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A gamekeeper brought in baskets small antelopes, called mpeo with straight horns resembling those of the saltiana, but with coats like the hog deer of India intended for the royal kitchen.

At first there was a demur about my drawing the dog whether from fear of bewitching the animal or not, I cannot say but instead of producing the pet a HC-211-ENU Training Guide beautifully formed cream coloured dog a common black one was brought in, which I tied in front of Miengo, and then drew both woman and dog together.

I argued the point with them for I felt quite sure so large a body of flowing water could not be collected together in any place but the lake.

I then put in a word for myself.

After this, we called at the palace, just as the king was returning from a walk with his brothers.

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It is all clad in the upper regions with the slender pole trees which characterise these hills, intermingled with bamboo but the bottoms are characterised by a fine growth of fig trees of great variety along with high grasses whilst near the villages were found good gardens of plantains, and numerous Palmyra trees.

The boy who had provoked me was then dragged in, tied by his neck and hands, when the king asked him by whose orders he had acted in such a manner, knowing that I objected to it, and wished to speak to him on the subject first.

This important arrangement being conceded by the king more promptly than we expected, a cow, plantains, and pombe were requested but the cow only was given, though our men were said to be feeding on grass.

I landed with all the dignity of a prince, when the royal band struck up a march, and we all moved on to Rumanika s frontier palace, talking away in a very complimentary manner, not unlike the very polite and flowery fashion of educated Orientals.

Then, assembling the women again, he asked me to load Whitworth for him, when he shot the remaining cow, holding the rifle in both hands Huawei HC-211-ENU Training Guide close to his thigh.

This resolve being strengthened by the kirangozi s assurance that the row in Msalala had shaken the few men who had half dreaded to go with me, I marched over to Hunda, and put up with Grant in Ukulima s boma, when Grant informed me that the chief had required four yards of cloth from him for having walked round a dead lioness, as he had thus destroyed a charm that protected his people against any more of these animals coming, although, fortunately, the charm could be restored again by paying four yards of cloth.

The hongo, the sheikh said, had to precede everything yet that had not been settled, because the chief deferred it the day of our arrival, on the plea that it was the anniversary of Short legs s death and he also said that till then all the Wagogo had been in mourning by ceasing to wear all their brass bracelets and other ornaments, and they now wished to solemnise the occasion by feasting and renewing their finery.

The Mkungu s women brought pombe, and spent the day gazing at us, till, in the evening, when I took up my rifle, one ran NS0-156 Preparation Materials after Bana to see him shoot, and followed like a man but the only sport she got was on an ant hill, where she fixed herself some time, popping into her mouth and devouring the white ants as fast as they emanated from their cells for, disdaining does, I missed the only pongo buck I got a shot at in my anxiety to show the fair one what she came for.

That Rumanika had accepted my views Kamrasi must be fully aware by Baraka s having visited him and that Mtesa did the same must also be evident, else he would never have ordered his men to accompany me to Gani and I now fondly trusted that these Waganda would be allowed to go with me, when, by the influence of trade, all animosity would cease, and friendly relations be restored between the two countries.

I went to the palace at the king s command.

I had intended for to day an expedition to the lake but Kamrasi, harbouring a wicked design that we should help in an attack on his brothers, said there was plenty of time to think of that we would only find that all the waters united go to Gani, and he wished us to be his guests for three or four months at least.

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Since then, I have heard that Captain Bombay and his party missed the Seychelles, and went on to the Mauritius, where Captain Anson, Inspector General of Police, kindly took charge of them and made great lions of them.

In a little while I felt tired of the monotony, HCDP HC-211-ENU Training Guide and wished to hang up a curtain, that I might lie down in privacy and sleep till the king was ready but the officers in waiting forbade this, as contrary to law, and left me the only alternative of walking up and down the court to kill time, spreading my umbrella against the powerful rays of the sun.

He did not care about vultures he could practise at them at any time but he wanted a nundo above all things.

Oh, that s nonsense he must not be headstrong but before anything more can be said, I will send a message to my son, and Bana can then go with Kaddu, K yengo, and Viarungi, and tell all they have to say to Mtesa to morrow, and the following day return to me, when everything will be concluded.

