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I will have at them, and both of us will go on the lake together.

To this provocation Baraka mildly made the retort, Pray don t put yourself in a passion, nobody is hurting you, it is all in your own heart, which is full of suspicions and jealousy without the slightest cause.

They require a government like ours in India and without it, the slave trade will wipe them off the face of the earth.

I would not give way that night but next day, after fearful battling, the present of friendship was paid by Baraka s giving first a dubuani, then one sahari, then one barsati, then one kisutu, and then eight yards of merikani all of which were contested in the most sickening manner when Baraka, fairly done up, was relieved by Makaka s saying, That will do for friendship if you had given the deole quietly, all this trouble would have been saved for I am not a bad man, as you will see.

For days past, streams of men have been carrying faggots of firewood, clean cut timber, into the palaces of the king, queen, and the Kamraviona and to day, on calling on the king, I found him engaged having these faggots removed by Colonel Mkavia s regiment from one court into another, this being his way of ascertaining their quantity, instead of counting them.

Kamrasi no sooner heard of this than he took the cows and kept them himself.

Later in the day, however, I heard from Grant that Ruhe would not let him go until he had paid sixteen pretty cloths, six wires, one gun, one box of ammunition, and one load of mzizima beads, coolly saying that I had only given him a trifle, under the condition that, when the big caravan arrived, Grant would make good the rest.

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There are many positions into which the slave may get by the course of events, and I shall give here, as a Magento Certified Developer Exam M70-101 Exam Preparation specimen, the ordinary case of one who has been freed by the death of his master, that master having been a trader in ivory and slaves in the interior.

The watch being by this time repaired, it gave me the opportunity of sending Kidgwiga back to the palace to say we trusted Kamrasi would allow Budja to come here, if only with one woman to carry his pombe, else Mtesa would take offence, form an alliance with Rionga, and surround the place with warriors, for it was not becoming in great kings to treat civil messengers like dogs.

He then, confronting one of the men, dashed the horn forward as if intending to Magento Certified Developer M70-101 Exam Preparation strike him on the face, then smelt the head, then dashed at another, and so on, till he became satisfied that my men were not the thieves.

In vain I told them they had fared more abundantly than I had since we entered Uganda whilst I spared my goats to have a little flesh of their cows as rapidly as possible, selling the skins for pombe, which I seldom tasted they robbed me as long as I had cloth or beads, and now they had all become as fat as hogs by lifting food off the Waganda lands.

Amongst them was the wretched governess, Manamaka, who had always thought me a wonderful magician, because I possessed, in her belief, an extraordinary power in inclining all the black kings hearts to me, and induced them to give the roads no one before of my colour had ever attempted to use.

Difficulties now commenced again 28th.

But Bombay, who is a philosopher of the Epicurean school, said, We don t look on those things in the M70-101 Self Study same fanciful manner that you do we are contented with all the common places of life, and look for nothing beyond the present.

It was no doubt this hint that brought the messenger to our relief yesterday and otherwise we might have been kept in the jungle longer.

The pagazis would not start at the appointed time, hoping to enforce their demands of last night so we took the lead and started, followed by the Wanguana.

M yonga did not wish to see me, because he did not know the MB7-839 Testing coast language.

Tired and out of patience with our prison a river of crocodiles on one side, and swamps in every other direction, while we could not go out shooting without a specific order from the king I sent Kidgwiga and Kajunju to inform Kamrasi that we could bear this life no longer.

One dubani was issued, with orders than no one need approach me again, unless he wanted to smell my powder.

The musicians, dressed in Magento Certified Developer Exam M70-101 long haired Usoga goat skins, were now ordered to strike up, which they did, with their bodies swaying or dancing like bears in a fair.

Chapter XVI Bahr El Abiad First Voyage on the Nile The Starting Description of the River and the Country Meet a Hostile Vessel A Naval Engagement Difficulties and Dangers Judicial Procedure Messages from the King of Uganda His Efforts to get us back Desertion The Wanyoro Troops Kamrasi Elephant Stalking Diabolical Possessions.

