Your donation matters!

Give a general donation that will be strategically used to accomplish Holy Nativity’s mission.

As our church is fully supported by our members and friends, it is important that we continue our work and we cannot do this without your faithful support. To give you a perspective, our weekly expenses for building, maintenance, staff, and general facilities (including power and heating) is an average of $10,000 a week. Where does this money come from to make this possible?  You!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact anyone on the ministry board.

Make a donation or tithe using the button below. Donations and tithes go directly towards helping our church and programs grow in the local community.

btn_amazonIf you would like to help with our technical needs directly, here is an Amazon list of items we can make use of.  With buying these items directly you will see your donations being used! 🙂