N yamgundu, my old friend at Usui, then came to me, and said he was the first man to tell Mtesa of our arrival in Usui, and wish to visit him.

We hoped at starting to reach the palace, but found we must stop here until the king should send for us.

Some of M yonga s men who had plundered Grant now caught a Tartar.

No one, however, dared enter his cabinet, where he had been practising Uganga all day, and so the pombe turned sour and useless.

The first step now taken was to pitch camp under large shady mango trees, and to instruct every man in his particular duty.

Since then, twenty generations ago, it is said the Wahuma government of Karague was established in the same manner.

The doctor places a large earthen vessel, half full of water, over a fire, and over its mouth a grating of sticks, whereon he lays a small child and a fowl side by side, and covers them over with a second large earthen vessel, just like the first, only inverted, to keep the steam in, when he sets fire below, cooks for a certain period of time, and then looks to see if his victims are still living or dead when, should they be dead, the war must be deferred, but, otherwise commenced at once.

Next day 22d the Wasui from Suwarora arrived.

From want of guides, and misguided by the exclusive ill natured Wahuma who were here in great numbers tending their king s cattle, we lost our way continually, so that we did not reach the boat station until the morning of the 21st.

As I had them all in a good humour now, I complained I did not see enough of the Waganda and as every one dressed so remarkably well, I could not discern the big men from the small could she not issue some order by which they might call on me, as they did not dare do so without instruction, and then I, in turn, would call on them HC-211-ENU Cert Guide Hearing this, she introduced me to her prime minister, chancellor of exchequer, women keepers, hangmen, and cooks, as the first nobles in the land, that I might recognise them again if I met them on the road.

All over the vessel, but more especially below, old women, stark naked, were dying in the most disgusting ferret box atmosphere while all those who had sufficient strength were pulling up the hatches, and tearing at the salt fish they found below, like dogs in a kennel.

I came to make friends with the queen, not to trade or take things from her and so forth.

Our presents after this having been exchanged, the good old man, at my desire, explained the position HC-211-ENU Test Software of all the surrounding countries, in his own peculiar manner, by laying a long stick on the ground pointing due north and south, to which he attached shorter ones pointing to the centre of each distant country.

The Turks, however, had their losses also for on the way four Bari men and one Bari slave girl slipped off with a hundred of their plundered cattle, and neither they nor the cattle could be found again.

In the larger tree jungles the traces of elephants, buffaloes, rhinoceros, and antelopes were very numerous while a rich variety of small birds, as often happened, made me wish I had come on a shooting rather than on a long exploring expedition.

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Tripping down the greensward, we now worked our way to the Rozoka valley, and pitched our tents in the village.

Highly conceited of their personal appearance, they are for ever cutting their hair in different fashions, to surprise a friend or if a rag be thrown away, they will all in turn fight for it to bind on their heads, then on their loins or spears, peacocking about with it before their admiring comrades.

On nearing the place, however, the women of the village, who HH0-440 Questions And Answers were the only people visible, instead of running away, as our braves expected, commenced hullalooing, and brought out their husbands.

Next day 2d Sirhid paid us a visit, and said he was the first man in the state.

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Well, what is it we are all attention.

Every man and woman had run off into the jungles from fright, and would not come back again.

Kitambi was quite beside himself, and wished my men to stop one night to enjoy his hospitality.

Presents may be exchanged, but the name of tax is ignored.

Johur then came into camp, unconscious that Baraka by my orders had, during his absence, been inspecting his kit, where he found concealed seventy three yards of cloth, which could only have been my property, as Johur had brought no akaba or reserve fund from the coast.

And all I said to the contrary would not convince him.

But enough of the freed man in camp on the march he is no better.

The corporal then led off his band to the spot where he last saw traces of the animal, and tracked on till sundown while Grant and myself went out pot hunting and brought home a bag consisting of one striped eland, one saltiana antelope, four guinea fowl, four ringdoves, and one partridge a welcome supply, considering we were quite out of flesh.