My whole thoughts were now occupied in devising some scheme to obtain a hut in the palace, not only the better to maintain my dignity, and so gain superior influence in the court, but also that I might have a better insight into the manners and customs of these strange people.

To resume the thread of the journey we found, on arrival in Ugogo, very little more food than in Usagara for the Wagogo were mixing their small stores of grain with the monkey bread seeds of the gouty limbed tree.

I sent Bombay off with a message to Kamrasi explaining everything, and begging for an early interview, as I had much of importance to communicate, and wished, of all things, to see the letter he had from Gani, as it must have come from our dear friends at home.


We kept quiet Magento M70-101 Exam Preparation all day, to see what effect that would have upon the king.

It was not the custom of my country for great men to consort with servants, and until I saw him, and made friends, I should not be happy.

And, finally, to show the greatness of the tribe, I read the 14th chapter of 2d Chronicles, in which it is written how Zerah, the Ethiopian, with a host of a thousand thousand, met the Jew Asa with a large army, in the valley of Zephathah, near Mareshah adding to it that again, at a much later date, we find the Ethiopians battling with the Arabs in the Somali country, and with the Arabs and Portuguese at Omwita Mombas in all of which places they have taken possession of certain tracts of land, and left their sons to people it.

He acceded to this, but no sooner got them, than he broke his faith, and said he must either have more pretty cloths, or five more brass wires, and then, without doubt, he would beat the drums.

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He, like the rest of the porters in the caravan, wore a shirt of fig tree bark called mbugu.

Budja lost sight of the necessity there was for his going to Gani to bring back a gun, ammunition, and some medicine that is to say, brandy for his king and sent his men off with mine to tell Mtesa all our adventures our double repulse, the intention to wait on the Unyoro side for further orders, and the account of some Waganda having wounded my men.

No one present, however, could be prevailed on to go to him in the capacity of ambassador, as the frontier officer had warned the Wageni or guests that, if they ever attempted to cross the border again, he was bound in duty, agreeably to the orders of his king, to expel them by force therefore, should the Wageni attempt it after this warning, their first appearance would be considered a casus belli and so the matter rested M70-101 Exam Questions for the day.

I now longed to open conversation, but knew not the language, and no one near me dared speak, or even lift his head from fear of being accused of eyeing the women so the king and myself sat staring at one another for full an hour I mute, but he pointing and remarking with those around him on the novelty of my guard and general appearance, and even requiring to see my hat lifted, the umbrella shut and opened, and the guards face about and show off their red cloaks for such wonders had never been seen in Uganda.

According to the prognostics, they report that he will either have to live a life of peace, or after coronation take the field at the head of an army to fight M70-101 Actual Questions either east, west, or both ways, when usually the first march is on Kittara, and the second on Usoga.

It was true Manua Sera, their enemy, had taken refuge in his palace, but that was not his fault for, anticipating the difficulties that would arise, he did his best to keep Manua Sera out of it, but Manua Sera being too strong for him, forced his way in.

On nearing the place, however, the women of the village, who were the only people visible, instead of running away, as our braves expected, commenced hullalooing, and brought out their husbands.

Here the little grass hut villages were not fenced by a boma, but were hidden in large fields of plantains.

As I could not quiet them, I directed that, early next morning, Maula should go to the king and Nasib to the queen, while I proposed going to Kamraviona s to work them all three about this affair of food.

With half my men gone, I still ordered the march, though strongly opposed to the advice of one of old Mamba s men, who was then passing by on his way to the coast, in command of his master s rear detachment.

Thinking I was now well in for a good fleecing myself, I sent Bombay off to Masudi s camp, to tell Insangez, who was travelling with him on a mission of his master s, old Musa s son, that I would reward him handsomely if he would, on arrival at Karague, get Rumanika to send us his mace here in the same way as Suwarora had done to help us out of Bogue, as he knew Musa at one time said he would go with us to Karague in person.

He then fixed the hongo at fifteen masango or brass wire bracelets, sixteen cloths of sorts, and a hundred necklaces of samisami or red coral beads, which was to pay for Grant as well as myself.

The queen put her head to the trough and drank like a pig from it, and was followed by her ministers.

