May 13, 2018

Jesus Prays for Us

Passage: John 17:11–26
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Jesus Prays for Us

Sermon text: John 17:11–26

Sermon prepared by the Holy Spirit and Pastor Andrew T. Okai
7th Sunday of Easter/Mother’s Day
May 13, 2018


Grace, mercy, and peace—Happy Mother’s Day…

From our Gospel text this morning we find our Lord doing what every sensible, caring mother does for her children: praying for them. What we gather from this is that the one who prays for others is the one who cares for others. Let’s see some of His caring as he lifts us up in prayer to his father.

Jesus prays about our security

One of the things that parents do before having a night out is  look for a baby sitter; they want their kids to be secure and treated with the same loving care that they give them.

Here are some reasons why we seek security from God…
  • We are not self-sufficient
  • There is a battle going on for the soul of man
  • We are curious beings: our curiosity has to be guided

Jesus prays about our satisfaction

Jesus prays that we would have the same measure of his joy because the joy of the Lord encourages and strengthens us for the journey.

Some of us are just getting by on this journey, when there is a full measure of Joy just waiting for us.

So what is this joy that Jesus prays for?

  • It is the fruit of loving righteousness
  • It flows from the Father to the Son and to us
  • It is the word of God

Jesus prays about our separation

Jesus prays that we be kept from the influences of the world and the devil

  • Our God is holy
  • He saved us from the world

So Jesus is with us always in the Holy Spirit, who is the exact replica of His person, protecting, satisfying, and separating us from the evil passion of this world.