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For this triple business, I allowed three days, during which time, always eager to shoot something, either for science or the pot, I killed a bicornis rhinoceros, at a distance of five paces only, with my small 40 gauge Lancaster, as the beast stood quietly feeding in the bush and I also shot a bitch fox of the genus Octocyon lalandii, whose ill omened cry often alarms the natives by forewarning them of danger.

The injury had at once taken a mortal turn, and the chief sent for his magicians, who said it was not the fault of the wife somebody else must have charmed the arrow to cause such a deadly result.

But this was not all their misfortunes for the slaves who brought in this information had met the first detachment, sent with the Khoko loot, at Kigua, where, they said, the detachment had been surprised by Manua Sera, who, having fortified a village with four hundred men, expecting this sort of thing, rushed out upon them, and cut them all up.

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All the Waganda ran away at once but my braves feared my answer more than the lions, and came off safely with the buck on their shoulders.

Their surprise knew no bounds they could scarcely believe what they saw and then, on recovering, with the spirit of true gentlemen, they seized both my hands, congratulating me on the magnitude of my success, and pointed out, as an example of it, a bystander who showed fearful scars, both on his abdomen and at the blade of his shoulder, who they declared had been run through by one of these animals.

Arrived at the usual throne room, he took his seat, dismissed the party of wives who had been following him, as well as the Wakungu, received pombe from his female evil eye averters, and ordered me, with my men, to sit in the sun facing him, till I complained of the heat, and was allowed to sit by his side.


Taking compassion, I levelled my Blisset but, as bad luck would have it, a bough intercepted the flight of the bullet, and it went pinging into the air, whilst the big bull went off at a gallop.

Uledi returned from his expedition against a recusant officer at Kituntu, bringing with him a spoil of ten women.

Still our position in Unyoro was not a pleasant one.

weight I would give him 50 dollars by orders on Zanzibar, and would insure him from being cheated, by sending a letter of advice to our Consul residing there.

Her majesty became genial, as she had been before, and promised to provide me with suitable society.

They all wanted their discharge at once they would not run away, but must have a letter of satisfaction, and then they would go back to their homes at Zanzibar.

These letters eventually reached home, but not the specimens.

This promise might probably be fulfilled six blessed hours from the time when it was made but I thought to myself, every place in Uganda is alike when there is no company at home, and so I resolved to sit the time out, like Patience on a monument, hoping something funny might turn up after all.

He thought Baraka s determined obstinacy on this could only be caused by the influence of the head man of the village, and threatened that if Baraka did not come to visit him at once, he would have the head man beheaded.

Lastly, there was one donkey beaten to death by the savages.

Presently the thought Amazon AWS-SYSOPS Prep Guide struck me that the rifle, which was always infallible in gaining me admittance at the palace, might be of the same service now.

The king now loaded one of the carbines I had given him with his own hands, and giving it full cock to a page, told him to go out and shoot a man in the outer court which was no sooner accomplished than the little urchin returned to announce his success, with a look of glee such as one would see in the face of a boy who had robbed a bird s nest, caught a trout, or done any other boyish trick.

Is there any medicine for women or children which will prevent the offspring from dying shortly after birth for it is a common infirmity in this country with some women, that all their children die before they are able to walk, whilst others never lose a child.

The two following days were spent wandering about without guides, trying to keep the track Grant had taken after leaving us, crossing at first a line of small hills, then traversing grass and jungle, like the dak of India.

Even on our arrival at Ukara not one soul was visible.

There was drumming and music all day and night, and the army Amazon AWS-SYSOPS was being increased to a thousand men, but we poor prisoners could see nothing of it.

The fifteenth was a forced halt, as the stream was so deep and so violent we could not cross it.

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Then, finally, to Maula, also under Rumanika s instructions, I gave two copper wires and five bundles of beads and, when all was completed, set out on the march, perfectly sure in my mind that before very long I should settle the great Nile problem for ever and, with this consciousness, only hoping that Grant would be able to join me before I should AWS-SYSOPS Amazon AWS-SYSOPS have to return again, for it was never supposed for a moment that it was possible I ever could go north from Uganda.

Any venture attracts them when hard up for food and the more roving it is, the better they like it.

During the night, when sleeping profoundly, some person stealthily entered my hut and ran off with a box of bullets towards the palace, but on the way dropped his burden.

The grey beards circulate the orders of the chief amongst the village chiefs, who are fined when they do not comply with them and hence all orders are pretty well obeyed.

Oh, I saw, Bana wangi, if you would only liberate me I would never run away, but would serve you faithfully all my life.