On the right bank wild buffalo are described to be as numerous as cows, but we did not see any, though the country is covered with a most inviting jungle for sport, which intermediate lays of fine grazing grass.

I then tried to teach the king the use of the compass.

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I had sent for fifty more men on the same terms as themselves, and nothing in the world would make me alter what had been established at the British Consulate.

These, he said, were all that belonged to the government for the half of all captures of cows, as well as all slaves, all goats, and sheep, were allowed to the men as part of their pay.

We then pushed on to M70-101 Prep Guide Ungurue s, another chief of the same district.

I said to those men, I thought he was ashamed to see us, as he had robbed us so after inviting us into the country, else he was too superstitious, for he ought at least to have given us a place in his palace.

Kamrasi, he said, must have hidden them somewhere, fearful of the number of guns which now surrounded him and, for the same reason, he told lies, yes, lies but no man living shall dare tell himself lies and now, as he could not obtain his object by fair means, he would use arms and force it out.

In former days Kirengue was inhabited, and we reasonably hoped to find some supplies for the jungly march before us.

At these two I now went with my only rifle, leaving the servants and savages behind.

The battalion, consisting of what might be termed three companies, each containing 200 M70-101 Exam Magento Certified Developer Exam M70-101 men, being drawn up on the left extremity of the parade ground, received orders to march past in single file from the right of companies, at a long trot, and re form again at the other end of the square.

A large portion of the negro races affect nudity, despising clothing as effeminate but these are chiefly the more boisterous roving pastorals, who are too lazy either to grow cotton or strip the trees of their bark.

He made inquiries for the purpose of knowing how we found our way all over the world for on the former expedition a letter had come to him for Musa, who no sooner read it than he said I had called him and he must leave, as I was bound for Ujiji.

To keep the king in good humour, I now took a table knife, spoon, and fork to the palace, which, after their several uses were explained, were consigned to his curiosity box.

Kajunju, in the same wild manner, at the head of 150 warriors, with the soldier s badge a piece of mbugu or plantain leaf tied round their heads, and a leather sheath on their spear heads, tufted with cow s tail rushed in exultingly, having found, to their delight, that there was no one left to fight with, and that they had gained an easy victory.

It was on this account she fell in love with Saim for he, taking compassion on her doleful stories, had promised to keep her as long as he travelled with me, and in the end to send her back to her parents at Ujiji.

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This cheered me so greatly, I had my chair placed under a tree and smoked my first pipe.

At this stage of the business, the birds he was watching having appeared, the king, in a great state of excitement, said, Shoot that kite, and then Shoot that other but the charges were too light and the birds flew away, kicking with their claws as if merely stung a little.

Monkeys of various kinds and squirrels harbour in the trees, but are rarely seen.

In short, his succouring petition was most admirably framed, had he stuck to it, for the welfare of both of us.


Lines of traffic are the worst tracks there are no roads in the districts here referred to for a traveller to go upon, not only because the hospitality of the people has been damped by frequent communication with travellers, but, by intercourse with the semicivilised merchant, their natural honour and honesty are corrupted, their cupidity is increased, and the show of firearms ceases to frighten them.

But the country had dried up, and the lake of Urigi became a small swamp.

It was a perfect marauding campaign for them all, and all alike were soon laden with as much as they could carry.

He generously gave me a goat and eggs, telling my men they might help themselves to plantains from any gardens they liked M70-101 Practice Test beyond certain limits, provided they did not enter houses or take anything else.


This Baker at once undertook, though he said he did not want my property and I drew out suggestions for him how to proceed.

This seemed to me a heaven born opportunity of making friends with one who could help me so materially, and I begged Musa to seal it by sending him something on my account, as I had nothing by me but Musa objected, thinking it better simply to say I was coming, and if he, K yengo, would assist me in Usui, I would then give him some cloths as he wanted otherwise, Musa said, the man who had to convey it would in all probability make away with it, and then do his best to prevent my seeing K yengo.

Should a date be lost, you can always discover it by taking a lunar distance and comparing it with the Nautical Almanac, by noting the time when a star passes the meridian if your watch is right, or by observing the phases of the moon, or her rising or setting, as compared with the M70-101 Prep Guide Nautical Almanac.

