Church Officers and Ministry Teams


The people listed below are the Church Officers, Financial Executives and Chairpersons for the 2017-2019 term.  They have been called by God to serve in this capacity, which is a rewarding endeavor, to be able to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and build His kingdom here at Holy Nativity.  If you are interested in joining one of the teams, please feel free to contact the respective Chairperson for that ministry.  
God Bless!



Financial Executives

  • Comptroller – Joe Ambrose Jr.
  • Financial Secretary – Lorna Wingate
  • Memorial Funds Treasurer – Janet Flippo
  • Memorial Funds Secretary –  Janet Flippo
  • Special Funds Treasurer – Debbie Heckathorn

Ministry Team Chairpersons

  • Head Elder – John Pulley
  • Chair of Worship Ministry Team – Daniel Lohrmann
  • Chair of Property Ministry Team – Mickey McBee
  • Chair of Stewardship Ministry Team – Ken Mauer
  • Chair of Public Relations Ministry Team/Technology – Gary Heckathorn
  • Chair of Day School Ministry Team – Sara Bosworth
  • Chair of Fellowship Ministry Team – Debbie Heckathorn
  • Chair of Mission and Outreach Ministry Team – Debbie Heckathorn
  • Chair of Youth Group – Quet Quartley
  • Chair of Christian Education – Eileen May
  • Chair of Women’s Ministry – Ligita Kelly