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Sirhid then said he would ask Suwarora to grant us an interview as soon as possible then, whilst leaving, he begged for the iron chair he had sat upon but hearing we did not know how to sit on the ground, and therefore could not spare it, he withdrew without any more words about AWS-SYSOPS Practice Test Pdf it.

Fleets of boats, not canoes, were built for war, and armies formed, that the glory of the king might never decrease.

When these two had gone, the Kamraviona arrived with two spears, one load of flour, and a pot of pombe, which he requested me to accept, adding that the spears were given as it was observed I had accepted some from the king of Uganda a shield was still in reserve for me, and spears would be sent for Grant.

The granitic hills, like those of Unyamuezi, are extremely pretty, and clad with trees, contrasting strangely with the grassy downs of indefinite extend around, which give the place, when compared with the people, the appearance of a paradise within the infernal regions.

We were informed that doubtless he was looking into his Uganga, or magic horn, to discover what he had to expect from us and he seemed as yet to have found no ground for being afraid of us.

They had been defeated in Usoga, two marches each of Kira, at the residence of Nagozigombi, Mtesa s border officer, who gave them two bullocks, but advised their returning at once to inform the king that the independent Wasoga had been fighting with his dependent Wasoga subjects for some time, and the battle would not be over for two months or more, unless he sent an army to their assistance.

4 54 5 , and E.

If that is the case, I said, why do you want a gun Because there are some other matters to settle.

Bit by bit Rumanika became more interested in geography, and seemed highly ambitious of gaining a world wide reputation through the medium of my pen.


The queen looked at me, then at the blanket and her son in turn whilst my men hung down their heads, fearful lest they should be accused of looking at the ladies of the court and the Wakungu n yanzigged again, as if they could not contain the gratification they felt at the favour shown them.

Further, on the death of the child, she smears herself with butter and ashes, and runs frantically about, tearing her hair and bewailing piteously whilst the men of the place use towards her the foulest language, apparently as if in abuse of her person, but in reality to frighten away the demons who have robbed her nest.

Five Wanyoro, five Chopi men, and five Gani men, were to escort him.

My suspicions and even apprehensions, were now greatly excited.

For the future, I should never, I said, mention his name again, but wait until his fear of me had vanished for he quite forgot his true dignity as a host and king in his surprise and fear, merely because we were in a hurry and desired to see him.

On their confirming Sirboki s story, and advising my stopping, I acceded to their recommendation, and immediately gave Musa s men orders to look out for porters.

It is very broad at the mouth, it is true, but so shallow that our vessel with difficulty was able to come up it.

He also place pombe and grain, he said, Amazon AWS-SYSOPS for the same reason, before a large stone on the hillside, although it could not eat, or make any use of it but the coast men were of the same belief as himself, and so were all the natives.

It is considered very indecorous in Uganda to call upon two persons in one day, though even the king or the queen should be one of them.

To treat his messengers disrespectfully could do no good, and might provoke a war, when we should see my deserters joined with the Waganda really coming in force against us whereas, if we saw Budja, we could satisfy him, and Mtesa too, and obviate any such calamity.

The boy who had provoked me was then dragged in, tied by his neck and hands, when the king asked him by whose orders he had acted in such a manner, knowing that I objected to it, and wished to speak to him on the subject first.

The breakfast, eaten in the open court, consisted of sundry baskets of roast beef and plantain squash, folded in plantain leaves.

23d and 24th.

If the natives were wise, they would make enough to sell but as they would not, they must put up with their lot for the government cannot be baulked of its ivory.

In the evening Katunzi, N yamasore s brother, just returned from the Unyoro plunder, called on me whilst I was at dinner.

At night, 22d, a steel scabbard and some cloths were extracted from our camp, so I begged my friend the great doctor would show us the use of his horn.


He then commenced eating with us, and begging again, unsuccessfully, for my compass.

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It was a perfect marauding campaign for them all, and all alike were soon laden with as much as they could carry.

They left this two moons before Baraka arrived here, and I told them the white men would not come here, as I heard they had gone to Uganda.

Just then Kaddu AWS-SYSOPS Braindump s men returned to say they wanted provisions for the way, as the Wazinza, hearing of their mission, asked them if they knew what they were about, going to a strange country without any means of paying their way.

Albinos are valued, though their colour is not admired.

In the evening the beads recently brought from Gani were sent for my inspection, with an intimation that Kamrasi highly approved of them, and would like me to give him a few like them.