Their system of government is mostly of the patriarchal character.

The drum was beaten, as the public intimation of the payment of the hongo, and Magento Certified Developer M70-101 consequently of our release, and we went on to Mihambo, on the west border of the eastern division of Uzinza, which is called Ukhanga.

Whilst this was going on, I wrote letters and packed up my specimens, and sent them back by my late valet, Rahan, who also got orders to direct Sheikh Said to seize the two men who deserted, and take them down chained to the coast when he went there.

He also wanted himself drawn, and all Grant s pictures copied.

Mahanda 2.

At once, on firing, I was admitted to the king s favourite place, which, now that the king had a movable chair to sit upon, was the shade of the court screen.

Each tribe has its characteristics, it is true.

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I explained to him that my skin was white because I lived in a colder country than his, and therefore was much more sensitive to the heat of the sun than his black skin adding, at the same time, if it gave no offence, I would prefer sitting in the shade of the court fence.

The rest were placed with wives in a suite of huts, under charge of a keeper, to prevent any chance of intrigues and dissensions.

Maula on my behalf opened conversation, in allusion to her yesterday s question, by saying I had applied to Mtesa for a M70-101 Exam Cram palace, that I might be near enough both their majesties to pay them constant visits.

Thousands of cattle, and strings of women and children, sometimes the result of a victorious plundering hunt, or else the accumulated seizures from refractory Wakungu, are brought in for there is no more common or acceptable offering to appease the king s wrath towards any refractory or blundering officer than a present of a few young beauties, who may perhaps be afterwards given as the reward of good service to other officers.

The Wanyamuezi, I was assured, were dying of starvation in all directions for, in addition to the war, the last rainy season had been so light, all their crops had failed.

At Zanzibar he was the Consul s righthand man he ranked above Bombay in the consular boat s crew, and became a terror even to the Banyans who kept slaves.

Then emerging from the wilderness, we came into the open cultivated district of Tura, or put down called so by the natives because it was, only a few years ago, the first cleared space in the wilderness, and served as a good halting station, after the normal ten day s march in the jungles, where we had now been struggling more than a month.

Baraka was appointed the umpire, and immediately comparing the infant s face with those of its claimants, gave a decision which all approved of but the loser.

We would present him with cows if we had such as he wanted, but we could not bargain.

Arriving at the place mentioned, I settled at once I would enter with only two spare men M70-101 Exam Preparation carrying guns, for the acacia thorns were so thick that the only tracks into the thicket were runs made by these animals.

Further, he commanded in a bullying tone that all the Wahuma who were with Lumeresi should be sent to him at once, adding, at the same time, if his royal mandate was not complied with as soon as he expected, he would at once send a force to seize Lumeresi, and place another man in his stead to rule over the district.


I thought then to myself, as I did at Rumanika s, when I first viewed the Mfumbiro cones, and gathered all my distant geographical information there, that these highly saturated Mountains of the Moon give birth to the Congo as well as to the Nile, and also to the Shire branch of the Zambeze.

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After all these annoyances, the chief officer of the place offered us a present of a goat, but was sent to the right about in scorn.

Journal of the Discovery of The Source of the Nile Chapter 1 London to Zanzibar, 1859 The design The Preparations Departure The Cape The Zulu Kafirs Turtle Turning Capture of a Slaver Arrive at Zanzibar Local Politics and News Since Last Visit Organisation of the Expedition.

There were orders given only to see the stones, and if he took me to one hill I should wish to see another and another, and so on.

On opening the chronometer, he again wrenched back the seconds hand, and sent it for repair, together with two pots of pombe as a peace offering.

A further feature of the court consists in the national symbols already referred to a dog, two spears, and shield.

Some smaller animals were killed but I wasted all my time in fruitlessly stalking some wounded striped eland magnificent animals, as large as Delhi oxen and some other animals, of which I wounded three, about the size of hartebeest, and much their shape, only cream coloured, with a conspicuous black spot in the centre of each M70-101 Exam Preparation flank.

