwillingness to give up so good a mule, with all its gear and ammunition, I must say I felt doubtful as to what had better be done, until the corporal, who felt confident he would find the beast, begged so hard that I sent him in command of another expedition of sixteen men, ordering him to take one of the prisoners with him to proclaim to his brethren that we would give up the rest if they returned us the mule.

There was nothing, in fact, that would not have grown here, if it liked moisture and a temperate heat.

Without loss of time I set to work, and, gathering all the travellers I could in the country, protracted, from their descriptions, all the distance topographical features set down in the map, as far north as 3 of north HP2-Z18 Practise Questions latitude, as far east as 36 and as far west as 26 of east longitude only afterwards slightly corrected, as I was better able to connect and clear up some trifling but doubtful points.

Some of Musa s men came to get palm toddy for him, as he was too weak to stand, and was so cold nothing would warm him.

He said he could not find any.

We were still in great want of men but rather than stop a day, as all delays only lead to more difficulties, I pushed on to Magomba s palace with the assistance of some Wagogo carrying our baggage, each taking one cloth as his hire.

Grant, doing duty for me, tried a day s penance at the palace, but though he sat all day in the ante chamber, and musicians were ordered into the presence, nobody called for him.

Two loads of flowers, neatly packed in long strips of rushpith, were sent for us to consume at once, as more would be given on the morrow.

I was greatly annoyed lest Maula should come and try to drive him away.

I had now nothing whatever to think of but making dodges for lying easy, and for relieving my pains, or else for cooking strong broths to give me strength, for my legs were reduced to the appearance of pipe sticks, until the 15th, when Baraka, in the same doleful manner as in Sorombo, came to me and said he had something to communicate, which was so terrible, if I heard it I should give up the march.

Wishing to try my powers in magical arts, as I laughed at his church, he begged me to produce an everlasting spring of water by simply scratching the ground.

The men being ready, HC-123-ENU Certification Exam file firing was ordered, and then the young chief came into my tent.

When I told him that to purchase another would cost five hundred cows, the whole party were more confirmed than ever as to its magical powers for who in his sense would give five hundred cows for the mere gratification of seeing at what time his dinner should be eaten Thus ended the second meeting.

I was haunted all night by my fancied cruelty, and in the morning sent its victim, after Uganda fashion, some symbolical presents, including a goat, in token of esteem a black blanket, as a sign of mourning a bundle of gundu anklets and a packet of tobacco, in proof of my forgiveness.

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Maula, a royal officer, with a large escort of smartlydressed men, women, and boys, leading their dogs and playing their reeds, announced to our straining ears the welcome intelligence that their king had sent them to call us.

The boys had deceived us all.

My dear Speke, The caravan was attacked, plundered, and the men driven to the winds, while marching this morning into M yonga s country.

Now, with Lugoi dressed in a new white pillow case, with holes trimmed with black tape for his head and arms to go through, a dagger tied with red bindera round his waist, and a square of red blanket rolled on his shoulder as a napkin, for my gun to rest on, or in place of a goat skin run when he wished to sit down, I walked off HP0-381 Practice Exam to inquire how the Kamraviona was, and took my HP0-381 Study Guide Book pictures with me.

She will say, I took a few trifles from Bana as specimens of his country, but they shall all go back, and the things the king has received shall go back also, for we are all of one family and then won t Bana be very sorry Moreover, Wakungu will be killed by dozens, and lamentations will reign throughout the court to propitiate the devils HP Certification I HP0-381 who brought such disasters on them.

When I returned in the evening, small boys brought me sparrows for sale and then I remembered the stories I HP0-381 Online Exam had heard from Musa Mzuri that in the whole of Karague the small birds were so numerous, the people, to save themselves from starvation were obliged to grow a bitter corn which the birds disliked and so I found it.

Rohinda the Sixth, who was his grandfather, numbered so many years that people thought he would never die and he even became so concerned himself about it, reflecting that his son Dagara would never enjoy the benefit of his position as successor to the crown of Karague, that he took some magic powders and charmed away his life.

