June 10, 2018

The Grace That Got Us Here

Passage: Genesis 3:8–15
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The Grace That Got Us Here

Sermon prepared by the Holy Spirit and pastor Andrew T. Okai
Third Sunday after Pentecost—Unity Sunday
June 10, 2018
Sermon text: Genesis 3:8–15



Grace, mercy, and peace...

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...

Today we gather here in a unified, diversified worship service and it’s all because of the Grace of our God... the Grace that called us out of darkness into his marvelous light... the Grace that is no respecter of persons… the Grace that is interested in redeeming sinners like you and me...

Today many wrestle with God because of a lack of understanding of the beauty of his grace.

Definition of God’s grace: the unmerited favor/love of God toward mankind. We have a spiritual DNA that connects us to one another.

That day when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, creation and the entire human race were plunged into darkness; sin and Satan came in as masters. And since that time, there has never been one instance where sin and Satan were seen doing a good deed.

So here is how it all began with grace in the fall of Adam and Eve.

Grace came to them

This text suggests that Adam and Eve had fellowship with God before the great fall. So they can be seen as backsliders. But to those who are running, let me say this: God knows right where you are, and grace will find you.

Grace called them

God didn’t just come to look upon their misery; he called out to Adam in an effort to reach him.

Grace confronted them

God challenged them on the basis of their sins. He was looking for their confession, and all he got was their condition. (Man is more concerned about his condition then he is about his confession.

This is what grace does for the sinner: it reveals to us our sinfulness and calls on us to repent. The grace of God is real; it tells us the truth.

Today I challenge us to stay under God’s grace, for this grace that brought us safe thus far will lead us home.


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