Then by way of a change, he ordered all the drums to embark and play upon the waters whilst he and his attendants paddled and steered by turns, first up the creek, and then down nearly to the broad waters of the lake.

At this announcement the girls received a hint to pass on, and the king commenced bestowing on them a series of huggings, first sitting on the lap of one, whom he clasped to his bosom, crossing his neck with hers to the right, then to the left, and, having finished with her, took post in the second one s lap, then on that of the third, performing on each of them the same evolutions.

The amalgamation having failed, I wrote some emanicipation tickets, called the Sultan s men all up together, selected the best, gave them these tickets, announced that their pay and all rewards would be placed for the future on the same conditions as those of the Wanguana, and as soon as I saw any signs of improvement in the rest, they would all be treated in the same manner but should they desert, they would find my arm long enough to arrest them on the coast and put them into prison.

Woh, woh, woh cried the king again, there he is, sure enough come here, women come and look what wonders And all the women, in the highest excitement, woh wohed as loud as any LOT-989 Certification Answers of the men.

This was something like an inquiry into the ecclesiastical condition of the country, while, at the same time, it was a religious ceremony, and, as such, was appropriate to the first day after the new moon appears.

Proceeding to the queen s palace, we met Murondo, who had once travelled to the Masai frontier.

I like the carbine very well, but you must give me a double smooth gun.

The cutlers show knives and forks made Magento M70-101 of iron inlaid with brass and copper the furriers, most beautifully sewn patchwork of antelopes skins the habit maker, sheets of mbugu barkcloth the blacksmith, spears the maker of shields, his productions and so forth but nothing is ever given without rubbing it down, then rubbing the face, and going through a long form of salutation for the gracious favour the king has shown in accepting it.

Oh, he said, over and over again and again, according to my informer, can this be true Can the white man have come all this way to see me What a strong man he must be too, to come so quickly Here are seven cows, four of them milch ones, as you say he likes milk, which you will give him and there are three for yourself for having brought him so quickly.

In the evening pages informed me that Grant had arrived at N yama Goma, one march distant.

This was the sacrifice of a child by cooking, as described in the introduction a ceremony which it fell to K yengo to carry out.

In the morning, whilst it rained, some pages drove in twenty cows and ten goats, with a polite metaphorical message from their king, M70-101 Exam Preparation to the effect that I had pleased him much, and he hoped I would accept these few chickens until he could send more, when both Maula and N yamgundu, charmed with their success in having brought a welcome guest to Uganda, never ceased showering eulogiums on me for my fortune in having gained the countenance of their king.

then changing the word Anguja for Anguza, says to Ntalo I think you said your mother and father both died at Anguza, did you not N.

It was a merry scene, but soon became tiresome when Bombay, by way of flattery, and wishing to see what the queen s wardrobe embraced, told her, Any woman, however ugly, would assume a goodly appearance if prettily dressed upon which her gracious majesty immediately rose, retired to her toilet hut, and soon returned attired in a common check cloth, and abrus tiara, a bead necklace, and with a folding looking glass, when she sat, as before, and was handed a blown glass cup of pombe, with a cork floating on the liquor, and a napkin mbugu covering the top, by a naked virgin.

One substantial fact has been established, owing to our having crossed over ten degrees of latitude in the centre of the continent, or from 5 south to 5 north latitude, which is this There exists a regular gradation of fertility, surprisingly rich on the equator, but decreasing systematically from it and the reason why this great fertile zone is confined to the equatorial regions, is the same as that which has constituted it the great focus of water or lake supply, whence issue the principal rivers of Africa.

To day I visited Usungu again, and found him better.

After returning to the second tier of huts from which I had retired, everybody appeared to be in a hurried, confused state of excitement, not knowing what to make out of so unprecedented an exhibition of temper.

Turning the subject, to put in a word for my great object, I asked her to use her influence in opening the road to Gani, as, after all, that was the best way to get new things into Uganda.

Tell my brother to keep his mind at rest Bombay is now on the boundary of Gani coming here, and will in due course arrive.

1st and 2d.

On arriving at Mininga, I was rejoiced to see Grant greatly recovered.

a dirk fastened to the waist by many strings of coloured beads.