As to the Uganda question, and my desiring him to make friends with Mtesa, in hopes that the influence of trade would prevent any plundering in future, he merely tossed his head.

23d and 24th.

Mtesa was undergoing the coronation formalities, and for this reason had sent the deserters to Kari s hill, giving them cows and a garden to live on, as no visitors can remain near the court while the solemnities of the coronation were going on.


Frij, who accompanied the deputation, overheard the counsellors tell their king that the Waganda were on their way back to Unyoro to snatch us away on hearing which the king asked his men if they would ever permit it and, handling his spear as if for battle, said at the same time he would lose his own head before they should touch his guests.

This induced the king to say before them, laughing, Bana, you see, is not to be done he is accustomed to sit before kings, and sit he will.



Next to be treated of is the famous Blue Nile, which we found a miserable river, even when compared with the Geraffe branch of the Sobat.

Now, descending to the inferior order of creation, I shall commence with the domestic animals first, to show what the traveller may expect to find for his usual support.

Whilst this was going on, a villager came to me with a wire, and asked me to change it for a cloth.

It was agreed to, and all seemed well for there was much left to be done in Uganda and Usoga, if we could only make sure of communicating once with Petherick.

What going away said the king, as if he had never heard a word about it before and then, after talking the whole subject over again, especially dwelling on the quantity of powder I had in store HC-211-ENU Test Answers at Karague, he promised to send the necessary officers for escorting us on our respective journeys in the morning.

when he promised a march in the morning, leaving a man behind to bring on the Wanguana sent to Mtesa s, it being the only alternative which would please Budja for he said there was no security for life in Unyoro, where every Mkungu calls himself the biggest man, and no true hospitality is to be found.

I found that, as the instrument was supposed to be a magic charm of very wonderful powers, my meddling with it and treating it as an ordinary movable was considered a kind of sacrilege.

Kamrasi sent me four parcels of coffee, very neatly enclosed in rush pith.

I gave Kamrasi a bottle of quinine, which we call strong back, and asked him in return for a horn containing all the powders necessary to give me the gift of tongues, so that I should be able to converse with any black men whom I might meet with.

Though puzzled at the strange sound of the rifle, the elephants seldom ran far, packed in herd, and began to graze again.

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We had continued bickering again, for Bui had taken such fright at this kind of rough handling, and the push ahead manner in which I persisted riding over the lords of the soil, that I could hardly drag the party along.

I tried to ascertain if there were any prefixes, as in the South African dialects, by which one might determine the difference between the people and the country but I was assured that both here and in the adjacent countries these people saw Chopi, Kidi, Gani, Madi, Bari, alike for person and place, though Jo in their language is the equivalent for Wa in South Africa, and Dano takes the place of Mtu.


In dressing up their hair, and otherwise smearing their bodies with ochreish clay, they are great dandies.


Sheikh Said now reported it quite impossible to buy anything at a moderate rate for, as I was a big man, I ought to pay a big price and my men had all been obliged to fight in the bazaar before they could get even tobacco at the same rate as other men, because they were the servants of the big man, who could afford to give higher wages than any one else.

I was puzzled at this announcement, not then knowing that both the lake and the Nile, as well as all ponds, were called N yanza but we shall see afterwards that he was right and it was in consequence of this confusion in the treatment of distinctly different geographical features under one common name by these people, that in my former journey I could not determine where the lake had ended and the Nile began.

Next day, 7th, I assembled all the Arabs at Musa s court, with all my men and the two chiefs, HC-211-ENU Questions four men attending, when Baraka, on his legs, told them all I proposed for the treaty of peace.

We were informed that doubtless he was looking into his Uganga, or magic horn, to discover what he had to expect from us and he seemed as yet to have found no ground for being afraid of us.

The subject HC-211-ENU Dumps then turned on the plan I had formed of going to Gani by water, and of sending Grant to Karague by the lake but the king s mind was fully occupied with the compass I had given him.

and we took large numbers of their eggs.

This settled, I next, in this terrible embarrassment, determined on sending back the last of the Hottentots, as all four of them, though still wishing to go on with me, distinctly said they had not the power to continue the march, for they had never ceased suffering from fever and jaundice, which had made them all yellow as guineas, save one, who was too black to change colour.

