February 18, 2018

Having a Glimpse of Calvary

Passage: Genesis 22:1–8
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Sermon prepared by the Holy Spirit and Pastor Andrew T. Okai

First Sunday in Lent

February 18, 2018

Sermon text: Genesis 22:1–18

Sermon theme: Having a Glimpse of Calvary



Grace, mercy, and peace...

Today begins the season of Lent—a sacred observance of the weeks leading up to the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord.

Today we take a close look at an Old Testament lesson as God calls Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac. This scripture reading is relevant for today because as we relate it to Calvary, we see that God had to make a very difficult decision as well as Abraham.

The Challenge

God tested Abraham in a trial of faith. There is no doubt that Abraham loves God.

  • He left his home, his family, and his country because of the call of God.
  • Abraham had waited for 25 years for Isaac to be born. Isaac is the fulfillment of all that God had ever promised Abraham, and now God says to give him back.

Let us not miss the lesson that real faith is always tested! When God trusts you, He will test you. Why?

  1. To show you that He can take care of you.
  2. To show the world that He is God.

The Cost

The cost here is almost beyond calculation. But I hear God saying to Abraham: “This is what I’m going to do. I’ll give my Son. You see how it feels.”

Salvation did not cost us anything, but it did cost God.

But Abraham never wavered! Yes, he was troubled, but he never wavered. Abraham gathered all the things he needed to worship God and set out.

The Child

In Genesis 22:6 we see that Abraham took the wood for the burnt offering and placed it on Isaac, and he himself carried the fire and the knife. The wood is laid on the shoulders of Isaac. He carries the burden of death upon his shoulders.

  • The child is curious. He sees the wood on his shoulders, he sees the knife, he sees the fire. He knew that a blood sacrifice was required to allowed one to enter God’s presence in worship. He trusted his father and he trusted his father’s God.

Today all around the world people are asking the same question as Isaac. They go to church, see the knife, the fire, and the wood, but there is no lamb. But I want you to know that the lamb is here this morning! His name is Jesus Christ; he was sacrificed on that same hill where God sent Abraham.

  • The child is consensual. There is no rebellion in Isaac. He obeys his father even unto death—as did our Lord Jesus, who willingly went on that cross at the will of His Father.