There suddenly, in a deep ravine one hundred yards below us, the formerly placid river, up which vessels of moderate size might steam two or three abreast, was now changed into a turbulent torrent.

He called in great state, presented a cow and pombe, was much pleased with the picture books, and wished to feast his eyes on all the wonders in the hut.


To day occurred a brilliant instance of the capricious restlessness and self willedness of this despotic king.

If that is the case, I said, taking things easy, how is it you have opened my loads and scattered the wires about in the tent Oh, that was to take care of them for I thought, if they were left outside all night with the rest of the property, some one would steal them, and I should get the blame of it.

The Kamraviona came to inform us that the king was ready for the great interview, where we could both speak what we had at heart, for as yet he had only heard what our servants had to say and there was a supplement to the message, of the usual kind, that he would like a present of a pencil.

This is practically true, though theoretically not so for the Arabs, on circumcising them, teach them to repeat the words Allah and Mohammed, and perhaps a few others but not one in ten knows what Amazon AWS-SYSOPS Prep Guide a soul means, nor do they expect to meet with either reward or punishment in the next world, though they are taught to regard animals as clean and unclean, and some go through the form of a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Such a man was an element of discord in our peaceful caravan.

Of the Karague story, according to which all the Kidi people sleep in trees, Kidgwiga gave me a modified version.

How what gate tell us all about it.

Whilst engaged in this operation, Baraka, accompanied by Wadimoyo Heart s stream , another of my freeman, approached me in great consternation, whispering to themselves.

Presently, however, they separated one passed in front of us, stopped to drink in a pool, and then lay down in it.

I of course had to fly into a passion and abuse Bombay.

Within the square of men, immediately fronting the king, the war arms of Uganda were arranged in three ranks the great war drum, covered with a leopard skin, and standing on a large carpeting of them, was placed in advance behind this, propped or hung on a rack of iron, were a variety of the implements of war in common use, offensive and defensive, as spears of which two were of copper, the rest iron and shields of wood and leather whilst in the last row or lot were arranged systematically, with great taste and powerful effect, the supernatural arms, the god of Uganda, consisting of charms of various descriptions and in great numbers.

Formerly it was the property of a Beluch named Eseau, who came to this country with merchandise, trading on account of Said Said, late Sultan of Zanzibar but having lost it all on his way here, paying mahongo, or taxes, and so forth he feared returning, and instead made great friends with the late king Sunna, who took an especial fancy to him because he had a very large beard, and raised him to the rank of Mkungu.

He gave us cows, rice, and milk, with the best place he had to live in, and looked after us as constantly and tenderly as if he had been our father.

The Kidi visitors got broken heads for helping themselves from the Wanyoro s fields, and when they cried out against such treatment, were told they should rob the king, if they wished to rob 77-882 Exam Questions With Answers at all.

The whole country around the palace was in a state of commotion to day, from Maula and his children hunting down those officers who had returned from the war, yet had not paid their respects to the king at the N yanza, because they thought they would not be justified in calling on him so quickly after their arrival.

When this addition was made to my force, of twelve mules and ten Hottentots, the Admiral of AWS-SYSOPS Answers the station placed the screw steam corvette Brisk at AWS-SYSOPS Sample Questions my disposal, and we all sailed for Zanzibar on the 16th July, under the command of Captain A.

To day information was brought here that whilst Manua Sera was on his way from Ugogo to keep his appointment with me, Sheikh Snay s army came on AWS-SYSOPS Test Questions him at Tura, where he was ensconced in a tembe.

Next in order came the main stream of the Sobat, flowing into the Nile in the same graceful way as the Geraffe, which in breadth it surpassed, but in velocity of current was inferior.

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K yengo was sent with all his men on a Wakungu seizing expedition, a good job for him, as it was his perquisite to receive the major part of the plunder himself.

5 0 52 , and E.


We found the guard fighting over their beef and plantain dinner.

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I gave him what he wanted, and away he went.

Bombay then told me he had forgotten to do so before that when he was last at Kaze, Sheikh said told him he was sure we would succeed if both he and myself pulled together, although it was well known no one else of my party wished to go northwards.

With him Bombay also brought three new deoles, for which I had to pay 160 dollars, and news that the war with Manua Sera was not then over.

We halted at the earnest solicitation of Chongi, as well as of the Chopi porters, who said they required a day AWS-SYSOPS Questions And Answers Pdf to lay in grain, as the Wichwezi, or mendicant sorcerers for so they thought fit to designate Petherick s elephant hunters had eaten up the country all about them, and those who went before with Bombay to visit their camp could get no food.

