April 22, 2018

Making the Case for the Good Shepherd

Passage: John 10:11–16
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Making the Case for the Good Shepherd

Sermon text: John 10:11–16

Sermon prepared by the Holy Spirit and Pastor Andrew T. Okai
4th Sunday of Easter
April 22, 2018



Grace, mercy, and peace...

Today is the 4th Sunday after Easter, and we are still in that celebration spirit regarding our Lord’s resurrection.

Today in our gospel text Jesus is found making the case for why he thinks he is the best shepherd of our souls.

Here are a few reasons Jesus thinks our souls needs to be saved and cared for:

  • The soul has an eternal value
  • The soul is central to the personhood of a human being: We don’t have souls; we are souls, and the soul can be lost or saved.
  • The soul is desperately in search of spiritual rest: Our souls get crushed in the daily conflicts of life.
The love of the Good Shepherd

The most powerful motivator in the world today is love. And that’s what Jesus brings. His laying down his life for me means three important things:

  • We need help.
  • He is here to stay.
  • He is here to stand.
The care of the Good Shepherd

The care of the good shepherd is a compassionate care; is a knowing care. The good shepherd knows us not just by name, but by our characters and our conditions. Jesus cares about each of us eternally and physically. He cares about your future as well as your now.

The cause of the Good Shepherd

The cause of the good shepherd is to enlarge his sheepfold. This is why evangelism becomes an imperative mission of the church.

As I look at this, I see a good shepherd whose ultimate objective is eternal safety for all his sheep... and the question I ask you now is, Why not trust your soul to him?