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The other case was easily settled by my wounded men receiving orders to keep their prisoners till claimed, when, should any people come forward, they would be punished, otherwise their loss in human stock would be enough.

Where the Watuta came from, nobody could tell they were dressed something like the Zulu Kaffirs of the South, but appeared to be now gradually migrating from the regions of N yazza.

Highly conceited of their personal appearance, they are for ever cutting their hair in different fashions, to surprise a friend or if a rag be thrown away, they will all in turn fight for it to bind on their heads, then on their loins or spears, peacocking about with it before their admiring comrades.

Then the royal cutler brought in dinner knives made of iron, inlaid with squares of copper and brass, and goats and vegetables were presented as usual, when by torchlight we were dismissed, my men taking with them as many plantains as they could carry.

Grant and I after this kept our pot boiling by shooting three more antelopes but nothing of consequence transpired until the 30th, when Bukhet, Mahamed s factotum, arrived with the greater part of the Turk s property.

Suwarora by this time knows I am coming, and you may depend on it he will be just as anxious to have us in Usui as Makaka is to keep us here, and he cannot hurt us, as Rumanika is over him, and also expects us.

During the day they lured my men into their huts by inviting them to dinner but when they got them they stripped them stark naked and let them go again whilst at night they stone our camp.

It was true Manua Sera, their enemy, had taken refuge in his palace, but that was not his fault for, anticipating the difficulties that would arise, he did his best to keep 1Z0-531 Exam Guide Pdf Manua Sera out of it, but Manua Sera being too strong for him, forced his way in.

But enough of the freed man in camp on the march he is no better.

This complicated matters more than ever.

On this, Bombay flew into a passion, abusing the men who were helping me, as there were fires and powder boxes under the tent.

I then sent Bombay to work at the hongo business but, after haggling till night with Kariwami, he was told he must bring fourteen brass wires, two cloths, and five mukhnai of kanyera, or white porcelain beads which, reduced, amounted to three hundred necklaces else he said I might stop there for a month.

I then tried to prevail on him to take a knife and some other pretty things, but he feared them all so, as a last chance for I wished to send some token, by way of card or letter, for announcing my approach and securing the road I gave him a red six penny pocket handkerchief, which he accepted and he then told me he was surprised I had come all this way round to Uganda, when the road by the Masai country was so much shorter.

His palace proper was not here, but three marches westward he had come here and pitched a camp to watch his brothers, who were at war with him.

FN 10 Saim told me he had lived ten years in Uganda, had crossed the Nile, and had traded eastward as far as the Masai country.


I said in answer, that Petherick had promised to have boats there all the year round, so I would not wait.

The Wakungu, who thought, as well as ourselves, that we were in nothing better than a prison, hurried off with the message, and soon returned with a message from their king that he was busily engaged decorating his palace to give us a triumphant reception for he was anxious to pay us more respect than anybody who had ever visited him before.

His residence was as well kept as Mtesa s uncle s but instead of a baraza fronting his house, he had a small enclosure, with three small huts in it, kept apart for devotional purposes, or to propitiate the evil spirits in short, according to the notions of the place, a church.

I sent the king a diagram, painted in various colours, with full explanations of everything, and asked permission to send two more of my men in search of Bombay, who had now been absent twenty days.

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But we will see again.

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He stared, and everybody stared, believing me to be a magician, when the king said he would like to have pictures of the birds drawn and hung up in the palace but let us go and shoot some more, for it is truly wonderful.

To undeceive him, and tell him it was the compass which I looked at and not the watch, I knew would only end with my losing that instrument as well so I told him it was not my guide, but a time keeper, made for the purpose of knowing what time to eat my dinner by.

We slept under a tree, and this morning found a comfortable residence under the eaves of a capacious hut.

Four young women, virgins, the daughters of these high officers, nicely dressed, were shown in as brides, and ordered to sit with the other women.

Accordingly, we tied up a bag of the commonest mixed beads, added the king s chronometer, and sent them to Kamrasi with a violent message that we were thoroughly disgusted with all that had happened the beads were for the poor beggar who came to our house yesterday, not to see us, but to beg and as we did not desire the acquaintance of beggars, we had made up our minds never to call again, nor receive any more bread or wine from the king.

At last Bombay came back.

Despite, therefore, of the warnings of Budja, I strolled again with my rifle, and saw pallah, small plovers, and green antelopes with straight horns, called mpeo, the skin of which makes a favourite 000-105 Practice Questions apron for the Mabandwa.