N yamgundu then turning to the company, said, What would he do now to expiate his folly If the matter was taken before Mtesa he would lose his head was it not better he should pay one hundred cows All agreeing to this, the young man said he would do so, and quietly allowed the skin to be untied and taken off by the ruffians.

One elderly AWS-SYSOPS Training man, half witted they said the king had driven his senses from him by seizing his house and family came at once on hearing of our arrival, laughing and singing in a loose jaunty maniacal manner, carrying odd sticks, shells, and a bundle of mbugu rags, which he deposited before me, AWS-SYSOPS Prep Guide dancing and singing again, then retreating and bringing some more, with a few plantains from a garden, when I was to eat, as kings lived upon flesh, and poor Tom wanted some, for he lived with lions and elephants in a hovel beyond the gardens, and his belly was empty.

Immediately on our entering her palace, she came forward to meet me with the most affable air of a princess, begged I would always come to her as I did then, and sought to make every one happy and comfortable.

Fortunately, the thief who attempted to run off with the goats was taken by my men in the act, tied with his hands painfully tight behind his back, and left, with his face painted white, till midnight, when his comrades stole into Bombay s hut and released him.

This he was told was not the case, because the papers given him contained mixed medicines a little being taken from every bottle.

They had been more than a year between this and Kaze, trying all the time to get along.

At once, on firing, I was admitted to the king s favourite place, which, now that the king had a movable chair to sit AWS-SYSOPS Prep Guide upon, was the shade of the court screen.

It is dedicated in some mysterious manner to Lubari Almighty , and although the king appeared to have authority over some of the inhabitants of it, yet others had apparently a sacred character, exempting them from the civil power, and he had no right to dispose of the land itself.

This was too powerful a temptation to be withstood, so, shouldering the rifle, and followed by half the village, if not more, women included, we went to the place, but, instead of finding a buck for the men had stretched a point to keep me at their village we found a herd of does, and shot one at the people s urgent request.

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Magic charms, of course, we had none but the king would not believe it, and, to wheedle some out of us, said they would not kill their brother even if they caught him for fratricide was considered an unnatural crime in their country but they would merely gouge out his eyes and set him at large again for without the power of sight he could do them no harm.

On going on board her, I found the slaves to be mostly Wahiyow.

The boys said, Nothing can be done without the king s orders.

The first object of remark was Lugoi, as indeed it was everywhere for, as I walked along, crowds ran after the little phenomenon.

The messengers took four days to bring back the information that Bombay had not returned from Kaze, but that Grant, having got assistance, hoped to break ground about the 5th of next month.

The next day, when I called on Rumanika, the spoils were brought into court, and in utter astonishment he said, Well, this must have been done with something more potent than powder, for neither the HP0-Y27 Study Guides Arabs nor Nnanaji, although they talk of their shooting powers, could have accomplished such a great feat as this.


As for my going to the palace, it was out of the question, as I had been repeatedly before told the king, unless it pleased him to give me a fitting residence near himself.

As we approached the southern extremity of this chain, knots of naked men, perched like monkeys on the granite blocks were anxiously awaiting our arrival.

In fact, the whole AWS-SYSOPS Certification Material native camp consisted of so many clubs of two, four, six, or ten men, who originally belonged to one village or one master, or were united by some other family tie which they preferred keeping intact so they cooked together, ate together, slept together, and sometimes mutinied together.


This ready cordiality was as perplexing as all the rest.

In the evening four pots of pombe and a pack of flour were brought, together with the chronometer, which was sent to be wound up damaged of course the seconds hand had been dislodged.

I then gave him a double gun and ammunition, as well as some very rich beads which I obtained from Mahamed s stores, to take back to Kamrasi, with orders to say that, as soon as I reached Gondokoro or Khartum, I would send another white man to him not by the way I had come through Kidi, but by the left bank of the Nile to which Kidgwiga replied, That will do famously, for Kamrasi will change AWS-SYSOPS New Questions his residence soon, and come on the Nile this side of Rionga s palace, in order that he may cut in between his brother and the Turks guns.

My men had brought no food either for us or their friends, as the cloths they took with them, which were their own, were scarcely sufficient to purchase a meal famines being as bad where they had been as in Ugogo.

After fording the stream, we sat down to rest, and were visited by all the inhabitants, who were more naked than any people we had yet seen.

But they said they could not hear of it they would not go a step beyond this.

This was a valuable discovery, for I found these hills to be the great turn point of the Central African watershed.