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The dismayed criminals, struggling to be heard, in utter despair, were dragged away boisterously in the most barbarous manner, to the drowning music of the milele and drums.

To make a stand for it, I turned a drum on its head, when all the courtiers flew at me as if to prevent an outrage, and the king laughed.

This Sorombo trick I attributed to the HP0-381 Self Study instigation of Makaka, for these savages never HP0-381 Book Pdf fail to take their revenge when they can.

It had never before been occupied by any visitors excepting Wahinda HP0-381 Exam Collection ambassadors and being near, and in full view of the palace, was pleasant and advantageous, as I could both hear the constant music, and see the throngs of people ever wending their way to and from the royal abodes.

The day after, I took pills and blistered my chest all over, still Lumeresi would not let me alone, nor come to any kind of terms until the 25th, when he said he would take a certain number of pretty common cloths for his children if I would throw in a red blanket for himself.

I now wished to go on with the journey, as I could get no true information out of the suspicious blackguards who called themselves Turks but Mahamed postponed it until the 5th, by which time he said he would be able to collect all the men he wanted to carry his ivory.

A spy of Kamrasi dropped the report that the Wanguana were returning from Mtesa s, and hurried on to tell the king.

I sent a return present of two wires and twelve fundo of beads of sorts to Kaggao, and heard that the king had gone to show himself off to his mother dressed Bana fashion.

I would not accept the lie, saying, How can my children at Gani detain my messengers, when they have received strict orders from me by letter to send an answer quickly It was all Kamrasi s doing, for he had either hidden Bombay, or ordered his officers to take him slowly, as he did us, stopping four days at each stage.

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He made apologies for not answering my gun, and tasted some spirits resembling toddy, which I had succeeded in distilling.

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Upon this the two great children began collecting wire and quarrelling until the sun went down, and I went home.

At the same time reports from the other side came in, to the effect that the Arabs at Kaze and Msene had bribed the Watuta to join them, and overrun the whole country from Ugogo to Usui and, in consequence of this, all the natives on the line I should have to take were in such dread of that terrible wandering race of savages, who had laid waste in turn all the lands from N yassa to Usui on their west flank, that not a soul dared leave his home.

We were well rewarded for the stones, as the Waganda call the falls, was by far the most interesting sight I had seen in Africa.

Though disbelieving the story in all its minutiae, I felt that something serious must have happened so, without a moment s delay, I sent off the last of my men strong enough to walk to succour Grant, carrying with them a bag of beads.

As all the Wanguana went foraging, I was compelled to stop at home.

Here, taking a hasty meal, we resumed the march all together, descended the great western chain, and, as night set in, camped in a ravine at the foot of it, not far from the great junction station Ugogi, where terminate the hills of Usagara.

Their women, generally, are better dressed than the men.

It was all very well, they said, for the Waganda to do so, because they were used to it, but it did not satisfy their hunger.


By invitation, we called on the Viceroy at his Rhoda Island palace, and were much gratified with the reception for, after hearing all our stories with marked intelligence, he most graciously offered to assist me in any other undertaking which would assist to open up and develop the interior of Africa.

He said they bore single holes in the centres both of their upper and lower lips, as well as in the lobes of both of their ears, in which they wear small brass rings.

Next day 26th , as I was still unwell, I sent four men to Grant with inquiries how he was getting on, and a request for medicines.

Buffaloes were about, but the villagers cautioned us not to shoot them, holding them as sacred animals and, to judge from the appearance of the country, wild animals should abound, were it not for the fact that every Mganda seems by instinct to be a sportsman.

I had no sooner ordered the march than Vittagura counter ordered it, and held a levee to ascertain, as he said, if the Waganda were to go back for though Kamrasi wished to see us, he did not want the Waganda.

Now, Bana, tell me do you not think, if two such shots as you and I were opposed to an elephant, would he have any chance before us I know I can shoot I am certain of it now.

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