This is done by timing the rate of march with a watch, taking compass bearings along the road, or on any conspicuous marks as, for instance, hills off it and by noting the watershed in short, all topographical objects.

Although, in addition to the journey to the source of the river, I also proposed spending three years in the country, looking up tributaries, inspecting watersheds, navigating the lake, and making collections on all branches of natural history, yet 000 was thought by the Geographical Society too large a sum to expect from the Government so I accepted the half, saying that, whatever the expedition might cost, I would make good the rest, as, under any circumstances, I would complete what I had begun, or die in the attempt.


Indeed, great king then you did not come to visit us, but to beg, eh You shall have nothing, positively nothing for we will not have it said the king did not come to see us, but to beg.

I came to Uganda to see the king and queen, because the Arabs said they were always treated with great respect but now I could perceive those Arabs did not know what true respect means.

To avert over hastiness, however for my servants began to be alarmed as I demurred against doing as I was bid I allowed five minutes to the court to give me a proper reception, saying, if it were not conceded I would then walk away.

On the 18th, Kurshid Agha was summoned by the constant fire of musketry, a mile or two down the river, and went off in his vessels to the relief.

He was far too big minded for the sphere which he occupied and my surprise now is that he ever took service, knowing what he should, at the time of enlistment, have expected, that no man would be degraded to make room for him.

I did not walk straight up to him as if to shake hands, but went outside the ranks of a three sided square of squatting Wakungu, all inhabited in skins, mostly cow skins some few of whom had, 000-105 Exam Preparation in addition, leopard cat skins girt round the waist, the sign of royal blood.

He also settled that I might take out of his establishment of slaves as many men as I could induce to go with me, for he thought them more trouble than 000-105 profit, hired porters being more safe moreover, he said the plan would be of great advantage to him, as I offered to pay, both man and master, each the same monthly stipend as I gave my present men.

I said I was not surprised to hear Usui had attracted the Watuta s cupidity, for every one knew of the plundering propensities of the inhabitants, and as they became rich by their robberies, they must in turn expect to be robbed.

Another 000-105 Vce Dumps man, perhaps, exposes an inch of naked leg whilst squatting, or has his mbugu tied contrary to regulations, and is condemned to the same fate.

After this I walked off to see N yamasore, taking my blankets, a pillow, and some cooking pots to make a day of it, and try to win the affections of the queen with sixteen cubits bindera, three pints peke, and three pints mtende beads, which, as Waganda are all fond of figurative language, I called a trifle for her servants.

After arriving there, and going through the usual salutations, Kamrasi asked us from what stock of people we came, explaining his meaning by saying, As we, Rumanika, Mtesa, and the rest of us enumerating the kings , are Wawitu or princes , Uwitu or the country of princes being to the east.

Further, he commanded in a bullying tone that all the Wahuma who were with Lumeresi should be sent to him at once, adding, at the same time, if his royal mandate was not complied with as soon as he expected, he would at once send a force to seize Lumeresi, and place another man in his stead to rule over the district.

Thus died my first rhinoceros.

I begged for my picture books, which were only lent him at his request for a few days and then began a badgering verbal conflict he would not return them until I drew others like them he would not allow me to go to the Little Luta Nzige, west of this, until Bombay returned, when he would send me with an army of spears to lead the way, 000-105 Practice Exam and my men with their guns behind to protect the rear.

She begged I would come next morning.

When all was duly considered, it appeared evident to me that the great king of Unyoro, the father of all the kings, IBM certifications III 000-105 was merely a nervous, fidgety creature, half afraid of us because we were attempting his country by the unusual mode of taking two routes at once, but wholly so of the Waganda, who had never ceased plundering his country for years.

I then made friends with him, and found he was a great doctor as well as an officer.

He, however, escaped them but they destroyed his country, and then followed me down to Nguru.

Here Kajunju, coming from behind, overtook us, and breathless with running, in the most excited manner, abused Dr K yengo s men for leading us on, and ordered us to stop until he saw the king, and ascertained the place his majesty wished us to reside in.

To pass the night half way was now imperative, as we had been the whole day travelling without making good much ground.

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Whilst these men were on this mission, I went on a like errand to the queen, taking my page Lugoi with the liver medicine.

This also proved a dead failure but although animals were very scarce, Grant relieved our anxiety by shooting a zebra and an antelope.

I did not follow her advice to chain either of them with iron, for I found cords of love, the only instrument white men know the use of, quite strong enough.