There was, however, no message brought for myself and as the deputation did not come to me, I could only infer that I was quite forgotten, of that Musa, after all, had only been humbugging me.

Some of N yamyonjo s men, seeing mine armed with AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate AWS-SYSOPS Prep Guide carbines, became very inquisitive about them, and asked if they were the instruments which shot at their men on the Nile one in the arm, who died the other on the top of Amazon AWS-SYSOPS the shoulder, who was recovering.

Both Rumanika s men and those belonging to Dr K yengo asked Kamrasi s leave to return to their homes, but were refused, because the road was unsafe.

It felt to me as if I were selling my children, having once undertaken to lead them through the journey but if I did not send them back then, I never could afterwards, and therefore I allowed the more substantial feelings of humanity to overcome these compunctions.

Next day 17th I received a letter from Grant, narrating the whole of his catastrophes In the Jungles, near M yonga s, 16th Sept.

He then took us to see the nearest falls of the Nile extremely beautiful, but very confined.


I told my men they ought to shave their heads and bathe in the holy river, the cradle of Moses the waters of which, sweetened with sugar, men carry all the way from Egypt to Mecca, and sell to the pilgrims.

As I afterwards heard, he cut off the ears of the unfortunate little mischief maker for not making a proper use of those organs and then, as the lad was the son of one of his own officers he was sent home to have the sores healed.

At the foot of this is the Maji ya Wheta, a hot, deep seated spring of fresh water, which bubbles up through many apertures in a large dome shaped heap of soft lime an accumulation obviously thrown up by the force of the spring, as the rocks on either side of it are of igneous character.

We went boating as usual all day long, sometimes after hippopotami, at others racing up and down the lake, the king and Wakungu paddling and steering by turns, the only break to this fatigue being when we went ashore to picnic, or the king took a turn at the drums.

Whilst I was preparing my Massey s log to show the use of it to the king, he went off boating without me and as the few remaining boats would not take me off because they had received no orders to do so, I fired guns, but, getting no reply, went into the country hoping to find game but, disappointed in that also, I spent the first half of the day with a hospitable old lady, who treated us to the last drop of pombe in her house for the king s servants had robbed her of nearly everything smoked her pipe with me, and chatted incessantly on the honour paid her by the white king s visit, as well as of the horrors of Uganda punishment, when my servants told her I saved the life of one queen.

As his fathers ever did, so does he.

Well, said I, if I cannot go to the N yanza with him thinking only of the great lake, whereas they probably meant a pond in the palace enclosures, where Mtesa constantly frolics with his women , I wish to go to Usoga AWS-SYSOPS Practice Test and Amara, as far as the Masai for I have no companions here but crows and vultures.

The way they softened the bark, to make it like cloth, was by immersion in water, and a good strong application of a millheaded mallet, which ribbed it like corduroy.

The people would not take beads, preferring, AWS-SYSOPS Exam Dumps Pdf they said, to make necklaces and belts out of ostrich eggs, which they cut into the size of small shirt buttons, and then drill a hole through their centre to string them together.

Kamrasi sent me four parcels of coffee, very neatly enclosed in rush pith.

With this cringing, perfidious appeal I refused to comply, until the sheikh, still more cringing, implored AWS-SYSOPS Answers me to give way else not a single man would remain with me.

Here we halted a day for the rear convoy, and then went on again by detachments to Zimbo, where, to our intense AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate AWS-SYSOPS Prep Guide delight, Bombay returned to us on the 13th, triumphantly firing guns, with seventy slaves accompanying him, and with letters from Snay and Musa, in which they said they hoped, if I met with Manua Sera, that I would either put a bullet through his head, or else bring him in a prisoner, that they might do for him, for the scoundrel had destroyed all their trade by cutting off caravans.

If a fight should take place, I said they must flock to me at once, and ammunition, which was always ready, would be served out to them.

I said, Oh, Baraka, how can you be such a fool Do you not see through this humbug Makaka only wishes to keep us here to frighten away the Watuta for Godsake be a man, and don t be alarmed at such phantoms as these.

The king for a long while would not believe his tale that I had come, but, being assured, he danced with delight, and swore he would not taste food until he had seen me.

He said, As you gave men to Mtesa, why would you refuse them to me but was checkmated on being told, Should any of those men who deserted us in this country ever reach their homes, they will all be hung for breaking their allegiance or oath.

Now, I was extremely anxious to see men of such wonderful natures.

A passenger told us that three white men had just arrived in vessels at Gondokoro and the Bari people, hearing of our advance, instead of trying to kill us with spears, had determined to poison all the water in their country.

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