B2M Flyer

Boyz 2 Men is a program designed to reach today’s teenage boys to help them become tomorrow’s Godly men. In a world where society is selling the idea that people must be free to do what appears to be reasonable or right according to their consciences based upon feelings and impulses, with no accountability for their actions. With the rising attacks on the sanctity of marriage, sexual purity, the value of family, the relevancy of family as well as the Bible itself, the cry for help cannot be overstated. We are here to answer those cries. We are here to help bring relevancy back. We are here to encourage your sons to become the men that they were created to be.

B2M Registration Form

B2M will meet every week at the church. There might be times we will meet off site, which will be communicated well in advance as well as gaining parental/guardian permission. Our curriculum uses a combined approach including holistic, intergenerational and asset-building mentoring practices that encourage community involvement, intensive self-reflection, positive critical thinking habits, and self-accountability amongst the young men it serves.

There is a link to our flyer at the top of this page. Please print it down and truly consider what we have to offer. There is a $25.00 registration fee to help offset the cost of this initiative. There is a limit of 30 boys that we can handle so it is first come, first served. If you are needing any additional information, please feel free to email us at B2M@holy-nativity.com.