The frequency with which collections of villages are found all over the countries we are alluding to, leaves but very little scope for the runs of wild animals, which are found only in dense jungles, open forests, or praires generally speaking, where hills can protect them, and near rivers whose marshes produce a thick growth of vegetation to conceal them from their most dreaded enemy man.

I gave way, thinking it prudent to do so, but resolved in my mind I would get Grant to see it in boats on his voyage from Karague.

I need say no more.

These poor creatures, in a desponding mood, defended themselves by saying, which was quite true, that they had left their homes in Sorombo to visit her, and to trade.


This promise might probably be fulfilled six blessed hours from the time when it was made but I thought to myself, every place in Uganda is alike when there is no company at home, and so I resolved to sit the time out, like Patience on a monument, hoping something funny might turn up after all.

All the elite of the place, covered with war paints, and dressed, so far as their nakedness was covered at all, like clowns in a fair, charging down the hill full tilt with their spears, and, after performing their customary evolutions, mingled with our men, and invited us up the hill, where we no sooner arrived than Chongi, a very old man, attended by his familiar, advanced to receive us one holding a white hen, the other a small gourd of pombe and a little twig.

The gruff hippopotamus is as widespread as any, being found wherever there is water to float him whilst the shy giraffe and zebra affect all open forests and plains where the grass is not too long and antelopes, of great variety in species and habits, are found wherever man will let them alone and they can find water.

Maula then engaged the king s attention for fully an hour, relating what wonderful things Bana kept in his house, if his majesty would only deign to see them and for this humbug got rewarded by a present of three women.

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No one would go forward with the two cows behind besides which, the day was far spent, and there IBM 000-105 was nothing but jungle, they said, beyond.

Three Dutch ladies FN 27 , also, with a view to assist us in the same way as Baker God bless them , had come here in a steamer, but were driven back to Khartum by sickness.

Now, hurry off as fast as you can, and tell him I am more delighted at the prospect of seeing him than he can be to see me.

To day, Jafu, who had lost many ivories at Khoko when Mohinna was attacked there, prepared 100 slaves, with Said bin Osman, Mohinna s brother, with a view to follow down Snay, and, combining forces, attack Hori Hori, hoping to recover their losses for it appeared to them the time had now come when their only hope left in carrying their trade to a successful issue, lay in force of arms.

Here, however, he was at last reduced to submission and a better state of his senses by starvation for I must add, the African is much give to such mental fits of aberration at certain periods these are generally harmless, but sometimes not but they come and they go again without any visible cause.

Much pleased with the things, Kamrasi ordered the tent to be pitched before all his court, pointed out to them what clever people the white people are, making iron pots instead of earthen ones.

To avenge this, Lumeresi headed his host, and was accompanied by my men but they succeeded in nothing save in frightening off their enemies, and regaining possession of the body of the dead woman.

I swore I could not part with them.

I wished to be communicative, and, giving him a purse of money, told him the use and value of the several coins but he paid little regard to them, and soon put them down.

They feared, they said, to speak on such subjects whilst the women were present.

After crossing many more hills and miry bottoms, constantly coming in view of the lake, we reached Ugonzi, and after another march of the same description, came to Kituntu, the last officer s residence in Uddu.

1st and 2d.

It was rather ominous that hail fell with violence, and lightning burnt down one of the palace huts, while the king was in the midst of his propitiatory devotions.

All the men of his district clapped their hands together as a courteous salutation to him, and the women curtsied as well as they do at our court a proof that they respected him as a great potentate a homage rarely bestowed on the chiefs of other small states.

At first, on my approach, the haughty young chief, very handsome, and twenty years of age, did not raise his head then he begged me to be seated, and even enquired after my health, in a listless, condescending kind of manner, as if the exertion of talking was too much for his constitution or his rank but he soon gave up this nonsense as I began to talk, inquired, amongst other things, why I did not see the Waganda at my house, when I said I should so much like to make acquaintance with them, and begged to be introduced to the company who were present.

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One can seldom afford to follow wild animals on the line of march, otherwise we might have bagged some antelopes to day, which, scared by the interminable singing, shouting, bell jingling, horn blowing, and other such merry noises of the moving caravan, could be seen disappearing in the distance.

Strict as the discipline of the exterior court is, that of the interior is not less severe.


Rohinda was succeeded by Ntare, then Rohinda II.

All heroism, however, ensures promotion.

It did not become my dignity to live in houses appropriated to persons in the rank of servants, which I considered the ivory merchants to be and as I had come only to see him and the high officers of Uganda, not seeking for ivory or slaves, I begged he would change my place of residence to the west end, when I also trusted his officers would not be ashamed to visit me, as appeared to be the case at present.

