February 25, 2018

Justification and Its Benefits

Passage: Romans 5:1–11
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Justification and Its Benefits

Romans 5:1–11

Pastor Zam Khai

February 25, 2018

The concept of God’s salvation is so deep, so wide, and so rich that justification is just one of the many ways salvation is explained in the Bible. Justification by Faith Alone” is the main theme of the Reformation.

A. What Is Justification?

“Justification happens when God declares an unrighteous sinner as a righteous person.”

  • Who makes the declaration for justification? God is the Judge.

In the court:

-If a judge declares a guilty person “guilty,” it is called “justice”

-If a judge declares person who is not guilty “not guilty,” it is also called “justice”

-If a judge declares a guilty person “not guilty,” it will be called “unfair judgment”

-If a judge declares a guilty person “not guilty” because someone else paid the penalty for his/her sin, it is called “grace”…. Unmerited favor…

Jesus paid the penalty of sins for humanity and a person who believes in Jesus’s death is declared “not guilty.” That is called “Justification.”

  • Who needs justification? Everyone does.
  • How are we justified? By faith.
  • When did justification happen? In the past (if you have already believed) when you believed.
  • What were the conditions of sinners before justification took place?



  • What is the direct cause of our justification? The blood of Jesus shed on the Cross.

As we are justified by faith, we continue to live by faith each day to move forward.

B. What Are the Benefits of Justification?
  • We have Peace with God.

“Peace with God” means “God being at peace with us”; we are no longer God’s enemies (God withdraws His wrath from us) but are accepted into His family as His own dear children. The justified believer is no longer the recipient of God's displeasure or wrath because of Christ’s finished work on the cross.

Question: Are you at peace with God?

Answer: Open your heart to God’s prompting through His Spirit… and accept the offer of Salvation freely by faith…

  • We have access to God.

Jesus is ushering us into the presence of God through his death. Justification gives us a foothold into the door of the Throne of Grace. We have direct communication line with our God through Jesus Christ.

  • We have hope in God.

Because of our sins, we fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23), but because of God’s justification, we will share the glory of God someday.

  • We have joy in sufferings.

Joy in suffering is an oxymoron. Sufferings enhance our relationship with the Lord, deepen our experience with the Lord.

God has flooded our hearts with His love, peace, and joy; these inner qualities will sustain us through the storms.

  • We have joy in God.

Since Jesus has reconciled us to God, we can rejoice in the Lord of our Salvation. We have every reason to rejoice. Joy in the Lord will strengthen us when we are faced with temptations.


Lenten season is a joyous moment of celebrating our justification in the Lord.