12th and 13th.

Clean trunked, they towered up just as so many great pillars, and then spread out their high branches like a canopy over us.

We entered and took seats on our own iron stools, whilst Bombay placed all the presents upon the ground before the throne.

Then, said Mahamed, we cannot go with you, for there is a famine at this season at Gondokoro.

K yengo went to the palace with fifty prisoners but as the king had taken his women to the small pond, where he has recently placed a tub canoe for purposes of amusement, they did no business.

Mguru Mfupi or Short legs , the chief of Khoko in Ugogo, for instance, had been shot, and Manua Sera the Tippler , who succeeded the old Sultan Fundi Kira, of Unyanyembe, on his HC-211-ENU Pdf Download death, shortly after the late expedition left Kaze, was out in the field fighting the Arabs.

These Wanyamuezi, it then transpired, were soldiers of Manua Sera, the Tippler, who was at war with the Arabs.

The merchants on the coast, too, though prohibited by their Sultan from interfering with the natural course of trade, send their hungry slaves, as touters, to entice all approaching caravans to trade with their particular ports, authorising the touters to pay such premiums as may be necessary for the purpose.

Dr K yengo s men had been sent out to our camp to observe if anybody received presents from us, as Kamrasi feared his subjects would have the fleecing of us before his turn came and these men had reported the two cows given by me as mentioned above.


At that moment Singinya was out in the field fighting his enemies and she was sure, when he heard I was here, that he would be very sorry he had missed seeing me.

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then changing the word Anguja for Anguza, says to Ntalo I think you said your mother and father both died at Anguza, did you not N.

A more savage, filthy, disgusting, but at the same time Huawei HC-211-ENU grotesque, scene than that which followed cannot be conceived.

The same jungle prevails on all sides, excluding all view and the only signs of man s existence in these wilds lay in the meagre path, which is often lost, and an occasional hut or two, the temporary residence of the sporting Kidi people.

I called at the palace, but saw nothing of the king, though the court was full of officials and there were no less than 150 women, besides girls, goats, and various other things, seizures from refractory state officers, who, it was said, had been too proud to present themselves at court for a period exceeding propriety.

I then instructed them how to form a guard of honour when I went to the palace, and taught Bombay the way Nazirs was presented at courts in India.

His only reply to this was, Bana is always in a preposterous hurry.

He thought Baraka s determined obstinacy on this could only be caused by the influence of the head man of the village, and threatened that if Baraka did not come to visit him at once, he would have the head man beheaded.

My first desire had always been to see the king and if he went to the N yanza, I trusted he would allow me to go there also.

Ukulima, however, was a very kind and good man, though he did stick the hands and heads of his victims on the poles of his boma as a warning to others.

The hill crops out through pisolitic limestone, in which marine fossils were observable.

After walking two miles to the boats, we entered the district of Chopi, subject to Unyoro, and went down the river, keeping the Kikunguru cone in view.

He offered a cow to commence with, which I would not accept until the tax was paid, and then I made my offering of two wires, one kitambi, and one kisutu.

All these creatures, I was assured, would afterwards be given away as return presents for the hongos or presents received from the king s visitors.

In two hours HC-211-ENU we reached the palace of Piejoko, a chief of some pretensions, and were summoned to stop and drink pombe.

Nothing was listened to but the plaintiff s statement, who said he had lost the woman four days, and, after considerable search, had found her concealed by the old man, who was indeed old enough to be her grandfather.

If the natives were wise, they would make enough to sell but as they would not, they must put up with their lot for the government cannot be baulked of its ivory.

I was delighted beyond measure at this very surprising fact, that I was indeed on the northern slopes of the continent, and had, to all appearance, found one of the branches of the Nile s exit from the N yanza.

they had stolen from my men.

The guide, however, on first sighting his thornfenced cluster of huts, regarding it apparently with the awe and deference due to a palace, shrank from advancing, and merely pointed, till he was forced on, and in the next minute we found ourselves confronted with the heads of the establishment.