The king was very much disappointed at this announcement said they were his adopted children, and the only ones he could part with, for his own 000-105 Study Guide Book boys were mere balls of fat, and too small to leave home.

She will say, I took a few trifles from Bana as specimens of his country, but they shall all go back, and the things the king has received shall go back also, for we are all of one family and then won t Bana be very sorry Moreover, Wakungu will be killed by dozens, and lamentations will reign throughout the court to propitiate the devils who brought such disasters on them.

Any toy will amuse them.

I sent three, feeling that nothing would be lost by being open handed.

Still he did us a good turn for on the 16th he persuaded his men to take service with us at the enormous hire of ten necklaces of beads per man for every day s march nearly ten times what an Arab pays.

His only reply to this was, Bana is always in a preposterous hurry.

With much affected difficulty he sat at the end of the hut beside the symbols alluded to, and continued his coughing full half an hour, when his wife came in in the same manner, without saying a word, and assumed the same affected style.

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There were from fifty to sixty women present, all very lady like, but none of them pretty.

As nothing could be done yesterday, in consequence of the king being in his cups, the Wakungu conveyed my message to day, but with the usual effect, till a diplomatic idea struck me, and I sent another messenger to say, if our residence was not changed at once, both Grant and myself had made up our minds to cut off our hair and blacken our faces, so that the king of all kings should have no more cause to fear us.

Uganda is now entirely left behind we shall not see its like again for the further one leaves the equator, and the rain attracting influences of the Mountains of the Moon, vegetation decreases proportionately 000-105 Exam Prep with the distance.

The whole country around the palace was in a state of commotion to day, from Maula and his children hunting down those officers who had returned from the war, yet had not paid their respects to the king at the N yanza, because they thought they would not be justified in calling on him so quickly after their arrival.

Kamrasi, however, returned the books of birds and IBM 000-105 Dumps Pdf animals, requesting a picture of the king of Uganda to be drawn for him, and gave us one pot of pombe.

Wishing now to gain further intelligence of Grant, I ordered some of my men to carry a letter to him but they all feared the Watuta meeting them on the way, and would not.

Then Rumanika 000-105 Pdf Download s men, who came here with Baraka, though daily crying to get away, were still imprisoned here, without any hope before them.


The king now loaded one of the carbines I had given him with his own hands, and giving it full cock to a page, told him to go out and shoot a man in the outer court which was no sooner accomplished than the little urchin returned to announce his success, with a look of glee such as one would see in the face of a boy who had robbed a bird s nest, caught a trout, or done any other boyish trick.

Had my party not been under control, we could not have put up here but on my being answerable that no thefts should take place, the people kindly consented to provide us with board and lodgings, and we found them very obliging.


After walking about till after dark, on returning to the empty house, I had some misgivings as to the apparent cruelty of abandoning one so helpless to the uncertainties of this wicked world.

Kidgwiga with our cattle arrived in the morning.

To put the royal message in proper shape, I was now requested to send some trifle by way of a letter or visiting card but, on taking out a Colt s revolving rifle for the purpose, Rumanika advised me not to send it, as Mtesa might take fright, and, considering it a charm of evil quality, reject us as bad magicians, and close his gates on us.

Life is never taken in Karague, either for murder or cowardice, as they value so much their Wahuma breed but, for all offences, fines of cows are exacted according to the extent of the crime.



Unconscious myself, I gave loud and impatient orders to my guard, rebuking them for moving like frightened geese, and, with hat in hand, stood gazing on the fair sex till directed to sit and cap.

After this scene, officers announced the startling fact that two white men had been seen at Kamrasi s, one with a beard like myself, the other smooth faced.

Her majesty fat, fair, and forty five was sitting, plainly garbed in mbugu, upon a carpet spread upon the ground within a curtain of mbugu, her elbow resting on a pillow of the same bark material the only ornaments on her person being an abrus necklace, and a piece of mbugu tied round her head, whilst a folding looking glass, much the worse for wear, stood open by her side.

To this IBM 000-105 Dumps Pdf I objected, as so many had tried it and failed, from reasons which had not transpired and, at the same time, I said that if they would give me 000 down at once, I would return to Zanzibar at the end of the year, March to Kaze again, and make the necessary investigations of the Victoria lake.

