Who was that Guy in the White Robe?

Elders are a called group of individuals whose goal is to support the spiritual life of the people of God here at HNLC. The traditional description of an elder can be found in 1 Tim 3: 1-7. The efforts of the elders are often not as easily seen as with other ministries. Elders are called to lead in service (1 Peter 5) and in prayer (James 5:14). And, just as important as supporting the people, elders support the pastor and aid him as needed in his service to the people. As of this writing, the elders of HNLC consist of the following individuals:

  • Gary Heckathorn (Head Elder)
  • Steve Lohrmann
  • Will McFarland
  • Dave Bohning
  • John Schiller
  • John Pulley

These persons have been set out to serve you. Please feel free to reach out to any of them with your prayer needs, concerns, complements or whatever it may be that the Lord has placed on your heart.

We are always in a process of spiritual growth. Those interested in becoming an elder should contact Gary Heckathorn for more information about this spirit led walk.