Then, shifting round a bit, he thought of ordering his subjects to starve the visitors into submission, and said he must have a hongo equal to Ruhe s.

The lion is, however, rarely heard much more seldom seen.

Quite unaccountably to myself, the general of my Wanguana, Baraka, after showing much discontent with his position as head of Captain Grant s establishment, became so insolent, that it was necessary to displace him, and leave him nothing to do but look after the men.

This was a sad disappointment but, rather than risk a failure, I resolved to follow his advice.

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Baraka, hearing I had arrived, then came back to Huawei Certified Datacom Associate - Huawei Network Technology and Device (HCDA-HNTD) - ENU HC-211-ENU me, and confirmed Musa s words.

The Mgemma begged us to sit with him and drink pombe, which he generously supplied to our heart s content wondered at the beauty of Kahala, wished I would give him a wife like her, and lamented that the king would not allow his to wear such pretty clothes.

Then, turning to us, he said, Why have you not brought the medicine chest and the saw We wish to see everything you have got, though we do not wish to rob you.

How did we come here from the last ground By Kamrasi s orders for nothing can be done excepting by his orders.

The first day he only allowed you to sit on your stool to appease your wrath.


All the property I had sent on in advance he had stored away or rather, I should HC-211-ENU Online Exam say, as much as had reached him, for the road expenses had eaten a great hole in it.

Some minutes more passed in this manner, when they allowed me to breathe freer by walking away.

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At Cairo, where we put up in Shepherd s Hotel, I had the whole of them photographed, and indulged them at the public concerts, tableaux vivants, etc.


The association of white men and the glitter of money merely dazzle him.

These two men had now charge of our tents and personal kit, while Baraka was considered the general of the Wanguana forces, and Rahan a captain of ten.

Should any one attempt to conceal twins, the whole family would be murdered by the chief but, though a great traveller, this is the only instance of such brutality Manua had ever witnessed in any country.

He said he felt greatly disappointed at my pushing past him yesterday, as he wished to give me a cow, but still hoped I would go over and make friends with him.

To this Bombay replied, Bana never could return he would sooner do anything than return even penetrate the Masai to Zanzibar, or go through Unyoro to which the king, ashamed of his impotence, hung down his head and walked HC-211-ENU Training Guide away.

Any venture attracts them when hard up for food and the more roving it is, the better they like it.

To the northward can be seen some low hills, which are occupied by Wahumba, a subtribe of the warlike Masai and on the west is the large forest wilderness of Mgunda Mkhali.

At first all was silence, till one told the king we had some wonderful pictures to show him in an instant he grew lively, crying out, Oh, let us see them and they were shown, Bombay explaining.

The small talk of Uganda had much more attractions to his HC-211-ENU Certificate mind than the wonders of the outer world, and he kept it up with his Kamraviona until rain fell and dispersed the company.

I called upon the king by appointment, and found a large court, where the Wakungu caught yesterday, and sentenced to execution, received their reprieve on paying fines of cattle and young damsels their daughters.

It was my intention to have taken one hundred of this description of men throughout the whole journey but as so many could not be found in Zanzibar, I still hoped to fill up the complement in Unyamuezi, the land of the Moon, from the large establishments of the Arab merchants residing there.

After giving Kamrasi a sketching stool, we dropped down the Kafu two miles in a canoe, in order that the common people might not see us for the exclusive king would not allow any eyes but his won to be indulged with the extraordinary sight of white men in Unyoro The palace side of the river, however, as we paddled away, was thronged with anxious spectators amongst whom the most conspicuous HC-211-ENU Brain Dumps was the king s favourite nurse.

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I gave him what he wanted, and away he went.

The Kamraviona was sent to inquire after our health, to ask for medicine for himself, and to inquire more into the origin of his race.

For arms they carry both bow and spear more generally the latter.

To enable me at my leisure to trace up the Nile to its exit from the lake, and then go on with the journey as quickly as possible, I wished the cattle to be collected and taken by Budja and some of my men with the heavy baggage overland to Kamrasi s.

This was a bad beginning, and caused a few of the usual anathemas in which our countrymen give vent to their irritation.

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