I took what he sent, from fear of giving offence, but replied that I was surprised the great king should wish to see my property before seeing myself, and although I attached no more value to my property than he did to his, I could not demean myself by sending him trifles in that way.

I could not get a proper front shot at the boss of any of them, and if I had waited an instant we should both have been picked up or trodden to death so I let fly at their temples, and instead of killing, sent the whole of them rushing away at a much faster pace than they came.

As one of the two, I could see, had one of his fore legs broken, I went at the sounder one, and gave him another shot, which simply induced him to walk over the lower end of the hill.

All slaves learn the coast language, called at Zanzibar Kisuahili and therefore the traveller, if judicious in his selections, could find there interpreters to carry him throughout the eastern half of South Africa.

At any rate, the boys mistook the west for the east and as I thought they had done so, I stood firm to one spot, and finally lay down with them to sleep upon the cold wet ground, where we slept pretty well, being only disturbed occasionally by some animals sniffing at our feet.

They were the flesh, and I was the knife I cut and did with them just as I liked, and they could not stand it any longer.

Of course I took the opportunity to renew my protest against the plundering system but the king, changing the subject, told me the Wazungu were at Gani inquiring M70-101 Exam Dump after us, and wishing to come here.

4, eggs No.

After anxiously watching, I found out that Meri was angry with me for not allowing Ilmas s woman to live in my house and, to conquer my resolution against it although I ordered it with a view to please Ilmas, for he was desperately in love with her she made herself sick by putting her finger down her throat.

I knew they were telling lies, and would not enter the village, but shot the cows when they arrived, for the villagers to eat, to show them I cared for nothing but making headway, and remained out in the open all night.

When more sober, Bombay again came to crave a thousand pardons for what he had done, threw himself down at my feet, then at Grant s, kissed our toes, swore I was his Ma Pap father and mother he had no father or mother to teach him better he owed all his prosperity to me men must err sometimes oh, if I would only forgive him, and so forth.


The third scene was more easily arranged, for the day was fast declining.

I now hoped, as I had got the king all by himself, and apparently in a good humour with me, that I might give him a wholesome lesson on the manners and customs of the English nation, to show how much I felt the slights I had received since my residence in Uganda but he never lost his dignity and fussiness as an Uganda king.

They were literally lying in heaps on the ground, though the people were brewing pombe all day, and cooking them for dinner every evening.

No one else could be seen.

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As soon as we reached home, my first inquiry was concerning their histories, of which they appeared to know but very little.

It would be as much as his life was worth to go one yard in advance of this until the king s leave was obtained.

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She then said, We hear you don Magento Certified Developer Exam M70-101 t like the Unyamuezi route, we will open the Ukori one for you.

After this, as Bombay brought up the last of my skulking men, I bade him good bye again, and made an afternoon march on to Takina, in the district of Msalala, which we no sooner approached than all the inhabitants turned out and fired their arrows at us.

His reply was that he would tell the king and he immediately rose and walked away home.

Their habitat extends from this to the Asua river, whilst the Madi occupy all the country west of this meridian to the Nile, which is far beyond sight.

Unexpectedly, and for reasons only known to himself, the king sent us a cow and load of butter, which had been asked for many days ago.

This double failure was a more serious affair then a mere slight for my cows were eaten up, and my men clamouring incessantly for food and though they might by orders help themselves ku n yangania by seizing from the Waganda, it hurt my feelings so much to witness this, that I tried from the first to dispense with it, telling the king I had always flogged my men for stealing, and now he turned them into a pack of thieves.

Chapter VII Usui Taxation recommenced A Great Doctor Suwarora pillaging The Arabs Conference with an Ambassador from Uganda Disputes in Camp Rivalry of Bombay and Baraka Departure from the Inhospitable Districts.

Well, then, where is the tree you told Bombay you would point out to us with Petherick s name on it Oh, that is on the way to Gondokoro.

The guns, of course, I shall want again at some other time, when I will send one of my English children to visit him for now Kamrasi has opened his country to us, and given us leave to come and purchase ivory, I never shall be very far away.

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