Ministry Teams & Groups

Are you interested in serving your church? Do you have a dream for seeing people come to know Jesus? Is God calling you to take a new step in your faith?
Holy Nativity is currently accepting applications for leadership positions.  If you are interested in being involved in what God is doing through Holy Nativity, please prayerfully consider filling out a leadership application and turning it in to the pastor or one of the elders.
Thank you so much for considering a leadership position at Holy Nativity!

Ministry Council Officers

  • President – Dave Bohning
  • Vice President –
  • Recording Secretary – Shirley Heath
  • Comptroller – Vacant
  • Treasurer – Kay Stirn
  • Financial Secretary – Lorna Wingate
  • Memorial Funds Treasurer/Secretary– Frank & Debbie Bukzar
  • Special Funds Treasurer – Debbie Heckathorn

Ministry Council Chairs

  • Head Elder – Gary Heckathorn
  • Chair of Worship Ministry Team – Zam Khai
  • Chair of Property Ministry Team – Vacant
  • Chair of Stewardship Ministry Team – Ken Mauer
  • Chair of Public Relations Ministry Team/Technology – Mike Robinson & Gary Heckathorn
  • Chair of Day School Ministry Team – Sara Bosworth
  • Chair of Fellowship Ministry Team – Vacant
  • Chair of Mission and Outreach Ministry Team – Debbie Heckathorn
  • Chair of Youth Group – Vacant
  • Chair of Christian Education – Eileen May
  • Chair of Women’s Ministry – Ligita Kelly