They both shook their heads, and advised me to remain until the times improved, when the Arabs, being freed from the pressure of war, would come along 132-S-715.1 Ebook and form with us a sufari ku or grand march, as Ukulima and every one else had said we should be torn to pieces in Usui if we tried to cross that district with so few men.

They did not wish to rob me, and would give up their hire, but not one step more would they advance.

Mtesa, it now transpired, had followed my advice of making friendship with Kamrasi by sending two brass wires as IBM certifications III 000-105 a hongo instead of an army, and Kamrasi in return, sent him two elephant tusks.


The same evening I made up my mind, if possible, to purchase a stock of beads from the Arabs, and sent Baraka off to Kufro, to see what 000-105 kind of a bargain he could make with them for, whilst I 000-105 Study Guide trembled to think what those blood suckers would have the impudence to demand when they found me at their mercy, I felt that the beads must be bought, or the expedition would certainly come to grief.


It was granted, and he took a 50 letter on the coast, and a letter of emancipation for himself and family, besides an order, written in Kisuahili, for ten fundo of beads on Rumanika, which made him very happy.

From all appearances one would have said the wretched girl had run away from the plaintiff s house in consequence of ill treatment, and had harboured herself on this decrepid old man without asking his leave but their voices in defence were never heard, for the king instantly sentenced both to death, to prevent the occurrence of such impropriety again and, to make the example more severe, decreed that their lives should not be taken at once, but, being fed to preserve life as long as possible, they were to be dismembered bit by bit, as rations for the vultures, every day, until life was IBM 000-105 Dumps Pdf extinct.

Next day, as there were no signs of the trackers, I went again to the place of the elands, wounded a fine male, but gave up the chase, as I heard the unmistakable gun firing return of the party, and straightway proceeded to camp.

We had a brave crew of young negroes to pull us but, pull as they would, the current was so strong that we feared, if we persisted, we should be drawn into the broad Indian Ocean so, changing our line, we bore into the little coralline island, Maziwa, where, after riding over some ugly coral surfs, we put in for the night.

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At Cairo, where we put up in Shepherd s Hotel, I had the whole of them photographed, and indulged them at the public concerts, tableaux vivants, etc.

A messenger should be sent at once 000-105 Questions to the king of Uganda to inform him of our intention to visit him, with his 000-105 Dumps Pdf own favourable report of us.

After reaching the elevated ground, we marched over rolling tops, covered with small trees and a rich variety of pretty bulbs, and reached the habitations of Muhanda, where we no sooner appeared than the poor villagers, accustomed only to rough handling, 000-105 Brain Dumps immediately dispersed in the jungles.

The tricking scoundrel on quietly saying he could not be answerable for other men s actions if they stole goats, and he could not recognise a man as his chief whom the Sheikh, merely by a whim of his own, thought proper to appoint was condemned to be tied up for the night with the prospect of a flogging in the morning.

I strolled with the gun, and shot two zebras, to be sent to the king, as, by the constitution of Uganda, he alone can keep their royal skins.

Kamrasi, he said, must have hidden them somewhere, fearful of the number of guns which now surrounded him and, for the same reason, he told lies, yes, lies but no man living shall dare tell himself lies and now, as he could not obtain his object by fair means, he would use arms and force it out.

In a sly manner Bombay employed some of my other men to take five wires, a red blanket, and 500 strings of beads, to his would be father in law, which, by a previously concocted arrangement, was to be her dowry price.

Of course I ran imminent risk of losing my own in thus thwarting the capricious tyrant but his caprice proved the friend of both.

we were called by Kamrasi to visit him at the Kafu palace again, and requested to bring a lot of medicines tied up in various coloured cloths, so that he might know what to select for different ailments.

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We saw three large red flags heading a military procession, which marched out of the camp with drums and fifes playing.

It was not in the palace, but outside, without a tree near it anything but a nice looking residence.

After much bother and many disappointments, as I was assured I could get no men to help me until after the war was over, and the Arabs had been to Ugogo, and had brought up their property, which was still lying there, I accepted two men as guides one named Bui, a very small creature, with very high pretensions, who was given me by Abdalla the other, a steady old traveller, named Nasib or Fortune , who was given me by Fundi Sangoro.

Boats there were, which the sailors gave chase to but, as they had no liquor, they were allowed to go their way, and the sailors, instead, set to lifting baskets and taking fish from the snares which fisherman, who live in small huts amongst the rushes, had laid for themselves.

Grant and I now called together on the king to present the rifle, chair, and ammunition, as we could not thank him in words sufficiently for the favour he had done us in granting the road through Unyoro.

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